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"Water For Elephants" (2011) - Movie Review - The Possible is Not Always Impossible

Updated on November 3, 2020
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Alyssa has studied TV Production, and Communication through Cinema, Media, and Entertainment in high school and in her university degrees.

"Water For Elephants"
"Water For Elephants" | Source

The Possible is Not Always Impossible

Have you ever wanted anything so much that you were willing to do whatever it took to get there even though it seemed impossible? What seems impossible, with a lot of effort and hard work, can be possible. Even if life strips you down to nothing - no family, no friends, no home - completely nothing; just the clothes on your back, you can build your life back up to where you want it.

That situation is shown in the movie, "Water For Elephants," which was originally a book. Even books, like movies, can teach us lessons and ideas towards positive views of life. I admit, the book is one book I have not gotten to read so I cannot compare the book to the movie, but I heard the transition was done well. So let's go back to reviewing the film. The movie version of "Water For Elephants" does a wonderful job depicting the situation of building yourself back up from losing everything in your life.

In the movie, the main character, Jacob ( Robert Pattinson ) is studying to be a veterinarian in the beginning of the story. Suddenly, one day, his parents die in a car accident and he ends up losing everything along with the only family he has. Upon leaving his house and everything he once knew, he comes across a train. Though it's not just an ordinary train, but it is a circus train - and along with it his life changes for forever once again, with a major opportunity.

He starts working in the circus as a vet; most specifically working with an elephant they eventually acquire as a new main attraction show. Jacob starts falling for the owner's wife and star, Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) - whose only known the circus as her home from a young age through marriage. Marlena is afraid to make any changes in her life but Jacob eventually convinces her otherwise.

All in all, Jacob with his positive view of making his life better again - and mission to give a better life to Marlena and one that he feels she deserves - which he achieves what he had no idea how he was going to do from the moment he lost everything. He finds his way and with a lot of hard work, builds his life back up from being stripped to nothing in life.

This movie is a must see with a great portrayal of the situation, from the wonderful directing from Francis Lawrence to the amazing acting and cinematography of the film. Overall, the grade I would give this movie is an A.

If you have read the book and watched the movie, in your opinion, which was better?

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