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Ways to doing your own modeling pictures. How to do the job yourself.

Updated on June 19, 2013

January 2013, by: tifyya


dont just sit and pout
dont just sit and pout | Source

What does it take?

Ever get that moment of thinking your not good enough for the job?

Having thought you wasted all your money on pictures, comp cards, hired an expensive photographer to do your pictures and found out in the end you really could have done the job yourself and just be as good as a pro! Well it takes skill to be as good as them but don't think you will get there overnight. You have much learning to do..............

So put your money back in your pocket and spend the money on your own equipment and hire someone to take as many pictures you think you will need for half the price of a professional photographer. If you are good at taking pictures yourself then discover what techniques i tried over and over to get my pictures looking like i paid someone to do them.

When starting off as a beginner no one is going to take you seriously unless you show off your skills of what you can do. I started taking pictures of places and then from there people and then from there self portraits. It took me about 7 years to gain more professional skills as a photographer by enhancing and growing my photo business into a self-employed business trying to find any kind of exposure i can get my hands on.

As time progressed for me i discovered how to balance a small camera. When i didn't have the money for a tripod, I would stack books on top of books trying to keep the camera steady and other times i would have a string hanging from the ceiling wrapping the string around the inner face of the camera so it will be supported really well. My least advantage was not to damage my camera or the lens.

Around the 6th and 7th year i started thinking outside the box by discovering new places inside my home to take pictures that may seem very odd to others but everything paid off in my finished work.

I started creating and shaping clothes into a more dramatic and odd form to use the texture in my images. I sometimes took my curtains from the windows and end up not using them anymore after cutting them up but ended up buying more. So lets face the facts here, if you want to become something really badly then it takes a great deal of perseverance and hard work and you will find new ways to getting there where you want to be.

props and equipment

brownchair | Source

Lighting and backdrops-

In all photo shoot set ups being a photographer requires a lot of setting up and making sure lighting is positioned right and back drops are aligned correctly if using them.

A Camera-

You should know that a photographer doesn't leave anywhere without their camera because, they know that they have an assignment coming up. Photographers takes pride in their work if they are serious about doing something with their work.


Anyone that you have paid or volunteered their services to helping with any duties that are assigned to them. You can always do it yourself if you know what you're doing.

A computer-

A nearby computer would help for those who is into a more professional look they can download their own software to magnify, crop, adjust, any pictures they want or use the programs that the web offer that are available to download.

There are many new ways to discovering photo enhancements; "it just take time and patients on your hands to make the picture look right."

Technique one:

use a stretch band large enough to fit around an ordinary camera priced for less before you have tried on a more expensive camera like this one. Buy your heavy duty Velcro and straps to maintaining a secure fit at your local office store.

camera techniques

nikon coolpix camera
nikon coolpix camera | Source

Technique two:

when taking pictures at a much taller angle, if your tripod is not tall enough then place books underneath the tripod by trying to keep it balanced so that way you will get your whole body into the picture instead of half. You will still be up close long as your camera is on zoom mode. If that doesn't work try turning your camera in the vertical position.

-Where there's confidence....there's a way to making things work to your advantage. -tk

are my pants to tight
are my pants to tight | Source

Technique three:

After securely wrapping your camera with your created materials, next you will need to find a high place that you can either wrap the ends around a pole or nail the end to the ceiling so it doesn't fall on top of your head while taking the picture. This special feature will make your picture look like the professionals done it with their huge camera. Most likely you will be own your way to impressing others. This is how I positioned mine and came out with this look.

GREY | Source

Technique four:

I have no money to get the latest software. So what shall i do? You can always use what you have to create a dramatic and epic pic. Just allow your creative side to come out and explore. Use your "windows Live Movie Maker 2.6" to create beautiful pictures like this one.


epic | Source

Practice makes perfect.

check out these latest images editing and photographed by me. These are only my samples that are not completed.


colorfulpicture | Source
womanzebra | Source
my collage
my collage | Source


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      5 years ago

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      5 years ago

      thank you.

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      5 years ago

      Nice hub, hope to see more hubs from you in the future, happy hubing.. Shared and voted up!


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