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Wayward Pines Episode 4: One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire

Updated on July 19, 2015
Kate looking afraid when Theresa enters her toy shop.
Kate looking afraid when Theresa enters her toy shop. | Source

Personal Thoughts on the Episode

I officially feel that the show is getting better. While yes, a decent bit of the show is straying off from the books but I don't feel that they've missed the point of their source material. Characters still occupy their same roles. So far, we've had two deaths (before this episode) on the show and they've been some of the more polarizing characters. However, that's not to say the show's cast is becoming less interesting because Mrs. Fisher definitely tips the scale to full-blown crazy almost immediately upon meeting her.

This show isn't a work of art, but even as a reader I've found myself very interested in how they'll choose to proceed.

Ben meeting his new teacher, Mrs. Fisher, for the first time in Wayward Times.
Ben meeting his new teacher, Mrs. Fisher, for the first time in Wayward Times. | Source

What Happens?

After killing Pope and watching something drag his body away, Ethan's family returns to town where the son gets his hands washed off. Ethan and his wife discuss the monitoring system for the town, as well as Ethan detailing some of the events since he woke up in Wayward Pines. Ben is holding a package given to them by a mailman, a welcoming letter for Ben to the school at Wayward Pines. Ethan makes a stealthy trip to the Sheriff's office to pick up some firepower only to be immediately celebrated as the new Sheriff. When asking his new 'friends' about who appointed him, they seem to not know.

The next day, Theresa and Ben go to school and the mother is visibly nervous. Back at the Sheriff's office, Ethan is investigating the floorboards of Pope's old office. He finds files detailing everyone in the town including their 'Former Lives' and their 'Current status.' The Nurse, Pam, shows up with a citizen's arrest with a man who's been painting 'subversive graffiti.' Pam and Ethan butt heads (as one might guess) but eventually Pam leaves.

Theresa walks through the town and sees the graffiti of the man Pam arrested. "In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act." She then sees Kate go into the toy shop across the street and follows her in. Kate plays a song to cover their conversation. When Theresa says a lot might have changed for Kate since she slept with Ethan, Kate assures her that she doesn't understand how much has changed for herself.

Ben's new teacher drills him on his home is in a variety of questions. She causes Ben to call his trust in his father into question. When school ends, a girl accompanies Ben home, just missing his mother. They continue talking about Ben's old life including his school and old girlfriend. Then, Ben starts talking about the electric wall and the creatures outside it. Then Theresa shows up and stops the conversation.

Ethan talks with the man Pam brought in, named Peter, showing him pictures of his past life and asking more questions in regards to the town. During the conversation, a phone call informs Ethan that he must call a reckoning tomorrow for Peter similar to the reckoning that took Beverly's life.

The new sheriff Burke has a chat with his receptionist.
The new sheriff Burke has a chat with his receptionist. | Source

More of What Happens

Ethan and his wife talk that night under the sound of the shower running. Ethan admits that everyone is a prisoner, including the mayor. Ben's teacher turns out to be an old hypnotherapist according to the files. The next morning, Theresa goes to the school and make plans with Mrs. Fisher for a party of some size to introduce them to the town. Mrs. Fisher continues to break down Ben's mind before offering him a guitar.

Ethan talks with Peter about his memories of his past life, including how he got to Wayward Pines. Apparently he got drugged up while having an affair with a stranger who turns out to be Pam in current times, only she appeared to Peter much younger than she does now.

Later that night, everyone comes to the party. Kate finds herself transfixed by Ethan and Theresa as they begin mingling with the Fishers. The women eventually go to the bathroom while Ethan begins lightly interrogating the mayor who warns the new sheriff that the town focuses on the kids, warning him to 'be careful.' Ethan brings up the reckonings with minimal effect. Other people at the party begin discussing the sheriff transitions and Pam makes a toast to Ethan that's heavily accented with punishments for breaking the rules. Ethan counters Pam's toast with his own to expose the town's evils but everyone seems to take this in stride (aside from Kate who still sits with the horrified expression on her face).

While the adults are away, the girl from school visits Ben in his home. They go out into the woods and begin 'bonding.' As she gets home alone, Theresa receives a letter that welcomes her to her new realtor job, one recently evacuated since Peter used to be the realtor.

Ethan tries to protect Peter and takes him out to the fence as per Peter's request. Peter and Ethan talk about the mystery of the wall and the the town's effect on them and their pasts. Claiming that it's the end for him, Peter implores Ethan to throw him into the electric fence to earn his superior's trust. When Ethan refuses, Peter fakes being shoved and dives into the wall, committing suicide. Frustrated, Ethan goes home to his wife and promises to get help.

At the Sheriff's office while collecting firearms, Ethan is confronted by Pam who lets him know that she knows Peter committed suicide. With Ethan leaving, Pam settles into the sheriff's chair. As Ethan begins climbing a rock wall, there's a silhouette of something watching him.

Pam makes a toast in the episode 4 of Wayward Pines.
Pam makes a toast in the episode 4 of Wayward Pines. | Source

Closing Thoughts

So this was a good one. The show is diverting a little more from the books than usual so it keeps it interesting with its reader audience. That doesn't make it unfaithful to its source material though, as most of the characters fulfill the same roles and the plot revelations seem to be in line (although some remain to be seen). Sure, it's definitely not in the same order of things that happen in the book, but the show might be pacing itself a bit better than the books.

I also believe there's a point to be made about how well the actors and actresses channel their characters with their body languages. One picture above with Ethan and his receptionist spells out the mood so easily with saying a single word. The show is littered with many instances like this and it's something I'm finding appreciation for.

I've gotta say though is that I'm extremely excited to see the next episode. We've got Ethan finally leaving town and with any luck, we'll see him finally interact with the creatures that took Pope's body. He's a bit more armed to the teeth than he was in the book and that does make me a little worried that the same level of panic and fear won't be present but nevertheless, I'm looking forward to it. Also, it seems we get a look inside Ben's school, which I'm unfamiliar with, and it seems that more characters aside from Ethan will actually be firing weapons within the city limits. Whether this is next episode or further down the line remains to be seen.

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