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Vikter Duplaix, 'Bold and Beautiful' (2006) album review.

Updated on April 2, 2013

Vikter Duplaix's "Bold and Beautiful" album cover.


While browsing around on Youtube in late 2009, I discovered a very talented artist I had previously never heard of. His name is Vikter Duplaix. I was listening to a song by one of my favorite producers, Nicolay. While reading through the comment section of the song, someone mentioned Vikter Duplaix's name. The user claimed that Nicolay and Vikter's sounds were similar. This immediately grabbed my attention, leading me wanting to find out more about Vikter Duplaix. After listening to a few of his songs on Youtube, I quickly became a fan. In this article I'm going to give my thoughts on Vikter Duplaix's 2006 album, "Bold and Beautiful". I'm not a professional music reviewer. I just like helping to bring exposure to lesser known artists. I hope you enjoy.

Brief history of Vikter Duplaix.

The album "Bold and Beautiful" is Vikter's second studio album release. This album was proceeded by his 2003 album, "International Affairs". Vikter Duplaix is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ. He is has worked with various artists including; Eric Benet, Jaguar Wright, and Me'Shell Ndegeocello. In 2002 He released a dj remix project under the DJ-Kicks installment series titled, "DJ Kicks: Vikter Duplaix. Duplaix. Duplaix has honed his skills and talents having also been associated with James Poyser, DJ Jazzy Jeff, King Britt, and Erykah Badu. Although he doesn't have a lot of solo album credits to his name, Duplaix has been very active in the music industry.

Tracks 1-5.

The "Bold and Beautiful" album starts out with a sensual song called "Stimulation". The track features a singer named Ms. Saigon. It's a solid song to start the album out with, and is a perfect introductory song leading into track 2. "Make A Baby" is track number 2. It was the lead single from the album and probably one of Duplaix's most accessible songs. The mood of the song is very laid back. It's one of those lovemaking songs to listen to while being with that significant other. The instrumental of the song is great, and Duplaix's talents as a songwriter really show on this song. "Make A Baby" was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. Track number 3 is titled, "The Way I Feel", and is probably my personal favorite from this album. It's a more uptempo song compared to the previous two songs. Once again Duplaix's songwriting abilities are great on this track. Duplaix really captures and conveys how much he feels about a certain woman. The instrumental goes along well with the lyrics, and beat change at the hook is great also. The ending to this song always takes me over. "I See the Sun" is track number 4 from "Bold and Beautiful". This song features two artists by the names of Tye Tribbett and G.A. Unlike the sensual love songs at the beginning of the album, this is more of a motivating and uplifting song. I love the hook on this song, and Duplaix shines overall along with his guests. Track number 5 titled, "A Life Worth Living" is one of the more darker songs on the album. Despite it's darker tone, it has a great message along with a decent beat. It's one of those songs that helps you appreciate being among the living.

'Make A Baby' by Vikter Duplaix

Tracks 6-12

The second half of the album begins with track six, "Another Great Love Gone By" This song features a female artist on the hook named "Esthero". She has a great voice on the hook and complements Duplaix well. Duplaix talks about the loss of another lover and how it's the story of his life. It's definitely a song that most people can probably relate to it. The album moves on to the seventh track titled, "Fade It". In this song Duplaix is trying to convince a woman to forget about her past heartbreaks and give him a chance. This is justified with a line in the hook which goes; "I don't know what he did but I wish you would fade it". Track number 8 is titled, "For Life". From a song writing standpoint this is probably the best song on the album in my opinion. Duplaix really breaks down how much he cares for a woman in this song and how he wants to spend his life with her. You can tell this song was well thought out and planned. It's another one of my personal favorites. The ninth track on the album is titled "In the Middle of You". This is another decent song, but it's probably my least favorite on the album. I think it kinda drags on too long, but it has a nice beat. Track number 10 is titled "Nothing Like Your Touch". This is easily one of the best songs on the album. It's the shortest track on the album, but it's very sensual, romantic, and straight to the point. I really love the instrumental from this track. Track number 11 is titled "Pure". I personally like this song, but I could see how forgettable it could be to some. The album ends with "Temple of Thoughts". I kinda think of Paradise for some reason when I hear this song. It has a positive vibe to it, but like a few other songs on the album it kinda drags on after a while. However, it's still a solid way to end the album.


I'm glad that I found out about Vikter Duplaix. If I had to rate this album, I would give it a 4 out of 5 rating. I think that Vikter Duplaix shines greatly as a producer and songwriter. His vocals are ok, but I think they take a back seat to his production skills and songwriting abilities. I also think Duplaix is great at arranging songs, but I think some of the tracks on this album drag on a bit too long. I would definitely classify "Bold and Beautiful" as an album for the grown and sexy. I definitely look forward to hearing more from him in the future. If you are interested in Neo-Soul music, I would definitely recommend giving this album a listen. Thanks for reading.


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