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Wayward Pines Episode 5: The Truth

Updated on July 19, 2015
Shannyn Sossamon as Theresa Burke
Shannyn Sossamon as Theresa Burke | Source

Personal Thoughts on the Episode

Ladies and gentlemen, we have answers! Or, at least you are presented with answers. It comes through several different sources, with the school, wispy memories of someone who just appears in town, and the man named Pilcher himself to Ethan outside of Wayward. Believe them or not, there are definitely albinio humanoid creatures outside of the town that are terrifying for Ethan to deal with, cutting him a wound before he could properly see it, and there's definitely more than a few.

Ethan, at least, seems to be moving up in the world as Pilcher takes him on and it's not 100% clear if Ben is finding his place in the town, while Theresa seems to be doing some investigating on her own.

Ethan Burke being stalked in the woods
Ethan Burke being stalked in the woods | Source

What Happens?

Ethan wakes up on the forest floor just as some white humanoid creature ducks behind a tree, watching him. He continues wandering at night as the creature stalks him, cutting him and moving too quickly for him to get a shot on. He uses a map and compass to try to find Boise from the town limits while finding ruins of a church.

While walking back home the same night, Amy takes Ben home, gives him a good night kiss, and promises to walk him to school in the morning. The next morning, Ben and his mom have an argument about Ben and his friends with the nature of the town before Ben leaves against his mother's wishes.

At school, Ben questions everyone and their willingness to be friendly towards him (as he was unpopular at his old school). He is then called into orientation at the same time his mother assumes her new job as realtor of Wayward Pines. She meets with Big Billy who jokes about Peter, dodges her questions, and introduces her to the job where she doesn't sell but gives houses. He also tells her to thank her husband for killing Peter.

Orientation for Ben is a big white room with two other students, Mrs. Fisher, and a projector. She discusses how some important students have learned about the Truth of Wayward Pines. She introduces them (via slide) to the Aberations (or Abbies), which are the same creatures hunting Ethan outside Wayward. These Abbies have become the apex creatures on earth, even above humans. Abbies travel in packs and are terrifyingly efficient. And, it turns out, these Abbies have evolved from humans.

Back with Theresa, she meets with Wayne Johnson as she was instructed to give him a place to live. Johnson seems freaked out by everything in Wayward and tries to find a kindred spirit in Thersesa. She quiets him as she realizes the cameras and audio receivers are picking up their conversation. Pam interrupts them and warns Theresa and Johnson about free-thinkers. Theresa takes Johnson to his new home and sees the cameras.

Ben and the two students have lunch and Amy touches base with them. Ben questions how he's never heard of Abbies before now before questioning if where they are is actually in Idaho. Amy tries to reassure him. Back in Orientation, the students have been given coins. They're quarters dated to 2095. Mrs. Fisher explains that they've all had accidents and woken up in the hospital, falling asleep from their day and age before waking up in this present. She finally claims that humanity died out over 2,000 years ago and it's now 4028.

Back to Ethan in the woods, he escapes several abbies and eventually finds ruined and aged road signs. He eventually finds the ruined city of Boise, completely devoid of human life.

Toby Jones as Dr. Jenkins/David Pilcher, the man behind Wayward Pines
Toby Jones as Dr. Jenkins/David Pilcher, the man behind Wayward Pines | Source

More of What Happens

In Johnson's new home, Theresa puts on the dryer and speaks to Johnson under the noise. He claims to remember something of waking in a chamber with a window of Pam looking inside. He claims he saw multiple chambers filled with people like him. They make a secret friendship and Johnson accepts the keys to his new home. Theresa comes back to the office and goes through files to look at her own info. Big Billy gives her a promised gold star (in an extremely creepy way). When Theresa asks him questions about the town, he dismisses all of it.

Mrs. Fisher continues to tell the students that they've skipped time due to hibernation stasis for those 2000 years. Ben asks why they were chosen, and the answer is apparently to survive the human race. She claims a man named David Pilcher saw genetics unravelling and the extinction of the human race and created an 'Ark,' which practically translates to Wayward Pines. This Pilcher watches over the town as an invisible protector. The students are sworn to keep this information among themselves as to protect the future. She gives an example of a student named Chris who told his parents everything who in turn committed suicide (via carbon monoxide). Fisher claims that the adults are unable to comprehend the truth and says it must remain hidden for the town to remain safe. The students have their photos taken to complete their orientation and join other students holding candles for ceremony, officially becoming part of the Truth.

Ethan sees a helicopter that comes directly towards him, and the psychiatrist Jenkins comes out with a heavily armed guard. He reintroduces himself as David Pilcher. Ethan remembers the name and begins connecting the dots. Pilcher claims that Wayward Pines is the last civilization on earth and offers a partnership with Ethan. Ethan reluctantly agrees when the Abbies scream in the distance and joins Pilcher and Pam in the helicopter.

Ben with two other students being 'taught'
Ben with two other students being 'taught' | Source

Closing Thoughts

Since I already know the reasons behind Wayward Times (as at the time of writing this, I've part of the way through The Last Town, the third book in the trilogy), it's nice that those who haven't read are finally getting answers. Speculation online is fun to read (thoughts about how all the technology should have spoiled, or that Abbies is actually short for Aboriginals and Wayward Pines is a settlement on a completely different planet, and so on) and I know which bits have the most truth in them. It's great when a show can present the viewers with answers and the audience doesn't take them at face value.

That being said, it's nice to see Theresa attempting to find out more about the town. She's no longer a passive character and she becomes a bit more of a likeable individual because of it. It was incredibly difficult in reading Ben's face at the ceremony. Does he appreciate the grand gesture or not? Maybe he's still reeling from shock and that's why his face isn't very clear. Perhaps we'll learn more if he's joining the hive mind of students or choosing to be a rebel like his parents.

Despite the end of last episode of Pam more or less claiming to be Sheriff in Ethan's absence, we get none of that (which is understandable given the focus on revealing answers). However, it will also be interesting what kind of explanations we get (or don't get) when next episode Pilcher explains the plot holes of the revealed truth to Ethan.

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