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Wayward Pines Episode 2: Do Not Discuss Your Life Before Recap

Updated on July 19, 2015
Kate Ballinger (formerly Hewson) played by Carla Gugino
Kate Ballinger (formerly Hewson) played by Carla Gugino | Source

Personal Thoughts on the Episode

This episode gave me a little more faith. Where in the first episode I felt it was rushed (especially considering what happens in the book and how it gives the reader time to digest each new piece of the mystery), I felt an overflow of information in the form of questions. For those who hadn't read the book, I wasn't sure if it was more disorienting than charismatic.

This episode was paced much more excellently. I'm not saying it's perfect (as there were plenty of parts I would have liked drawn out and emphasized) but it's better. More of the plot is shown and while practically no questions are answered, there is action in motion all before everything falls to pieces at the end.

This episode also clarified that this isn't not a direct adaptation. Scenes are moved around quite a bit, pieces of the book (which is actually quite short) are missing, and there are new scenes within the show (such as dinner with the Ballingers). Is this a good or a bad thing? Tell will tell since none of the liberties have enough weight to forcibly change what's coming parallel in the books.

Bottom line, I found this episode to be much better than the last and I'm now officially excited again to see where this show goes.

Terrence Howard as Sheriff Pope
Terrence Howard as Sheriff Pope | Source

What Happens?

Ethan has a brief and terse discussion with Sheriff Pope who holds him up with a shotgun. Some kids ride by on bicycles and tell Ethan, "You're not supposed to leave. That's rule number 1."

Ethan wakes up later in a hotel room but leaves to find more answers. While doing this, he runs into Beverly, the bartender that saved him at the hospital, who hints that he should visit the dead agent's supposed wife. He calls his superiors again and catches the receptionist in a lie before she hangs up. He confronts Kate, the other agent he was looking for, in her and her husbands' store and gets little more in the way of answers. Confronting the late Agent Evans' wife has little effect either as she claims she has a child she has to care for.

Etan confronts the Sheriff again who once more displays his fondness for ice cream. As one would figure, the Sheriff continues to be hostile. Evans's body is now in the morgue and Ethan takes a notebook from it before the psychiatrist (or similar physician) attempts to convince him again that he's suffering from a brain hemorrhage. While stating he's not hallucinating, he sees the bodies of his wife and son being carted around the corner before disappearing. The nurse and doctor exchange worried glances after Ethan leaves.

Beverly played by Juliette Lewis
Beverly played by Juliette Lewis | Source

More of What Happens

Ethan meets back with Beverly in their little stone hideout in the woods. They discover than Evans had a sketched out escape plan he was planning on using to flee from Wayward Pines before he died. Beverly reveals she was planning on leaving with Evans until he moved earlier than she expected. She also reveals to Ethan that he has a chip in the back of his leg that monitors his movements, just like she used to. They cut it out, while also realizing that they are from seemingly different time periods and that the time they've both experienced are not matching up with each other. While walking the town at night, Ethan and Beverly bump into Kate and her husband, Harold where they make plans to have dinner at the Ballinger (that is Kate's new last name) household the next night.

The next day, Beverly is passively questioned about obeying the rules of Wayward Pines when she's involving herself with Ethan. Ethan finds Evans' pack of supplies and then sees a man shooting at something in the distance. Later on, they have dinner with the Ballingers which becomes incredibly uncomfortable to Beverly. She leaves before the appointed time and Ethan makes an excuse to go out and leave with her.

Outside, Beverly is freaking out because she let it slip that she had a daughter right before every phone in the town begins to ring, exactly how they did when Evans was killed. Everyone comes out of their homes and hunts down Ethan and Beverly and successfully capture the bartender. Beverly is executed in a public affair by the Sheriff and Ethan can only watch after killing a pursuing townsman. A large majority of the assembled townsfolk cheer for the execution and a few avert their eyes, although it remains to be seen if this betrays sympathy or simply an aversion to the killing itself.

Before the episode ends, Ethan's wife and son have gone on a road trip in order to find out what happened to him.

Ethan's Family
Ethan's Family | Source

Closing Thoughts

I became really worried that this adaptation was going for speed over anything (considering it's a ten episode mini series and the first episode covered twenty five percent of the book on its own) and I felt the pacing was horrendous. This episode proved that this wasn't going to be the case for every episode and belies to the idea that the series is moving quickly to get to the good stuff. As weird and wacky as things might be now, the dial still has a few more settings to hit before it reaches its limit.

It still saddens me that there's only ten episodes for the season but the acting is good (even if I don't understand Howard's Pope being fascinated with ice cream) and the show is more than watchable. Instead of dreading the next episode, I can happily report I'm looking forward to it!

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Further Reading

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