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Water For Elephants, review

Updated on March 1, 2020

Water For Elephants

2011, PG-13, ****

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz

This is the best drama by far, for 2011, and we finally get to see Mr. Pattinson do some real acting. His best work yet; along side of fantastic Ms. Witherspoon (I love just about all her movies--such a great actress).

Jacob Jankowski (Pattinson) is just about to finish is exam to become a licensed veterinarian, almost a Cornell University graduate, but all stops to an immediate hult when he is interrupted during the first few minutes of his exam when he is told his parents are both dead after a horrific car accident. He walks out of the exam room, and never looks back.

He quickly learns that his father was in severe debt, and this leaves Jacob homeless. So, he hits the road with a suit case, and stumbles upon a train, jumps aboard, and finds himself among a traveling Circus: Benzini Brothers, "Most Spectacular Show on Earth," (their tagline) a competitor of the world famous Ringling Brother's Circus (the one that everyones heard of today).

Jacob is soon found out about (his medical background) by August (the Ring Master/Circus Host (Christoph Waltz) and he hires him as the Cirus vet. One minor problem, along with Jacob's new gig; he starts to fall in love with Marlena (Resse Witherspoon) August's wife.

Soon enough Jacob makes an impact on his medical knowledge, and love for animals, and Marlena takes a likeing to this; she too loves animals, and starts to fall for Jacob. August is a brutal human being, treats the animals and his showman of the Circus with no respect, and being a drunk makes it all worse. PETA was definately not happy about some of the abuse that was portrayed in the film, but whatever -- guys no animals were harmed in the making of this film, according to producers.

This film is an excellent drama, and love story. It shows how some people are just in the wrong business, all for the money. Then their are those individuals who are in the right business, push their passion, even though they are down on their luck and life has dealt some bad cards; always look up, and things will go your way.

Also, Hal Holbrook plays elderly Jacob. This is Pattinson's best film so far, in his short resume. Watch it, and I guarantee, you'll buy it!


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