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Westminister, Massachusetts, May Ban All Tobacco Products

Updated on November 10, 2014


Welcome to our Hub! Did you know that there is a town of just under 8,000 residents in the USA? That is very broad, so the answer is probably yes. However, this town is not only small in population, but they are considering doing something very big, and something that has never really been done in America. Actually, I can't think of any other place in the United States that has considered doing what they are thinking about doing! Are you curious about what town it is and what exactly they are contemplating on doing? If so, then continue to read the rest of this Hub, as it will provide you with what we are talking about here.

It Is Westminister And Check Out What They Are Considering Doing

The town referred to earlier in this article is a town called Westminister, and it is located in the northeast of America. It's over in the state of Massachusetts, central MA to be more exact. So what are they considering? They are thinking about banning tobacco, and not just a certain type of tobacco product, but all tobacco products! This means if officials in Westminister are able to get their way, then tobacco products will no longer be available to buy anywhere in the town!

The public will be able to voice their opinions, concerns and all that other good stuff this coming Wednesday, which is October 12, 2014. It's going to be interesting to see what the town's residents think of this, especially business owners who sell such products. We assume that business owners who sell it aren't too thrilled about this.

Our Opinion About Westminister, MA Possibly Banning Tobacco Sales

We don't smoke cigarettes because we don't like them and the health risks associated with smoking can be deadly! However, we think that since cigarettes are legal to buy and sell at the national level and all state levels, then towns and cities within the United States shouldn't have a say in banning tobacco products.

We don't know where the nearest town or city to Westminister is, but one thing we are pretty sure of is that the nearest town will probably end up getting a big boost from tobacco sales. That is if this proposed regulation passes. However, we still stand by our opinion and think Westminister should continue to allow the sales of tobacco products. Plus, overeating on junk food can lead to major health problems, so why not ban those too? Of course, cigarettes are probably far more unhealthy than eating junk food, but nonetheless, eating junk food is not exactly healthy.

Do you get what we are saying?


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