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Wars Against Star: Daisy Ridley

Updated on December 10, 2019

The Force Awakens with "The Guardian" News Reporter Nosheen Iqbal

By now you've probably read somewhere that Star War's leading role, played by the brilliant Daisy Ridley herself, has denied ever having any privilege and in response the public has begun a contagious backlash, one in which is fairly misplaced.

In an interview with "The Guardian" the actress was caught off guard when reporter Nosheen Iqbal implies that the star was not only privileged but that her success derived solely of it.

By quickly stating "No" and even taking it a step further by comparing herself to Star Wars's other leading actor John Boyega only as an attempt to further explain, a major lash out then breaks out and in light year speed starts a trending empire on Twitter.

#Tweetscanhurt but so can an interviewer whose intentions are backed with motives of primal & personal resentment.

If one chose to take the time to read the interview rather then just read the headlines one would be granted the understanding that this Nosheen guy really just had it out for poor Daisy.


Luke, I Am Your Father and You're Only Great Thanks To Me."

Yeah maybe you have to be a "Skywalker" to feel the force (for this is something that has yet been clarified by the infamous triology,) however returning director J.J. Abrams shows promises that one can be similar to Ridley's character (a possible no one) who can easily posses the will power to become a jedi regardless her origins.

Maybe the presumptuous accusation such as Ridley's success being gifted rather then earned is all what the ending to the saga is all about.

"Don't not applaud the deserving out of fear that they are not - for it they're receiving then it means they pursued as well."

Reporter Then Goes On In Great Detail About Her Defensive Nature

I'm sorry but whenever someone implies a notion that belittles another, it's not defensive but more of a natural instinct to self protect what is most sacred.

I bet if someone approached Jennifer Aniston right now & suggested her fame only flourished due to her dad's placement on beloved soap opera Days of Our Lives she'd probably pull a Rachel and tell that person to "Pivot the fuck off!"

What's worse is after highlighting that the presence of Daisy seemed Defensive, the reporter then goes on to contradict himself by admitting that he only meant the question in reference to her educational background and nothing more - but even so, she earned a scholarship in order to attend so even that was self earned.

A New Hope - A New Perspective

Maybe Ridley did have help from those who she adores.

Or Maybe "The Guardian" allowed for such an article to be released just to elaborate on one perspective.

& Maybe, just maybe, that perspective is one of reporter Nosheen Iqbal, someone who clearly suggests within his writing that he is not a fan of Star Wars Star Daisy Ridley.

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