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Updated on June 16, 2011


Imo State University, Owerri – A pathetic story.

It is only a fool that is told to get up and run away from the house when there is fire. It is ridiculous to note that education in Nigeria has been relegated to the background and left for market women to dictate the tune. How sorry my heart feels for the multitude of persons stranded to a halt by the melee happening at Imo State University, Owerri. Many are dazed to believe that for more than one month now, students have been staying in the house doing absolutely nothing when there is the need for them to be in the campus. It is ugly to note that even many students have not written the first semester examination let alone thinking of the second semester which has come to a deadlock because of internal strike. What really is the future of education in Nigeria? When are we going to develop and have the panacea for this deadly disease of perdition. Is it not ugly to note that the university which should be the paragon of quality education now turn out to be the land of mirth? It is ugly that for any reason whether good or bad have militated against the free flow of justice, equity and the upliftment of the educational sector. I presage that this deadlock if not checked will spell doom for the school management and the students respectively. We all know that “An idle mind is the devils workshop”.It is sad to note that we have been bamboozled by the storyline circulating around the arena. Is it not right to pay wages to those that merit it? Is it not natural that persons demand the wages for their labour? Certainly, let the school management consider steps at rectifying this flagrant disregard of the rules. Let all join hands and flagellate this menace away from our society. Civilization cannot be obtained in a day, but by sustaining the efforts made we all will be pioneers of civilization in Africa.

It is time we stopped this unnecessary embarrassment and flagrant disregard for stipulated laws. Let all stall the further suffering imposed on students and parents alike. It is too bad for the children of the poor to be recipients of the award of disgrace, suffering and pain while the children of those involved in this barbaric deadlock and mire are abroad, living fat on good food, education and luxury lives. The onus is on the school management to rectify this problem and allow students go back and continue there education. All students of Imo State University protest in its entity this ugly incident and wish that something is done before it is too late.

Ubani Alexander Chijioke





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