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Ways To Make Your Music Available To New Fans

Updated on June 8, 2013

As an emerging artist, one of the most important things you strive for is to get your music heard. Here are some places to get your music heard!

1. Facebook:

Why? Because almost everyone is on it. Put things where your audience is.

2. Twitter:

It's quick and simple. Plus it can open the opportunity for some quick dialog or get a RT.

3. Soundcloud:

Downloading and streaming all in one, plus there is an element of social networking. Listeners can comment on songs and at specific times in a song. It makes it completely fun.

4. Bandcamp:

Music nerds can download your music in any version their hearts desire.

5. Vimeo:

It's the next best thing to Youtube. Aesthetically, it looks nicer than youtube, although no other video platform beats youtube as one of the top 5 search engines.

6. QR Code:

Your audience and potential audience can download your music from their phone. It's instant access. The QR code can put listeners anywhere you want them to be and you can customize the way it looks.

7. USB Drive:

Another way to have music on the go, sort of. Add your songs on a custom USB Drive and your artwork and music can be played from any computer or other usb supported device. Plus, usb drives are always good to have around.

8. CD:

Nothing beats traditional, especially on the road. It's a great souvenir to have and play in the car or elsewhere.


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