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Voice Lessons Online- How to Achieve a Clear Strong Voice

Updated on January 13, 2014

Voice Lessons Online Teach Vocal Clarity Techniques

Before extraordinary vocal ranges and spine-chilling vibrato, vocalists must first master basic vocal skills. The most fundamental vocal skills include mastering vocal control to have a clear, strong voice. This may be easier said than done for some vocalists and requires much practice for consistency.

When mastered, however, it sets the foundation for acquiring more advanced vocal skills, like expanding vocal range, increasing projection, developing strong breath support, and improving vocal tone and pitch. Developing these key vocal skills can require practice (as all good things do), and may be learned through voice lessons online. but there are several lifestyle tips that can help vocalists avoid physiological barriers to achieving clarity.

A clear, strong voice begins in the larynx, or voice box and many lifestyle habits can physiologically affect how clear or strong your voice is. Professional vocalists know this to be true as many years of singing has made them well acquainted with their voices. Many professional vocalists can tell you how different seasons or physiological functions (such as menstruation for female) can affect their voices. Winter seasons or dry climates may cause the vocal tract to dry out more quickly while more humid climates may cause excess moisture in the lungs.

Lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise regiments can have profound effects on one’s voice clarity and strength. If you find you are having trouble achieving a clear voice or find yourself struggling to project well and feel your voice is weak, altering your diet may be the quickest way to see improvement. There are several diet alterations that can be made to help achieve a clear voice.


Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and even chocolate can affect the clarity of your voice. This is because dairy products are extremely acidic. When eaten in excess, acidic foods cause your body to product more mucous. Excess mucous build up in the larynx or on the vocal chords can cause a foggy or “thick” feeling when you sing. Your voice may not feel as clear and you may find yourself needing to “clear” your throat more often. (Also VERY bad for your voice, so stop it!)Decreasing your intake of dairy products, especially within twelve hours of a performance may help to drastically improve clarity in your voice and allow for better airflow, providing greater vocal strength.


Eliminating caffeinated beverages and alcohol from your diet, (or at the least from length periods of time before and after performances) may also help to reduce mucous and allow for more vocal clarity. Apart from the obvious effects of alcohol, alcohol use can be detrimental on the voice for several reasons. It can cause hoarseness in the voice but also drop the fundamental frequency and cause loss of control of the vocal chords.


Smoking has obvious negative effects on the voice. Regardless of what you are smoking, smoking causes inflammation of the vocal tract and vocal chords. Such irritation can greatly affect clarity of your singing voice as well as strength or vocal power.

Achieving vocal clarity and strength are foundational to mastering vocal skills and perfecting your voice. Such skills are basic but may require practice and dedication. While vocal exercises like those learned through voice lessons online are essential to learning these foundational skills, lifestyle habits also have a great effect on the execution of these skills. Changing simple lifestyle habits or altering them to fit your vocal needs may help you to achieve greater clarity and vocal strength more easily.

You can learn more singing tips and techniques to help you acquire foundation as well as more advanced vocal skills through voice lessons online here.


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