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Walnut Grove Explodes

Updated on March 15, 2013
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I love everything weird and colorful in this world and I try to live a life that will make the world a little better once I'm gone.

Little House Went Out With a Bang!

Little House on the Prairie ended with an bang, in 1984. Literally, a bang! In the final episode (actually a movie) the residents of that beloved town of Walnut Grove blow it up with dynamite - the whole town with the exception of the church. One by one, each man blows up his building. What a sight! A surreal, albeit bitter sweet, end to a timeless series that is still airing in syndication over twenty five years since it ended.

If you missed this finale, you missed a lot. It is certainly worth the look.

The Explosions

Little House: The Last Farewell - The Little House on the Prairie Finale

Originally aired, on February 6, 1984, as a two-hour movie. When offered in syndication, it is shown as either a two-part episode or in its entirety.

Were you happy with the ending of Little House on the Prairie?

Was this ending satisfying for you?

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Explosions - Little House on the Prairie Blows Up
Explosions - Little House on the Prairie Blows Up

How it all came about...

Why They Blew up Walnut Grove

During Charles and Caroline's visit to Walnut Grove, in 1901, the residents of Walnut Grove learn that a railroad tycoon, Nathan Lassiter, actually holds deed to Hero Township.

Apparently, when they claimed the land, it had not been legal since it was not deemed as homesteading land. Meanwhile, Mrs. Oleson is seriously ill and is in a hospital in Minneapolis. The residents ask Charles to contact an attorney, but despite their best efforts, the residents are unable to drive Mr. Lassiter away.

When they attempt to resist with force, Mr. Lassiter comes back with a detachment of Union troops who order everyone to leave. Though Mr. Lassiter demands the residents' instant evacuation, the soldiers allow the residents to remain until Easter Sunday.

In a fit of anger about the situation, Laura smashes out the windows of her boarding house. At the town meeting about the problem, Laura tells about breaking the windows and encourages others to do similar damage to their buildings, so Mr. Lassiter does not have it easy taking over their homes and businesses.

Another resident takes this plan a step further by offering a wagon full of dynamite meant for the mines. So, angered at the injustice done to them, the residents decide that they should send a (literally) explosive message to Mr. Lassiter that he can have the land, but not the town. They invite the leaders of nearby towns to see how they dealt with the problem, so Mr. Lassiter would not try to strong arm them as well.

The Last Farewell

This is a cut down edited fan video that highlights the last episode and shows the explosions.

How did you feel when you first saw the explosions?

What emotion passed over you when you first say Walnut Grove blow up?

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Other Funny Little House Clips

What do you think of this ending to the series?


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