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Waking Life 2001 Movie Review

Updated on January 10, 2012

Waking Life was released in 2001 and is directed by Richard Linklater, starring Lorelei Linklater, Trevor Brooks, and Wiley Wiggins.

For myself, action speaks out more than the words and Waking Life is completely opposite of my thinking, as it has tried to make impact on the moviegoers with some high-degree rational conversations in between characters in place of developing circumstances or situations by which the film character learns various thoughts of life and that is according to myself is the most important reason for not enjoying this film completely.

The script goes like, there is on man who keeps on dreaming and whenever he wakes up, he finds himself in another dream wherein he then meets various other characters who give spiritual or intellectual insight to him on various fields of life.

As it is a good and unique concept, I loved it but if someone will ask me that what impact this film has created on my mind, then I would say not much cause there's nothing that is happening with the movie plot, as whenever I tried to wait for something different and new to happen in the movie, a man from nowhere comes on and begins talks on life and believe me that is not the only reason for me not liking this movie, but there are also some very weird philosophy-related conservations on life which are explained in a difficult scientific style which the movie watchers like myself do not understand.

There were also some humorous scenes in the movie where we have a funny expression which Karan Johar usually has during Koffee With Karan episodes with Richard Gere and so real impact gets decreased but if one will look at the positive aspects, there are scenes in Waking Life which are thought-provoking, it is the end scene where the main character meets a person who goes on to explain his theories of life through illustrative instances which are interesting and good.

It was only a one-time watch for myself. This review comes from a person who loves watching philosophy-related movies, but it was a bit disappointing for me.

Waking Life best scene - sex addict
Waking Life best scene - sex addict
Waking life philosophy - So what is your take on life?
Waking life philosophy - So what is your take on life?
Waking Life movie poster
Waking Life movie poster
Waking life screenshots
Waking life screenshots
Original movie poster of Waking Life
Original movie poster of Waking Life


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    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      Waking Life is a curious movie though it is more interesting to read the script than actually watch the movie. I would say, it's rather more interesting to watch the movie just for the original scenes and then read the script and reflect over it, considering the philosophical ideas and insights that it gives.


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