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Vimala Raman sexy facial expressions

Updated on December 9, 2010

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Beautiful Vimala Raman
Beautiful Vimala Raman

 Sexy and beautiful South Indian actress Vimala Raman is an Australian born Bharatanatyam dancer turned film actress which can be seen in these sexy Vimala Raman facial expressions pictures. Vimala Raman, due to tremendous competition from glamor actresses like Charmi, Nayantara and Namitha, has recently seen in bikini and more spicy scenes in movies. In order to take advantage of her current attitude, film producers are lining up in her house signing her up for new projects that will extract that kind of talent from the beautiful dusky actress.

Actress Vimala Raman sexy pics

 Telugu family hero Srikanth's launched a Telugu movie Sevakudu which will be directed by V. Samudra. Vimala Raman will be the heroine of this movie and fans can expect a great show from her. We are sure the producer and especially the director will extract the best from the sexy South indian actress Vimala Raman.

It could be called as Ranga The Donga as it is a good name for a movie. Srikanth and Vimala Raman are performing in the lead roles for this Telugu movie. Other cast in this movie include Srikanth, Shivaji Raja, Taslima, Sudhakar Naidu, Jyothi and others.

Vimala Raman acted in the Kannada movie "Aptha Rakshaka" directed by P.Vasu which was released in February 2010 and a major hit. This movie "Aptha Rakshaka" is breaking all previous box office records in the neighbouring Karnataka mainly due to the lead actor VishnuVardhan who has given a tremendous performance. P. Vasu is currently directing "Puli Vesham" with RK as the hero. Who is this RK? He has acted in a couple of Tamil movies and does not have an image yet. so, he is perfect to be molded. Aptha Rakshaka will be made in Tamil as well.

Whether Superstar Rajini will act in this sequel is still remain to be seen. Vimala Raman's sexy facial expressions can be seen as Aptha Rakshaka provided a great platform for all the actresses to showcase their talent.

Do you know Vimala Raman has signed up to act in an Hollywood movie which is an "emotional thriller" DAM 999 English movie? More details on that will be followed up later.

Sexy vimala Raman face pictures

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Ranga The Donga Song

Hot actress Vimala Raman song

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      sexy boy... 4 years ago

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      yogesh 7 years ago

      she is so talented cute and beautiful, she should come up, act in hindi movies too

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      RAJ 7 years ago

      hi dear i just wanted to know ur BRA SIZE n THE COLOUR U USE ALWAYS..PLEASE..TQ SO MUCH..

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      ajay 7 years ago

      vimala me too having the same mole like u have in ur nose....if i see u naked we can see more similarities between us,,,,,,,,,,,,,