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Wayward Pines Episode 9: A Reckoning

Updated on August 4, 2015
Kate's Reckoning held by Sheriff Burke
Kate's Reckoning held by Sheriff Burke | Source

Initial Reaction

Well, we got a lot of action from the school children in this episode, something that's not at all in the book which makes it a little more interesting for me. I find out that the show is using the Hassler sub-plot but not the Alyssa story. It's a little interesting, but this episode definitely makes all of Episode 10, the final episode, the only episode to properly include elements of the third book. Can we see an entire book covered in 45 minutes? I guess we'll find out.

Pilcher reminds Ethan of his duties as a sheriff
Pilcher reminds Ethan of his duties as a sheriff | Source

What Happens?

Episode begins with cars ringing all over the town. A crowd has gathered, cheering for the death of Kate Ballinger who Ethan has up on the back of his truck. Resistance members come up behind the crowd, holding weapons discretely among them. Ethan asks if this is really what they want and they agree. Ethan tenses up. Cue intro credits.

Flashing back to the Abbies eating the nearly escaped resistance members, the creatures begin inspecting the truck, climbing underneath it and gaining access to the town inside the wall. Ethan shows up and runs over the first before shooting it dead. He crushes the other Abbies before they make it out from under the truck. Eventually people show up to fix the wall, along with Pilcher. The creator of Wayward Pines again urges Ethan to finish his job and punish those who aren’t obedient. Ethan again promises to deal with it his way, but Pilcher reminds Ethan of his hesitation in the past with the Eastern Bombing, an even that killed a large number of people. Pilcher leaves.

Kate is still in prison with the rest of the insurrectionists, arguing among themselves. Kate believers there’s mercy, but the other rebel members are certain they’re going to be killed. Ethan’s secretary plays solitaire. Older children from the school show up and begin assuming control. The secretary remains loyal to Ethan but the kids swear that they listen to a higher power more faithfully. They promise if Ethan doesn’t Reckon the traitors, they’ll do it for them.

Ethan drags Harold to the Sheriff’s office. Ethan tells Harold that the two insurrectionists made it past the fence and shows him pictures of their remains. Harold believes Ethan destroyed their bodies but Ethan attempts to appeal to his reason, saying what happened to his friends will happen to everyone in Wayward Pines.

Ethan meets back up with Pilcher, showing names he’s collected from Harold. All the insurrectionists have removed their chips and are now untraceable. Pilcher promises that they’d find them. Looking at the displays, Pilcher and Ethan see the students assembled with Ben and Mrs. Fischer speaking to them about the fact justice hasn’t been dealt (reasons why will be discussed later). When asked when Ethan will begin the Reckonings, several students march off.

Back at the office, the students charge in, bullying the secretary down, and grabbing weapons with the intent to kill the insurrectionists. Kate tries to reason with the leader, Jason, but he doesn’t listen. After assaulting Kate and her husband, Jason forces them to their knees. After forcing them to do a chant, Jason shoots each of them, especially Harold whose blood splashes on Kate’s face. With the smoking barrel aimed at Kate, Jason is shot by Ethan and the other students stand down.

After the carnage, Arlene the secretary can’t stop shaking. Ethan has Kate in a secure interrogation room and tries to get her to talk before more people die. Kate says that she needs to die in order to end the insurrection, saying she’s going to die anyways and she’d rather it be Ethan who does it. Arlene enters the room and says she thinks she heard something. It’s Theresa who says both Ethan and Kate needs to see something.

Schoolboy Taking Control
Schoolboy Taking Control | Source

Not imprisoned or seeming in any danger from disobeying her brother, Pam sits at the hospital reminiscing about her past with David Pilcher. She encounters Theresa Burke and they begin talking. Pam tells Ethan’s wife about the two who escaped the wall but died. She levels with Theresa about what Ethan has shared with his wife, saying it’s good for Theresa to question things about Wayward Pines, telling her to avoid a specific street in favor for another. Theresa takes a secret key card from Pam and heads back to Lot 33.

Pam knocks down a camera before heading inside the small structure, finding a secret passageway underneath the floorboards. She uses the key and unlocks a door. Later she shows up at the police station and brings back Ethan and Kate. She shows them videos of Adam Hassler showing ruined civilization. The video stops when a human voice calls out his name and he looks away panicked. Ethan tells his wife she needs to show as many people as possible before the Reckoning occurs.

Back at the hospital, Ben wakes up and eats before watching people run by. Amy’s condition is worsening and Pam has to stop Ben from invading her surgery. Mrs. Fischer shows up and tells him to invest in their unity. Ben looks outside at other students assembled outside Amy’s window, clapping for her. Mrs. Fischer encourages Ben to call others to march for a Reckoning. He obeys and some kids (as mentioned above) are encouraged to carry out a Reckoning on their own.

Back in the surveillance office, Pilcher gets a call from Ethan, asking him to meet. They meet in Pilcher’s office with Ethan drinking. He tells Pilcher that he’ll Reckon Kate because he doesn’t feel there’s anything else he can do. He still accuses Pilcher of being responsible for this mess and then says he’s quitting the sheriff role, asking Pilcher to bring everyone to the Reckoning.

The scene at the start of the episode starts again. Ethan stands on the bed of his truck and tells the crowd that he’s not here to kill Kate but to reveal the truth to everyone. Pilcher looks unbelievingly at his display screen. Ben hears it on the intercom at the hospital. Ethan reveals everything about Pilcher, his controlling obsessiveness and the fate of the world. Kate corroborates his truth. Many people in the crowd also add their voices in agreement, those that Theresa assumedly shared the videos with. Mrs. Fischer starts confronting Kate and begins praising Pilcher before Theresa slaps her (unfortunately somewhat lackadaisically). Then, all the lights and electronics in the town turn off, including Amy’s life support and the fence. Pilcher watches as an Abbie claw reaches over the fence wire.

An Abbie snarling
An Abbie snarling | Source

Closing Thoughts

I liked it! It carries the momentum of the last episode very successfully. It includes elements not found in the book (you kinda find out that the children are being brainwashed but since Ben is 12, it more or less marks the children as insignificant in the grand scheme of the trilogy in the books). Basically, Ben is insignificant. Also, while Harold does get killed in the third book and not the second, and his fate is quite a bit more grisly when he's killed by the Abbies invading the town.

The endgame is quite differently between the book and the show. While the Abbies are let into the town by Pilcher, Ethan is only able to save the day by gaining the behind-the-scenes people to also rebel against Pilcher when he assumes a god-complex. He does this by proving Pilcher killed his daughter, a character not at all shown on the television. What will be his reason on television? I think it will probably have something to do with the one employee that was seemingly killed by Pilcher in the last episode, but that reason is far flimsier than the book's.

Personally, the preview looks great for the next episode and I wish there were more episodes to appreciate it in.

For Those of You Familiar with the Book...

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