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What do you know about Vivica Fox?

Updated on September 13, 2015

The Fox

What you know about Vivica Fox? Written by: Dr. Alfreda Love (Celebrity Writer, Radio Host)

I’m all about the lights, camera and action when it comes to entertainment. A few years back in 2010, I heard about a stage show coming to none other than big Waco, Texas. You heard me right; some of the biggest stars were coming to Waco, Texas to put on a stage hit show entitled, “Cheaper to keep her!” Some of the old school fans already knew the plot of this title, but none the less scores of people came out that Friday night to watch the biggest show on earth.

The writer of the play “Cheaper to keep her” was none other than Mr. Je’Caryous Johnson writing and producing hits straight out of Houston, Texas. When I showed up for the stage play and networked with many people, I found that my favorite stars were cast members in the play. Who could forget the powerful voice of Mr. Brian McKnight who played Raymond May, the husband of Morgan (Vivica Fox) who thought it undesirable to be together because of the conflict of interest with Morgan’s sister. Do you all remember Karen Maline White (Maxine) from the hit movie, “Lean on Me? Well, in the hit stage show, Maxine was doing a little more than leaning on Mr. Clark as she played the hard to please lawyer who would make sure her client (Morgan) was coming out on the winning side of court. If you all recall, Morgan and Raymond were getting a divorce and Maxine was not going to make Raymond’s road title become “Easy Street!” My word, what did you all think about Jonathan Slocumb who also starred in the hit stage show? Jonathan was responsible for keeping the laughter and excitement after all the drama and mess the May family put the audience through. Christian Keys, Jamme and Margaret Boeker were able to bring much laughter to the audience as we sat in the crowded Heart of Texas Coliseum to watch the baddest show on earth.

I wanted to set up a familiar scene before introducing or presenting Ms. Vivica Fox to the awaiting readers so I described a past performance right here in the Lone Star State! The purpose of the article is to highlight Ms. Vivica Fox who is no stranger to the woods, and I am speaking of Hollywood. Indiana born and raised, Fox attended school and graduated from Arlington High School where she was active in sports, cheerleading and any other event that she was nominated for in Indianapolis. Upon graduation, Vivica knew she wanted to be in entertainment and named Diana Ross as an icon. Vivica informed her mother that she wanted to get into entertainment and like most mothers, Vivica’s mother said follow your dreams, but also attend college just in case your dreams somehow disappear. Vivica did just as her mother requested and attended Golden West College in California with an Associate Art degree in Social Sciences. Students, in order to be successful in school, you have to be obedient, study and graduate from school. I remember when I spoke to my mom and informed her that I was going to highlight Ms. Fox, my mother told me that she remembered seeing Vivica and her mother on a special television series being interviewed. During the interview, Vivica said her mother’s house was in close proximity of the church and because of her mother’s strong love of God and wanting her children to be successful, to Vivica it seemed as if she was in church almost every day. While attending church, Vivica and her family were singing for God as well. Well Vivica, I am looking forward to hearing you sing in a movie one day. My perspective of Vivica is that she always remembers God as blessing her to be in the situations of success in her life and credit God for bringing her out of unfavorable things. When I hear the Fox on television or shows, she always makes reference that she is blessed and for that I really admire her character.

Alright readers, let’s go to Hollywood and the acting career. As many of you know, the Fox is not the prey, she has always been the predator in love, hate, relationships and her role. In my perspective, Vivica has never been the prey or been preyed upon because of her strong character and outspoken nature. Vivica’s first introduction to her career was through a commercial for “Clearasil” and the ABC drama “China Beach.” My first introduction to the Fox was on the soap operas, “Days of Our Lives,” the famous “Young and the Restless” and of course “Generations.” Many media outlets, fans of the hit soap operas and other entertainers were quickly catching on that Vivica can play many parts and not only learn her role, but never forget or miss a beat when she is to speak. Growing up, I remember during the summer my family were huge fans of these soap operas in particular and planted around the television looking at the “Price is Right” and it seemed between 11:00am until 1:00pm, it was family time coupled with informally analyzing what would happen next on the “Stories,” (Soap Opera) as my family calls it.

Speaking of stories, Vivica Fox has a story of her own to share that would land her in the biggest scene of Hollywood and her own fashion line. Growing up, Fox faced many rejections on the screen set, but that did not hinder her from showcasing her talent. As time progressed and the media became more familiar with Fox, she begin to land roles on popular television shows like, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air(1991), Beverly Hills 90210 (1991) and Family Matters (1992). The most memorable NBC sitcom I remember as of recent is Fox starring as Ms. Pattie Labelle’s Daughter on a series called, “Out All Night!” Fox played all her roles well because she is very outgoing and serves with great dedication on all her projects. Vivica was also featured in two 1996 movies, “Independence Day” and “Set it off.”

In relation to what would happen next in Vivica’s life, we must remember other events while she was on her way to the field of becoming one of the most successful women in showbiz. When many of you listen to the Fox’s interview, write an article about her or even read her bio, you will find that Vivica is the type of person who will take risks and get up and make things happen. From 2004 to 2006 Fox starred in and co-produced the Lifetime Network drama series, Missing and served as a judge on the show, The Starlet. To my surprise in 2006, Vivica practiced her risk factor and participated with Dancing with the Stars. Although Vivica did not move into the next round of Dancing with the Stars, she turned her life around again and in 2007, she appeared in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Game. When I described Ms. Fox, I described her as an actress, but she is also a writer and producer. In 2008, Ms. Fox filmed Shark City in Toronto and hosted a reality series called Glam God. Fox has appeared on the Wendy Williams show, received numerous awards and continues to star in many films. Fox is currently the host of the reality show, “Prank My mom.” The would like to congratulate Ms. Fox on accepting the role as Cookie on Empire Season 2. When researching the reports and reviewing comments made by Ms. Taraji P. Henson, she is very excited to have such a star as Vivica play her onscreen sister. I know with Vivica playing the onscreen sister there will not be a dull moment. I am sure that with all the roles Vivica plays, she has to have a look for each role. As of recent, the Fox has introduced a new hair line that will give a new attitude( Go Vivica!

In conclusion, when the word or name “Fox” is mentioned, it grabs people’s attention for two reasons. The first reason that the term “Fox” grabs people’s attention is most people will seek a safe place out of sight of the fox. Secondly, with the mention of the word “fox”, people will look to see if the person is speaking of the animal fox or Vivica Fox. The next time you hear of the Fox, play close attention because Vivica Fox is doing great things in Hollywood and on the movie scene. Lastly, when writing this article, I still feel her love for God no matter if she plays the sinner or the saint on the movie screen. At the end of the day, Vivica Fox will tell the world that she is blessed!

Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox

V's Hair Line

Dr. Alfreda Love-Writer, Radio Host

Dr. Alfreda Emonya Love has enjoyed a fulfilling career as an educational leader, radio host, motivational speaker and military servant beginning in 1997 in Bellmead, Texas. Dr. Love is the recipient of numerous educational and community service awards. She has a book entitled, "A Spiritual Guide to Go and is currently seeking to write another book.

Love devotes her time to various Christian groups, non-profits, civic activities and educational endeavors.

Dr. Love graduated from La Vega High School, Baylor University, Texas A&M University and Prairie View A&M University; served in the United States military; and performed certification work at Dallas Baptist University with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Love indicated that God, her family and community are to be recognized for her achievements.

Dr. Love is an administrator and Project Executive Director of Love’s Comedy and Entertainment. Dr. Love has been a member of Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church for 36 years.

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