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"Wanderlust" (2012) - Movie Review - Happiness Comes From Within and Love

Updated on November 3, 2020
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Alyssa has studied TV Production, and Communication through Cinema, Media, and Entertainment in high school and in her university degrees.

"Wanderlust" | Source

Happiness Comes From Within and Love

Happiness. Everyone wants it and they think certain items including technology will bring them happiness. People think money will bring them happiness - a great, secure job, and by buying certain items like the nice car, the huge house, the latest technology. But if you look closely to the reality, you will find that real, great relationships with people with love are what matters the most. Sharing great moments with people makes you enjoy life together, and from that happiness will come from within.

In the movie "Wanderlust", the two main characters, a New York couple, George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) think having great jobs and money will give them the perfect life and bring them happiness. They lust for the perfect life. The same day Linda's job 'choice of the year' doesn't work out, George loses his good job he hated. They find they must move temporarily to live with his brother, who has a good job, a nice house, a nice car, and a family.

Along the way, driving down to Georgia where George's brother lives, the couple wanders off the main road and down an unknown path. George and Linda come across a bed and breakfast place, which turns out to be a tiny community called Elysium, where they don't care so much for technology and material things. Sharing is a big part of their lifestyle, and they share everything there including great moments and enjoying life. The people within the commune have real, great relationships with each other, and are happy in life.

George and Linda eventually make it to his brother's house, and everything is not always what it seems. Though, his brother has the great, secure job, and his wife didn't need to work. His brother and wife have the nice cars, the huge house, and the latest technologies. Both of them, especially the wife wasn't full of happiness as their relationship shifted away from each other as they barely shared moments together.

Linda and George then must decide in which direction they want to go in. They also must determine whether or not they want to be happy everyday. "Wanderlust" shows that over it all, relationships with people are what matters the most in life and determines whether or not you enjoy life. The movie also shows that happiness comes from the heart and within yourself in a titillatingly funny way in the wonderful comedic ways both Rudd and Aniston deliver their characters in the "tennis match" between each other and interacting among the other quirky characters within the film.

It is the great, real relationships that count in life and determine the level of enjoyment in life. The director did a wonderful job illustrating in "Wanderlust" to show that money does not actually bring you true happiness but sharing great moments with people you have great relationships with. The grade I would give this comedic movie is an A.

So what do you think?

Can money buy happiness and love?

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