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Voice Lessons Online- Vocal Practice Tips

Updated on January 13, 2014

Voice Lessons Online Give Superior Practice Tips

You may have heard the saying that “practice makes perfect.” The adage is completely true with comes to singing or vocalizing. Practice is incredibly important for developing your voice and maintaining the vocal skills you have already acquired. There are several things to keep in mind when you practice.

Voice Lessons Online Teach ALWAYS To Practice Vocal Warm-Ups!


You should always, ALWAYS begin your vocal practice with warm-up exercises. You should never start practicing without warming up your voice as you could potentially do great damage to your voice. There are many warm-ups that you can use to warm-up your voice including breathing exercises, humming, or scales and many of these can be learned through voice lessons online.

Voice Lessons Online Teach the Importance of Focus While Singing


Singing in the shower does not count as singing practice. When you practice, it should be done with focus and direct attention. Find a secluded place where you can practice without distractions. Leave the phone in another room and turn off the television; reduce the noise around you so that you can hear yourself vocalize. Practicing should be done on a regular schedule for regular periods of time. Two or three times a week for a half hour or an hour is a good baseline for practicing schedules. If you have a performance or are learning more difficult pieces it may be necessary to increase your practice times.

Voice Lessons Online Teach How Essential Breaks Are For Your Singing Voice!

Take Breaks

Practice is extremely important for developing new vocal skills and maintaining the ones you have already acquired. But rest is equally important to prevent damage and strain to the vocal chords. Limit your practice to set periods of time and don’t overdo it. Avoid screaming or shouting whenever possibly as they both have the potential to do great harm to your voice. Also take periods of silence to rest your voice entirely; no singing or speaking.

Voice Lessons Online Support Proper Breathing Techniques For Successful Singing!

Breathing Counts

Your vocal practice should also include practicing proper breathing techniques. Proper breathing is extremely important to vocalizing and improper breathing can limit the success you get from vocal training. Singing while lying on your back on solid flooring is a great way to practice your singing and practice proper breathing at the same time.

Voice Lessons Online Teach Proper Breathing Habits

Voice Lessons Online Teach Singing Practice as Key for Singing Success!

Singing practice is the key to developing your voice and attaining new levels of vocal training. You can maintain current skills while also learning new skills. Voice lessons online are a great resource for those truly looking to improve their singing voice. You can find more tips for singing practice and vocal techniques that professional celebrity vocalists use to maintain and perfect their singing voices through voice lessons online Here!


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    • thesingernurse profile image

      thesingernurse 5 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      Voted up for this very useful hub. Sometimes, doing the basics is something that would definitely strengthen and protect your voice, so long as you do it right. Thank you for sharing this. :D