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Wayward Pines Episode 7: Betrayal

Updated on July 19, 2015
Ethan talks to Kate about the resistance
Ethan talks to Kate about the resistance | Source

Initial Reaction

It's good that there's less exposition in this episode and we get a fair bit of action instead. We get to see Ethan play the part of the sheriff again, only this time he does it with support from the higher ups. We get some serious awkwardness from Mrs. Fisher and the classroom (which is unique apart from the book since we never got a look in the school). We also get a new theory presented by Kate and Theresa that questions Ethan's soundness of mind, something I don't believe was in the first two books either, and I think is a great way of presenting an alternate perspective on the show.

Pam talking to the berringers about their fertility consultation
Pam talking to the berringers about their fertility consultation | Source

What Happens?

Despite the warnings that Ethan isn’t supposed to share his new knowledge of the world, he immediately shares it with his wife as soon as he gets ‘home.’ Theresa tries to rationalize that the hospital did something to him but he remains adamant. The next morning Ethan finds his wires in his vehicle cut and something that looks like a bomb in his engine. He takes it to his office and looks at Franklin Dobbs’ profile as Pam pays him a visit. She extends a very pleasant hand of cooperation and Ethan requests access to the surveillance system of the town.

Ethan is then speaking with Franklin at the diner, apparently about ‘gophers’ that he has attacking his lawn. He says he would like Franklin’s help since he used to be a demolitions expert, according to his file. Franklin bugs out pretty quickly and Ethan follows. He finds Kate’s husband (the toymaker) speaking with Franklin and brings him to his office, accusing him of planting the bomb in his truck. Harold tries to break free and run but Ethan easily runs him down. At his office, Ethan interrogates him specifically about the fence. Harold admits to the fence plans but doesn’t acknowledge the bomb in the truck. Ethan gives Harold a note to give to Kate and lets him go despite his confession to the bomb making.

Kate visits Ethan in his home. He claims the surveillance is off and calls Kate out as the leader of this so-called resistance. Kate admits that they meet in secret, starting as something innocent before it began to evolve. It becomes a staple of her fragile sanity. Ethan asks why she never shared it with him when he first came but she claims it was impossible given the situation. Ethan tries to give pieces of information to dissuade her from continuing her efforts but she only continues to ask questions.

During a commercial break, apparently Ethan tells her everything. She leaves after saying she’ll agree to his demands, but meets up with Harold and claims that they’re shooting up their time table for tonight. Then, Kate gets a call from Pam about a set appointment, one for their fertility consult. At the consult, Pam expresses disbelief that the both of them seem so ready to have children biologically, but have nothing to show for it. She allows them to leave them with a very thin threat.

Ben and Amy walking out of the school
Ben and Amy walking out of the school | Source

Earlier on, Theresa and Ben walk to school. They pass Pilcher who Theresa doesn’t recognize as the owner of Wayward Pines. The mother tries to talk to Ben about their former lives but Ben remains very dismissive. When they get to the school, Theresa attempts to enter the structure but Mrs. Fisher stops her cold, reminding her that “School is for children.” On Theresa’s way back home, she stops by the abandoned lot 33 she had reviewed previously, a small shack in a dead yard. She walks in and finds a metal ground, stabbing at it with a stick of rebar.

At her realtor office and immediately begins discussing Lot 33 with Phil, her supervisor. Of course, he dismisses her concerns repeatedly. Later, she runs into Kate on a severely awkward, though short, elevator ride. Theresa expresses her concern about Ethan’s safety. Kate tells Theresa that she has reason to believe that Wayward Pines is a government experiment and that Ethan might be brainwashed and used to test Kate. She meets with Ethan later and calls his sanity into question.

Shifting back to school, Ben’s class learns about procreation in Biology. They’re instructed by Mrs. Fisher that said activity is the most important responsibility they have. Suddenly, Ben and his love interest Amy are called to the front of the class and Mrs. Fisher starts an incredibly awkward discussion of sex. She claims she’s apparently the matchmaker for the next round of marriages, driven to help the children understand their goals. After class, Amy admits her attraction to Ben and opens up to Mrs. Fisher about her plans to get more intimate with the Burke boy. She formally invites him out after school just before Ethan shows up to collect his son.

At the hospital, Pam meets with Pilcher and informs him of two new pregnancies, but David’s mind is occupied. He’s obsessed with the insurrectionists (who has issues with his blood sugar) but Pam reassures him that Ethan Burke will solve the issue. Pilcher then leaves to go meet with Wayne Johnson.

Harold discovers that Ted (the mailman) was responsible for putting the bomb in Ethan’s truck. Despite their misgivings, they agree to continue with their plan. Ethan finds them at the wall and stops them, putting them all in lock-up. He confronts Kate about her betrayal and Kate accuses him of being brainwashed. She hints towards their backup plan with Harold and Ted. Not knowing that the kids are in the truck, Ted continues his mission. Ethan and Pam use the surveillance system and Ethan begins trailing Ted’s vehicle. Inside the vehicle, Amy finds the music-box bomb and lets it play. She then starts putting the mac on Ben. The resistance tries to stop Ethan by pulling out a dumpster and succeed in crippling his car. The music box begins smoking and explodes, knocking Amy out of the truck. Ben is lying on the road in a very bad form.

Amy Fischer stops Theresa Burke from entering the school
Amy Fischer stops Theresa Burke from entering the school | Source

Closing Comments

The show is starting to deviate a little more now. I've only finished the two books, but there was never the question of Ethan possibly being brainwashed before now. Could the third book explore it more in full? Or maybe the show is using it as a red herring, or, possibly even better, they're playing on the reader's familiarity with the subject in order to pull a twist of original plot on them. Could Wayward Pines simply be an experiment of some kind, not for the end of the world, but a simulation that Ethan and others find themselves in?

There's also the case of Pam. I like this version better than the book's. In the first book, she seemed a bit older, venerable, and nasty. While this is the same in the show, later on I feel Pam's character is changed substantially into an athletic, masochistic woman who is described often with a sexual mindset to Ethan. It's gross. Still, there's a plotline specific to Pilcher's family, one that Pam has a big hand in, that reveals more about the characters. I'm not sure if it's going to make it into the television given the pace we're out, but the show has definitely changed things around. We'll have to wait and see.

For Those of You Familiar with the Book...

how do you feel about the changes they've made?

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