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Weekend Warrior: Binge worthy Television Series

Updated on August 5, 2019
Melinda Dawson profile image

Melinda is a single mother of two children with a passion for writing. She is a self-published Amazon author, and she works part-time.

Nothing beats a great television series. I'm talking about something with excitement and just enough going on to keep me entertained for hours. Scrolling through Netflix and HBO, I have created a small list of series I think are well worth binge watching. As I write about these series I will do my best not to throw out any spoils that might ruin or detour you from seeking the series to watch.

There are so many amazing series out there, but the several that I have picked out for you today are just a few that I believe to be great starts for anyone seeking something to just binge for hours on end. As always, I will remind you that what is stated below are just my opinions. Every person has a different taste for things, so what I may adore may not be for everyone.

1. Stranger Things seasons 1-3

Not every show has the ability to keep a persons attention season after season, but in the case of Stranger Things they did just that. Each season is amazing in it's own right. This American science fiction horror can be found on Netflix. The show has a fantastic cast which includes David Harbour, Winona Ryder, and many more who all play their parts to perfection.

The story of the whole show is set within the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana during the 1980's. As hinted in the brief trailers on Netflix, the first season follows the investigation of a misding boy while the children dig deeper and find a supernatural layer to it all. This is a riviting and at times rather tense series to watch. There are some really good horror elements to each season if you are a fan of watching scary things.

If that doesn't catch your attention then hopefully all the awards and nominations this show has had will. The show has won and been nominated for several awards including ten Emmy's and four Golden Globes. It is a spectacular show to just sit back and enjoy either alone or with someone.

2. Altered Carbon

Based 360 years into the future, Altered Carbon takes you on a nice experience of action and mystery. The television show is based off a novel holding the same name, and is brilliantly done. The story unfolds as you follow the main character, Takashi Kovacs, as he is hired upon awakening to solve a murder. The series takes the viewer on some nice twists and turns while never failing to keep things active as well as suspenseful at times.

The show also delivers a great amount of CGI for the environment that brings the whole thing to life. It allows you, as the viewer, to see all the technological advancements made for the setting while also enjoying the story that is playing out.

As of right now, Netflix has only one season of the show available, but no worries. If you find you really enjoyed the first season like I did then you will be more than pleased to hear that they are developing a second season.

4. Westworld season 1

This place isn't your typical amusement park. In the HBO television series Westworld viewers will learn nust what that means as they delve into the world of this series. This show beautifully melts a great western into a science fiction that by the end blows you away. The plot of the series takes place in Westworld, a wild-west style amusement park that is populated by androids who are all programmed to play a part in a narrative created by the people running the park.

Here high-paying guests come to indulge themselves in whatever wild fantasy they please without fear of retaliation. The series has an amazing cast that includes Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, and many, many more who were each outstanding in their performance.

There is a second season out for this same television series, but I haven't had the chance to actually watch it as of yet. However, I don't doubt that it is just as good as the first. A third season was advertised to be released soon as well.

5. True Blood seasons 1-4

Though I did like the last three seasons I would have to say the ones I found binge worthy were the first four. The series follows Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress from a small town in Louisiana, as she attempts to survive the dark world now opening up to her. If you are a fan of vampires and other supernatural creatures then this show is perfect for you.

Every season has a great plot that keeps you interested, and nearly every episode ends with you wanting more. Now, like I said I enjoyed all seven season thoroughly, but in my opinion the best were the first four which all flow nicely when it comes to the intertwined stories of the series. Purchasing the series opens you up to some amazing bonus features that are pretty hilarious.

6. Game of Thrones seasons 1-8

Let me say now that I love this television show. From season one to season eight I was never once disappointed by this amazing series. Based off of George R. R. Martin's bestselling book series A Song of Fire and Ice is brought to life in this epic television series. If you are a character person with a love for storytelling you can sink your teeth into then this is the show for you.

It is a medieval fantasy epic that builds each season with tensions and amazing plotlines that are beautifully played out by an outstanding cast of actors and actresses. The visuals are gorgeous and the CGI only gets better as the seasons progress forward to its epic finale. I've probably watched the first three seasons alone three times over they were so well done.

I don't want to give out to much information for fear of spoils, so I'll just leave it at that.

Make sure to also check out these honorable mentions that I think are also well worth the watch. The list includes Band of Brothers, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, United States of Tara, Dexter, Penny Dreadful, American Gods, Hannibal, Rome, The Haunting of Hill House, and Black Mirror. Every single one of these were great and totally worth a goid binge. A few in that list have multiple seasons which is great for those who like to watch shows with a good long story.

I hope that through this article you'll find some amazing shows to start watching.


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