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People Watching-My View

Updated on September 21, 2019

A Form Of Entertainment

Have you ever considered that watching people is a form of entertainment? I have on many occasions.

Just watching people in their everyday existence is a times like viewing a comedy show or in some cases a drama. I don't have a lot of extra time for social activities. My time is spent committed to my job and hobbies. There never is enough time to read, paint, write or do things that I enjoy.

Whenever I am out running my errands though I do take notice of what is going on around me. I people watch when I stop for coffee, shop or just standing in line at the grocery store.

There are the quiet ones, who just go about their business. I often wonder what their story is, are they happy, sad, successful, have major drama in their lives like job loss or health issues and so on.
Then there are the more demonstrative people who have public chaos for everyone to view.

They're wearing what?

The first thing I notice is what people are wearing. I see a lot of sloppy people walking around and I can also be guilty of that.

While visiting Paris I noticed right away that most of the French women were quite stylishly dressed. I didn't see any women wearing sweat pants and tennis shoes. I live in Texas and in hot weather, women wear shorts, cutoffs and half shirts, which is fine if you can pull it of. Unfortunately a majority of these women are overweight and need a lot more material covering their bodies. I am not saying everyone has to look like a model, I certainly don't. Just use some common sense when you leave the house. I wonder if they even look in the mirror before they leave their homes.

Men aren't much better. Muscle t-shirts are great if you have muscles! From where I sit some of these fellows could use a work out or a decent shirt. I've also see enough of their big beer gut bellies hanging over their shorts. I am not exaggerating about this.The city I live in had the distinction of being one of the fattest and sweatiest cities in the States!

My mom was big on dressing properly. She expected us to do the same. It seems that these days though, everything is different. I guess I am showing my age in saying that. An example was at a funeral that I attended, I couldn't believe how many people were dressed so casually. Jeans and t-shirts, flip flops and even a baseball cap.

Bad Behavior

It is not only children that misbehave in public. Adults are also guilty of this. Have you ever witnessed a couple arguing in public? It is not a pretty sight.

A couple that was sitting next to me at a coffee shop one day were having a major argument over his upcoming bachelor party. She was creating such a scene, and none of us could help but watch the show. The guy was obviously so embarrassed, he finally got up and left her there, I wonder if that wedding ever took place. Cursing each other out is another show that gets attention. Sometimes you just have to laugh at them. I can curse as good as the next person, but I keep it at home.

I don't understand how parents can let their children have tantrums in public. I don't get it. Whenever I would take my two children out with us, they knew they better behave. Some of the parents I have seen let some of these kids roll on the floor and have a screaming fit and all the parent can say is "stop it." Restaurants are another place where I watch parents as they try to eat a meal while their children are being loud and disruptive. I feel sorry for the staff that has to wait on them.


Another thing that I have noticed is how the elderly are treated. Sad to say not very well. It is refreshing to see someone open or hold a door for them. Just to have someone say hello to them and ask how they are doing can make their day. Some people get impatient and can be quite rude to our elders. They need to stop and think that one day they will be in their shoes.

Airports can get the better of us. Long lines, cancellations, delays and lost luggage can send us over the edge. Even someone with a lot of patience can lose it. I saw one disgruntled passenger escorted out by the police for his verbal abuse towards the person at the counter

The doctors offices are usually quiet. People tend to be less talkative. Sitting their waiting your turn, you may be worrying about your own health issue. The looks on patients faces can be somber and worry some.

The best part of people watching is seeing children that are actually playing in a park and being carefree away from video games. Seeing an elderly couple still walking together hand in hand, or families gathered together enjoying an outdoor event. I just happen to notice these things when I am out and I suppose others do too.


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