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Watch Full Episodes of The Incredible Hulk Animated Series, Spider-Man Cartoons & More, Online For Free, and Avoid Scams

Updated on February 25, 2013

Want to watch full episodes of The Incredible Hulk animated series which aired on television in 1996? Want to watch full episodes for free? It's easy!

My son adores the superhero, from Batman and the Amazing Spider-Man to Iron Man and even those "other" superheroes, Scooby Doo and the gang. When he started pointing and begging to see them all in turn, I began a wild search. Yes, Amazon and iTunes provided purchase options, but how long would my son's interest hold out? Did I really want to purchase DVD's or even digital copies through the Roku, or could I find another option?

I was thrilled with the wealth of cartoons and animated series that the web offered me. Online, I found full episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman and of course, The Incredible Hulk. I even found full episodes of other series, like Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Sometimes, these sites are nothing more than ads that appear to be download links. AVOID THOSE LINKS! Search the border around the link for signs that it is actually an ad - oftentimes, "advertisement" will be written in a small font on the upper or lower corner.

Where is it?

You can find many full episodes, streaming instantly, at Click on the Movie & TV bar at the top of the page, choose Browse Videos, and select your top choice. The quality and sound are great, as are the options.

Whenever you choose to watch something online, and for free, try to find the links on legitimate websites, such as Marvel. Many cartoons and animated series can be found on the production studio website, such as WB, NBC, ABC, etc. Even PBS has a website with links specifically for watching their regular programming online.

If you're unsure what studio produced what you're looking for, then scan the URL after you do a search. A quick scan of the URL before clicking on it will ensure you don't get trapped by ads and possible virus infection. (One such advertisement let a trojan virus in on my laptop and I was without access for three days before I could fix the problem). Search for familiar web addresses with a .com. On these site, you should never have to download any link, program, or file. It should be a direct feed to the program through that website. If it suggests you need a program, or asks you to click to download a file, do a new search and avoid that link.

UPDATE: I recently went to find Incredible Hulk using their browse feature and the animated series did now show up in the results. However, my links in my bookmarks still works. Here is a direct link to Episode 10 - more episodes are located in the site's sidebar.



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