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Visual Affects and the Subconscious

Updated on May 20, 2013

The visual media has a major impact on the thinking of people who spend an enormous amount of time viewing it. My research indicates the impact is actually much greater than I originally suspected. Movies for instance are marketed globally; consequently people make presumption based on these visual presentations. These presentations are fast paced, full of imagines flashing into the subconscious without the viewer giving it any thought. I have chosen three movies to amplify the research and the consequences of this visualization process.

National Treasure

National Treasure one, Eraser, and The Dragon Story are entertaining and informative under a watchful eye. The very exciting movie staring Nicolas Cage main focus is on treasure pilfered by Knights of Templar during ancient times. These scenes I will concentration on are depicting African-Americans in a negative light. There are only about four in the entire move and only one is in a position of any importance. There is a lady working in a gift shop where Cage’s character is attempting to purchase a replica of the Constitution and is short on cash. She replies,” We expect credit cards”. The other is a scene where a female actor is hiding from one of the antagonist in the movie, and is allowed by an African-American woman who is a butcher or at least employed in the meat section. The final scene is Cage’s sidekick is asking a young African-American male to assist him to solve a puzzle, and for this he is giving him one dollar. In several instances he complies, then he is left at the curb once the guy figures out the remaining clue. Then one of the other treasure hunters requests a favor, for which he will pay one hundred dollars. The young African-American character ask,”Is this real”

The Eraser

The Eraser staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams is another subliminal masterpiece. If you are not and most people are not conscious, these scenes will slip pass your subconscious mind. Vanessa arrives at her home and discovers her ex-boyfriend in her residence without her permission. They had previously separated but he is not ready to make and emotional departure. Vanessa’s Character was crystal clear about their breakup. There are people outside who want to assassinate her, she is not aware of it. Then comes the strong hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The boyfriend decided to go to the door and see if its guy. He killed with a futuristic weapon. Throughout the movies Arnold declares, “He will take care of her” The third scene Arnold is falling from a plane and lands on a truck in a salvage yard. Arnold needs transportation. He makes a deal with two African-American children to sell their fathers truck for a paltry sum of 50 dollars. The father runs out saying, “Come back” Few people can tell you what part Arnold’s Father Played during that terrible time in Germany.

The Dragon Story

This Dragon Story concerns a Chinese Martial Arts Master, Bruce Lee. The first scene he is on a ship from China to America, he meets a Chinese history instructor, and Bruce explains he’s going to American. The instructor looks unconcerned, Then Bruce character says, “James Dean, French fries” yet he was unaware of the part the Chinese played in building the railroad or the part opium played during this time period. The second scene is where Bruce is ordered by the community elders not to teach whites and blacks their ancient secret. In the third scene Bruce’s Caucasian girlfriend invites him to meet his future mother-in-law, where the mother inform him that he is not really an American. On an earlier point, most people are unaware that hieroglyphs in Egypt depict sticking fighting on horses back. In Brazil there is an Ancient form of Martial arts that existed in African and outlawed in American along with performances on drums. These drums are popular in Cuba and came from the Kongo hence the name conga drums and played not only by Ricky Ricardo but the famous Mongo Santamaria


In Summary I want to make it plain, visual media in general and Hollywood in particular play a critical roll in keeping stereotype alive. There are books printed on a daily bases that are toxic and the television is equally toxic in its REGULAR SCHEDULED

PROGRAMMING. It should come with a warring label. It can and is used to create animosity toward people of diverse backgrounds.


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    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 6 years ago

      Lady_E, I am elated when you read and comment on my work. Thank you very much for the comment.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      I agree - Some movies can be Toxic and have influenced some teens / youngsters to act out what they saw in movies. Such acts sadly lead them to jail.