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Wayward Pines Final Episode 10: Cycle

Updated on July 24, 2015
Kate Hewson armed with a gun
Kate Hewson armed with a gun | Source

Initial Reaction

As the final episode in this season and knowing they've just started the third book in the trilogy, I was pretty sure a lot of things might get glossed over. It was, but how does that fact impact the show? Not terribly, although I'm not sure the changes were an improvement per say. I felt that there were a couple things happened simply for the plot and without real reason given. Still, was it entertaining? Yes, and it came with a twist or two that I didn't see coming.

Pam appeals to the guards with reason
Pam appeals to the guards with reason | Source

What Happened?

Throughout the town, the electricity shuts off. In the hospital, Amy wakes up to Ben checking on her. Theresa arrives and is trying to move Amy to a safer location. A doctor informs them that Amy is not really fit to be moved but then the lights shut out completely. The doctor goes to turn on the generator but an Abbie pulls him into the darkness. While going to check on him, Theresa spies an Abbie and goes back to Amy and Ben where they begin shuffling through the hospital quietly. They pass by numerous bloodied corpses along the way. Rounding a corner, an Abbie attacks them. Theresa stuns it with a syringe to the eye and it backs away in pain only for Ethan to blow it away with a shotgun blast. After checking to make sure everyone else is okay, he takes them to meet up with the rest of the survivors.

Pilcher discusses plans to wake up the next group of people in stasis and his sister tries to convince him but to little avail. When he actually begins to consider her request, he has guards arrive and take away her to suspension. More guards begin moving the surveillance team into the suspension prison as well. He turns on an old record as the Abbies begin attacking.

In the streets, the Abbies are slaughtering everyone until Kate, Ethan, and the insurrectionists arrive with guns. There is no containment however, as everyone continues running scared. Kate’s gun eventually jams so she flees into her toy making workshop and locks herself in the back room. When she thinks she’s safe, an Abbie breaks through the glass in the roof only for Kate to bludgeon it to death. Going back outside, she finds the rest of her group dead or dying. She grabs the bag full of explosives and meets up with the rest of the survivors in the underground bunker of Lot 33.

Near the suspension labs, Pam attempts to make a rousing speech to try to convince the guards’ minds about what they’re doing and their devotion to Pilcher but a guard tazes her from behind. They threaten everyone to put on their suits or that they’d do it for them. Pam is sealed into her containment pod with tears in her eyes as Pilcher looks on. She receives the same treatment as an earlier, disobedient employee with the stuff that looks like dirt falls into the pod.

David Pilcher watches the chaos from his computer
David Pilcher watches the chaos from his computer | Source

In the bunker, Ethan confronts Mrs. Fischer about finding a way out of here. When informing her that Pilcher did this to everyone, she denies it until Ben talks some sense to her. She divulges information about a tunnel that leads into the Mountain Complex and to Pilcher, as well as an elevator and its security password. Ethan and Kate make a small plan before Kate starts applying bandages to Theresa from the earlier Abbie attack. They discuss Harold’s importance to Kate and Theresa shares her sympathy.

Ethan quickly teaches his son the basics to using a handgun in order to defend himself. Ben apologizes for his earlier remarks about his dad’s responsibilities to the town. Everyone begins moving on while the mayor speaks with his wife, Mrs. Fischer. She stays behind in case any other kids show up, asking her husband to make sure the kids they already have make it to safety. He kisses her forehead and leaves her.

During the chaos, some of the school children break out their incarcerated brothers. They eventually make it back to the school where the majority of them are holed up, accessing a storage room called the Ark that was built for circumstances such as this.

Kate and Ethan ride the elevator to make sure the coast is clear. Getting to the floor, they kill the immediate guard. Three more show up and they shoot the one that attempts to shoot back at them. As people begin riding the elevator up, the Abbies break down the hatch and kill Mrs. Fischer before running towards the rest of the waiting survivors. Amy goes up while Ben waits. Ethan rides the elevator back down to save his family and instructs Kate to find Pilcher. He saves them and the elevator rides to the top. Pilcher shuts off the elevator and the Abbies begin rapidly climbing the shaft. Ethan helps send everyone up but stays behind with the pipe bombs, eventually blowing himself up to stop the Abbies from chasing everyone down. Ben looks into the shaft and screams for his father, only for a piece of metal to hit him in the back of the head.

At some point, Pam is reawakened. Kate runs in to confront Pilcher and demands he turns back on the fence but Pilcher claims they should all have been more grateful to him. Kate warns he’ll shoot him but Pilcher is unfazed, swearing that his ideas will live on far longer than he shall. Kate struggles with the idea but Pilcher is shot regardless, only by a reawakened Pam (so the stuff doesn’t kill them, despite looking like they’re getting buried).

With the Abbies momentarily stopped, most of the town wiped out, and presumably everyone on the same side, Pam and Kate talk about the future, promising that it will be based on the truth and mutual respect while the survivors of the town are being treated for their needs. The conversation between the two ends on a good note.

Ben wakes up in a hospital bed with Amy standing over him, referring to him as Mr. Burke (she’s wearing a whole lotta lipstick and a labcoat). After a lot of pressing, Ben finds out that 3 years have passed since he was knocked out and in that time, the adults have been sealed away into suspension, and the schoolchildren have taken over completely. Ben runs out of the hospital with his clothes despite Amy’s protests that the new rulers of the town think he’s just like his dad (and that’s very bad) and sees that there are no adults anywhere, only people from school 3 years older. There are some newborn-three year olds though. At the center of everything, Ben sees a statue of David Pilcher, honoring the late director of the town by calling him a visionary. As Ben begins to freak out, the episode, and season, ends.

Thanks for Visiting Wayward Pines!
Thanks for Visiting Wayward Pines! | Source

Closing Thoughts

Meh. For the show to stray as far as it was from the books I was hoping for an improvment but what I received was a shimmy to the right or left, there weren't any steps forward or back, just about the same level of expectation. Ethan dying made absolutely 0 sense to me, since he could have climbed out before letting the bomb explode since picking off climbing Abbies has got to be easy when they set off the bomb from the safety of a higher floor. Waiting to be dramatic only works when it's sensible.

I was a little sad in the slight change in Pilcher's portrayal. Him being killed by Pam was a shrug worthy moment for me (the town collectively pushes him outside the fence to suffer to the Abbies) but his 'insanity' is greatly dimmed down. Pilcher literally equates himself to God over and over and the people of Wayward Pines as his own creations. I haven't experienced a character so wrapped up in this concept in a long time I was hoping to see Toby Jones do it justice but felt his fallout of letting the town die a little rushed and lackluster.

Then, the ending. Without getting to see how the town's kids were able to overrun all the civilians and the guards, it was hard to swallow the fact that they were able to do so. It made for a decent twist honestly, but I felt it was a twist for the sake of a twist. Still, it's a better ending than the book's.

I plan on writing up a full Page to Screen comparison of the season to the three books, probably out on Monday 7/27 that discusses the big changes between the two works, as well as how I rate how the original and adaptation handles the story itself.

Which did you like better?

For those of who you did read the books and watch the show, which did you prefer?

See results

Further Reading

Did you miss an episode before this one? I've got a summary of the adaptation as well as a list of recaps for each episode.

Also if you're interested in what I have to say about other movie and show adaptations, you can find them at my Page to Screen page. I'll be linking my full Page to Screen of this show to the original trilogy.


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