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Whale Wars or Fanatical Idiots?

Updated on June 5, 2009

Has anyone else seen this nonsense? Whale Wars is a reality show about a group of people known as the "sea shepherds" that are trying to prevent the Japanese from killing whales.They claim that what the Japanese are doing is illegal, however the Japanese claim that they are simply whaling for scientific research.

Now, I'm not here to decide who's cause is right or who's is wrong, but I have to say...these Sea Shepherds are morons. They are fanatical animal rights activists who stop at nothing to prevent something that may or may not be illegal.

I don't mind that they are animal rights activists...I'm all for saving animals...well kind of but that's for another Hub. My problem with these bumbling fools is the methods that they use to "do their jobs".


I thought that perhaps this show might be a decent one, so I decided to watch it. Within minutes I was furious at the imbecility of the captain of the Steve Irwin, and the stupid little muggles that so gallantly follow him,

The first thing that really got under my skin was when they boarded the Japanese whaling ship. Now, I'm not sure if you have paid attention to the news, but Piracy is a real problem still, and these people are contributing to the problem...not the solution.

They even go as far to call themselves modern day pirates. I don't care what they call themselves, boarding another vessel without permission is nothing but piracy in the simplest sense of the word.

Watch the video, you will see what they did! Once they were on board, the captain of the Steve Irwin called the Australian government to claim that their shipmates had been taken hostage! HOSTAGE! After willingly boarding another boat, they then claimed they were being held hostage. I have to repeat it just to see if it makes any more sense each time. It doesn't. It is still quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen. As far as I'm concerned, the Japanese should have thrown these idiots overboard.


Paul Watson, the captain of the Steve Irwin and leader of the Sea Shepherds decided it would be a good idea to throw powder bombs and other devices onboard the Japanese whaling ships.

This is absolutely outrageous. Although these bombs pose no immediate threat, they can very easily harm someone if it were to hit them in the face or even cause them to slip and fall. The Sea Shepherds are endangering lives with their careless methods.

In this video, we get a sneak preview of the second season in which the Japanese start fighting back. It is probably not the best solution, but what else are they going to do!? It appears as though the captain gets hurt.

GOOD! He deserves it. He is lucky that he has not harmed anyone seriously, and it is fine with me that he gets hurt. He's a downright jackass.

Season Premier

If anyone is interested in seeing this show, the season two premier is tonight June 5 at 9pm.

I assure you that you will be just as annoyed at these people as I am. Their methods are insane and put lives in jeopardy. Instead of putting people in danger, they should be fighting the laws and the system to get some kind of enforcement if the Japanese are actually doing something illegal.

That is probably enough ranting for now. Enjoy the show...especially if you need something to yell at for a while!


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    • profile image

      Merne 4 years ago

      I love you idiots with your "obviously they're just doing it for the meat" rhetoric. Sorry, but ~1000 whales a year isn't enough meat to make that statement accurate. They sell the meat because A) Its fucking expensive, and B) It would otherwise be thrown away. Why not pay for your research with selling the meat? Are you fucking stupid? This sounds like an economically sound plan. Maybe America could take a fucking page from this book. If they wanted the meat, they would tell the IWC to get bent and harvest as many whales as they want. The Japanese would have no problem doing that. They're not in it for the meat. Japan is one of our closest allies. These hippies need to get back on the hash pipe and off these fucking boats. Hippies without weed are depressing and annoying.

    • profile image

      Lindsay 4 years ago

      I have taken the time to read every one of the comments good and bad. I don't have a problem with whaling. My problem comes with the way it is being done if there was a way to do it humanely then it okay,everything has to have a balance from people to animals if not the world gets over populated. But I do agree with some out is kinda crazy that they are putting there lives on the line with the antics. But if you look at the over all picture the whaling had been decreased quite a bit. So until they come up with a humane solution keep up the good work. Change is change no matter. How small

    • profile image

      craig 4 years ago

      The Sea Shepard reminds me of a punk whom starts a fight, gets their butts kicked, and then cry foul. They will throw the first punch and endanger the other ships crew and when that ship resists back they start crying. Those whales have a much better chance at survival than the millions of cows which are forced to live in their own crap and as a result have to have antibiotics injected only to be rounded up, slaughtered, and end up as a tasty sirloin on my table.

    • profile image

      Stu 4 years ago

      Almost every god damn episode, NOTHING HAPPENED!! Again

    • profile image

      jimjohn 5 years ago

      whale meat soooooooo tasty

    • profile image

      macineely 5 years ago

      I'd love to meet Paul Watson in a dark alleyway with a butcher knife.

    • profile image

      someonewhoactuallythinks 5 years ago

      the sea shepherd are no environmentalists, environmentalists want to protect nature and everything with it, including human beings

      the captain Paul Watson is a person who probably have this stupid childish fantasy of being a pirate in an action-packed movie, probably as a result of a childhood full of watching pirate cartoons and comics, even real life modern pirates don't do stupid things like ram their own ship that costs money into another ship, real life modern pirates(based on the accounts of an uncle who is a seaman on board cargo ships), actual pirates would simply board the ship if they actually get past the security measures of the ship, then wait for a ransom from the company that owns the ship, all hostages are well taken care of, as well as the ship they are boarding,

      these extremely naïve and stupid people that follow this criminal around should be slapped so hard that an imprint of the realization of what they are actually doing is engrave into their skull . . they actually want to kill people for the sake of whales that aren't 'endangered' or even close to 'threatened' (yep read around the internet about the lies that Paul Watson are telling the public), so the insane captain is actually doing these stupid evil stuff for the 'kick' and the fun of it, to satisfy his own fantasy of an action-packed pirate-movie lifestyle *facepalm*

    • profile image

      robert 5 years ago

      The Captain is like one show i saw where a laughing hyena was a honary lion b/c he hung out with the big cats. He couldn't get a job as captain of anything. He's told everybody to be prepared to give their life except for him. I also am rooting for the Japs

    • profile image

      Spurwing Plover 5 years ago

      The SEA SHEPARDS and GREENPEACE nothing but a bunch of pirates and robbers they need to lose their tax exempt status their a bunch of annoying hippy freakos

    • profile image

      Michael H Anderson 5 years ago

      You know who makes up those extinction stats? Environmental NGOs. do you actually believe there are enough field biologists in the jungles, deserts, forests, prairies, oceans (!) and ice caps of the world to record these bogus stats? If so, you're as stupid as the Dodo and equally bound for extinction.

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      These tofu eating anthropomorphic faggots are completely retarded. Shame on animal planet for giving these eco-errorist morons a minute of airtime. Hopefully they sink or the japanese finally use some well justified naval fire power in defense of their vessels.

    • profile image

      Neen 6 years ago

      I guess people are the only thing on this planet, right? This is anthropocentrism at it best, human centered thinking. Please get a clue and do your research. There are other life forms on this planet and certainly life forms that do not destroy and go against every law of nature just to make a dollar.

      We currently are on the 6th mass extinction. We take out 130 species of animals EVERYDAY! That is 1000 times above the natural extinction rate. If it wasn't for these "hippy" "morons" the rates would probably higher because greedy money hungry corporations would rape the planet even more. Without the environment there would be no resources, without resources, no food, shelter, clothing, cars, water, etc...

    • profile image

      Ish 6 years ago

      Thank you for this article. First, I completely agree with the Sea Shepards' motivation for stopping the whaling. I think most people do. Unfortunatley the members of the crew are complete idiots!! They aer not mariners or seamen. They are rich libs that should be drinking a latte in Seattle somewhere. No seamanships skills what so ever. Remmebr when the Aussie guys started a fire on the ship? How about when one started the delta's engine while it was still on the rocks? Or more recently when two divers tried to inspect the prop and one got hit in the head and they almost drifted away because there were no safety ropes and the delta wouldn't start? Seriously folks, boating is very dangerous. Engaging a whaling fleet is even more dangerous. You can be shot for boarding another vessel without permission. AND what tactile purpose does that serve???

    • profile image

      abby 6 years ago

      they could not find the nishin Maru if it was in a pond!!!

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Yeah, I have to agree. They are so moronic that I actually find myself rooting for the whalers...SINKEM, LOL.

    • profile image

      Lapre 6 years ago

      Can someone just send a torpedo at the Harpoon ships maybe they will stop it. There is no way in hell the whales are used for research. Im married to a Japanese girl and even she says its a big lie to get whale meat to eat. Shes been to the restaurants they are getting the whale meat from somewhere.

    • profile image

      Harry Singh Sandhu 6 years ago

      im a malaysian and for those who don't know my country is populated with chinese.. and they eat funny shit . i think the sea sheperd is doing right but maybe methods are wrong. research my ass !

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      I'm in the Navy and this is clearly piracy. Two wrongs don't make a right. If the Sea Shephards disables a Japanese vessel at sea...that vessel turns into a navigational hazard to other vessels according to maritime law. The boarding, dangerous maneuvers, harrassing the vessels at such close proximity, and and the use of violence to force a vessel to yeild are clear definitions of piracy. It's a shame that Animal Planet supports this. There are other ways to stop illegal whaling instead of resorting to piracy.

    • profile image

      cea 6 years ago

      Not only Japan but a lot of countries do it not to mention our own Eskimos as a Way of Life. Best get the facts, but Suffer any consequences of your Actions. Sea Captain is a Moron, "hostages"? How can such a stupid illegal acitivity show remain on TV without litigation for supporting illegal activity? Look at just one FACT - Whales Eat All Kinds of Edible Fish...Thousands, Hundred of Thousands, perhaps Millions - that Feed the World! Looks to me like they might be doing Mankind a Service but these Animal first Clowns don't appear to be a part of man-kind. I love animals of all kind, but like Wolves Protestors, yet Wolves eat Domestic animals - sheep, goats, cattle, chickens, turkey, pigs & Wild Life abundant, e.g. deer, elk, moose, antelope, ETC. ETC ALL of which Help Feed Mankind the World Over whereas Wolves "are pretty". Common sense. Use the Laws to regulate, but These TV glory hounds out to make money don't have any reasoning powers beyond the animals that only concern them. I'm for feeding the World - AND Saving FUEL so keep your ships, boats in Dry dock where they can at least provide that Service to Humanity and quit the greed, graft, corruption Grand Standing..All about Money

    • profile image

      you disgust me 6 years ago

      the japs should be punished for what they did to the chinese and now doing it to the whales i hope the japs get nuked and u americans or whatever the heck you are are all a waste of life may u get cancer and die

    • profile image

      Goomba 6 years ago

      In a perfect world, the Japanese would shoot down the idiots' helicopter, harpoon the rubber chase boat, and ram the mother ship. How dare those American hoodlums interfere with a sovereign nation's business!

    • profile image

      Espy 6 years ago

      Anyone that says the Japanese are doing something illegal are being a bunch of idiots. There is no international law prohibiting whaling, and the only international organization that puts restrictions on it is entirely voluntary. If whaling is supported by a nation's government, then its legal so long as they don't violate other international laws, such as intruding on the waters of another sovereign power. As the Japanese have followed international law as well as the restrictions of the IWC, there is no basis for anyone to attack them. Whales are not people. Simply because they have a larger brain than other animals is no reason to treat them differently. These terrorists deserve to be arrested, not lauded as heroes.

    • profile image

      Rod Allison 6 years ago

      What a completely stupid show that I just laugh at and route for the Japanese. I would love to see the Jap ship ram and sink any of the Sea Shepard's ships, good ridence!

    • profile image

      Joseph 6 years ago

      I tried watching this show and stopped taking it seriously as soon as the cook mentioned preparing vegan meals.

      They almost killed 4 or 5 of their fellow hippies when they foolishly tried to launch a boat full of people from a moving vessel...sideways. Then none of the inexperienced idiots knew what to do in order to rescue them, they could have very easily died in that water.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm against whaling but these methods are just stupid. They want to throw chemicals on board and attempt to taint the whale meat, well good job dumbass that whale you care so much about just died for nothing.

    • profile image

      isabella 6 years ago

      this is ridiculous. i don't see you doing anything to save the oceans, do you? whatever you say about SSCS's methods, the truth is they've saved over 3000 whales in the Antarctic campaigns ALONE-- not to mention their drift netting, icelandic whaling, cove gardian, and faerose islands campaigns. and if you're going to be selfish enough to think about it this way-- here: without the oceans, humanity cannot exist, nor can any other living specimen. the oceans are dying. do the math. and before you write such blabbering nonsense, do your research.

      i'm 15, and i'm a member of sea shepherd. paul watson's my hero, and as soon as i turn 18, i'm joining him on every ocean defense campaign i possibly can. passion and COMPASSION. try it.

    • profile image

      F.U 6 years ago

      Hmm.. granted the show is garbage and those involved aren't doing a single thing for their cause, you people are devoid of any emotion. Callous. No wonder we're totally screwed. No one gives a damn what we destroy, eat, maim, torture, ignore. You are all disgusting. Laughing and rationalizing with the scum that kill these creatures. What the Japanese do to the dolphins is even more despicable. And clearly you condone it. Why? Because they found a bloody loophole? Explain it to me in a way that doesn't make you sound like a heartless dick. Try it.

      I can agree that the show is pathetic. Here's how they can fix it: grow some balls, buy some RPGs and make an example of these whalers. Blow them to hell and promise the same to anyone who tries to do the same. Problem solved.

    • profile image

      Marius 6 years ago

      "Just because you do nothing with your useless life doesn't mean you have the right to trash a group of people that are dedicated to what they do."

      Well, as long as they're dedicated, better not criticise them... The stupidity of these people is astounding. Apparently anyone who does not agree with their views, i.e. the majority of the world's population, should forgo the right to free speech. Why? Well, they're really dedicated, they hold their beliefs very strongly, and they haven't quite managed to figure out the concept of logical thought.

      Whales have been hunted for centuries. How ever did they manage to survive all those years before the bumbling idiots from Sea Shepard appointed themselves their saviours?

    • profile image

      Stephen 6 years ago

      I wanna join the team.I wanna save the whales

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      "There is no reason the Japanese need to viciously murder whales for over thirty years. There doing research on whales for no real reason"

      Maybe, maybe not. They've published papers, including a recent one finding the whales are changing because of environmental changes

      "by the time the Japanese finally accomplish something, there will be no more whales."

      Taking less than .1% of the whale population will hardly endanger it (btw, they hunt Minke whales)

      "I believe in the Sea Shepherds 100% percent and if I didn't have a child I would be on that ship with them."

      Well obviously you're not as dedicated as the others

      "People sacrifice their lives every single day for a country that turns around and bones them, and a war that will never end."


      "These Japanese morons are cheating the system and the real morons of this conversation."

      One, the Japanese are acting in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the IWC, the very same group Watson claimed gave him authority to attack the Japanese until his lies were exposed.

      Two, I'll let the moron in this be judged by people that read this later after your errors and "facts" are seen

      "Why has it taken them more then twenty years to complete their "research", do they not know what the hell they are doing."

      You do realize research takes time, right? Or should we end AIDS and cancer research end because it's been well over twenty years?

      Observing gradual adaptations and changes in species and observing how they can sustain the populations they take from will take time. You can't go out, take 20 and then say "Hey, we know everything we need to know"

      "Just because you do nothing with your useless life doesn't mean you have the right to trash a group of people that are dedicated to what they do."

      I advise you look in your mirror

      "Watson started Greenpeace"

      Co-founder in the sense he came in near the start of Greenpeace, then was booted out because he disobeyed the group's non-violence rule...repeatedly

      "was almost murdered by a group of assholes who were hunting seals."

      Was that the time the Canadian Coast Guard blocked him from interfering, or was that the time he attempted to run over the sealers?

      " I bet you would care if you saw the slaughtering of baby seals every week on TV."

      No more than I do now as the practice is falling from favor given European political pressure, not Watson's violent acts.

      "Have you ever started orginazation that became global. "

      No, never had a need. Have you?

      "No, and your five finger friend club doesn't count. Keep your mindless thoughts to yourself you dumb fuck."

      Go look in your mirror again

      "BTW. They sail under a Dutch flag, therefore are not pirates."

      This is the best mistake yet. Do you know what piracy is? Here's a hint, registration has nothing to do with it.

      Illegally boarding ships, ramming ships, trying to incapacitate ships are acts of piracy. Regardless of what country yo do or don't hail from makes no difference except that they are the country that will have to enforce legal proceedings on you

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      Tyler, Watson's 90k check per year is hardly middle class. And that's just what he skims off the group, that doesn't count profit from "guest appearances" he makes.

      As far as "believing in a cause", I believe you should petition and use politics to change laws since they are political, not go attack ships at sea by committing acts of piracy which, to this point, have just ticked off and caused the Japanese to become less willing to change policy. But then I want things to change, not go out and act like a teenager with a serious misplaced angst.

      That's all the SS appears to be, a bunch of teenagers that refused to mature. Of course, Watson can't complain, so long as he gets those donations. 90k a year is a nice chunk of change, buys plenty of cheeseburgers

    • profile image

      Nichole 6 years ago

      These men and women were raised to believe that animals are sacred to our earth, and they are. There is no reason the Japanese need to viciously murder whales for over thirty years. There doing research on whales for no real reason, by the time the Japanese finally accomplish something, there will be no more whales. I believe in the Sea Shepherds 100% percent and if I didn't have a child I would be on that ship with them. People sacrifice their lives every single day for a country that turns around and bones them, and a war that will never end. These Japanese morons are cheating the system and the real morons of this conversation. Why has it taken them more then twenty years to complete their "research", do they not know what the hell they are doing. Just because you do nothing with your useless life doesn't mean you have the right to trash a group of people that are dedicated to what they do. Watson started Greenpeace and was almost murdered by a group of assholes who were hunting seals. I bet you would care if you saw the slaughtering of baby seals every week on TV. Have you ever started orginazation that became global. No, and your five finger friend club doesn't count. Keep your mindless thoughts to yourself you dumb fuck.

      BTW. They sail under a Dutch flag, therefore are not pirates.

    • profile image

      tyler coleman 6 years ago

      Paul doesn't draw a check. He is middle class. Volunteers are never paid for anything. They are dedicated people who do risk their lives and their familys for months at a time to help a helpless creature. Don't critisize these people for beleving in something. What do you beleve in? Sitting on your couch eating Cheeze-Its whatching these people doing something that you don't belive in. If you don't like it don't watch it. But don't go on the internet to complain to strangers about a group of "liberal" "pirates". I wouldn't be typing anything if i saw you fighting for something you belive in. The sea shepherds use these different methods of stopping the whalers because how else are you supposed to stop a multi-million dollar japaneeze company? I leave it at that, for if someone would like to correct me.

    • profile image

      Ted Bunn 6 years ago

      Nick J,

      Being willing to die for something is not the same as commiting suicide. Soldiers are willing to die for their country but fight as strong as they can.

    • profile image

      Pete 6 years ago

      I support a ban on nations harvesting whales. That being said the S.S. "pirates" are idiots. The first couple of epeisodes I watched I expected more, than I began to "root" for the whalers just because the Sea Shepard and the other crews were complete idiots. Whale Wars is a comedy of errors, are you listening Animal Planet? Lame, when it could be so much more educational.

    • profile image

      M.R. 7 years ago

      I think Paul Watson has a racket going. He won't allow any of his "volunteers" to be paid because he wants them dedicated but I know he draws a nice, fat check that's as big as his blessed assurance that he seems to sit on an awfully lot!!! He seems like a fat, lazy, manipulating, con artist to me. Give at your own risk.I thought it was hilarious when headlines said that God did what the sea shepherds never could do; end whaling in Japan. What a hoot. Well, he's going to have a hard time keeping up his fleet if the Japanese stop whaling. His little minions may be fanatical idiots for not getting paid but I know for a fact Paul is profiting quite well from this little non-profit. (ref:Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Society:A Financial Expose by Myles Higgins, Canada Freepress; 2005)

    • profile image

      Ryan 7 years ago

      Go Japanese! Do these stupid people actually think they will do something. Throwing red paint at the side of the Boat?? Wow That showed them. If i were the Japanese....

    • profile image

      Shakey 7 years ago

      I watch the show for entertainment. Sometimes, I'm pull for the Shepard crew, and sometimes, I'll pull for the Japanese. But whenever their ship is the Bob Barker, I always pull for the Japanese, Why? Because I like

      Steve Irwin, and I can't stand Bob Barker.

    • profile image

      MLR 7 years ago

      While the tactics of the Sea Shepard crew is questionable, and at times highly stupid, I support what they are doing. It is against the law to hunt whales, and anyone with a couple of brain cells can see that these Japanese ships are breaking the law. They claim to be doing research, but if that was the case, they wouldn't need 900+ whales in a season.

      What kind of research calls for cutting up the whale meat, freezing it (like it is being packaged to sell) and then throwing guts and such back into the ocean?

    • profile image

      JCR 7 years ago

      I agree, most of those on this show are losers, who probably couldn't get a real job else where so joined the ship. The little guy with the baseball mustache (nine hairs on each side) is nothing more than a follower as are most of the others. A big waste of money chasing after the Japanese, and ramming their ship could cause them to defend by use of weapons and rightly so, and would have to say, do what you need to do to defend yourself at sea. The Captain is full of it, and makes it up as he goes along when in front of the camera and its all about him, not the whales. How much is he making doing the show and donations from those who continue to send funds to these clowns. The money could go to a better cause, or yes, save the whales, but not with these clowns

    • peco4cash profile image

      peco4cash 7 years ago

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    • profile image

      Jake 7 years ago

      Change show name to "Retards at Sea". Hilarious how all they manage to do is destroy their own equipment and hurt their own crew members in each episode. These are the incompetent morons who can't even hold a job at Burger King

    • profile image

      wale hunting is legal 7 years ago

      until UN say whale hunting its ilegal its percectly legal,

      but the UN have sad piracy is iligal.

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      Season 1 - Japanese Sailor falling overboard?

      Did anybody on Sea Shepherd stop to think they were responsible for the Japanese Sailor who fell in the water?

      Did the SS crew not muse about throwing a slippery powder substance that made "the decks so slippery they can't work". How come there is no mention of this at all?

    • profile image

      danno604 7 years ago

      Noble Crew, Noble Cause...just Incredibly Stupid and Ineffective!

      I watched an entire episode where the crew circled a harpoon boat endlessly on Zodiacs on dangerous wavy water, just to try and throw a stink bomb at the boat. The Zodiac actually took the time to manuever HEAD ON to the boat to throw a stink bomb by hand at it. I was disappointed and embarrased at how stupid the and incompetant and ineffective the crew was.

      The main focus of any action against the Japanese fleet should be to deploy more prop foulers. Chasing the boats, cat and mouse style on the zodiacs was dangerous and useless. Also its unclear which boats are faster. At time it seems the Sea Shepherd can go circles around the Jap fleet and vice versa.

      The sole focus, so as not to waste anybody's time and effort is to foul the props of the Japanese vessels - period. Anything else is just a useless waste of time.

      They should deploy from the helicopter, or the rear of the Steve Irwin, not off the flimsy zodiacs.

      Just to show how absolutely stupid the crew is...their idea was to make a grappling hook to pull down some nets by hand that were blocking the stink bombs OMFG.

      I saw on

    • profile image

      Condor 7 years ago

      Hey GREENPEACE wackos when i die i want to be reincarnated as a seagull then i,ll fly over your heads and poop on you idiots

    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      These people of the see shepards are criminals. I am against hunting whales except for Inuits, (Eskimos) but it is legal, it is how ever illegal to enter another nations ship, impead commerce, criminal damage to property etc. As a retired police officer they no they are committing criminal acts, endangering people and still they due it. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of Japanese law. KIlling of whales is wrong but what is worse some one who is wrong or a criminal?

    • profile image

      Jesse 7 years ago

      Some of the comments on these page are just pure ignorance.

      Baxton, surely you're not stupid enough to not realise the differences between the Killer Whales attacking the seal and Commercial whaling?

      The Killer Whales have to kill to survive; it's part of a staple diet for them . That's part of nature.

      Conversely whale meat is a luxruy item only eaten by a few rich and posh Japanese people. There's no need for it and it needs to stop now. Whales are not farmed for food like Cows and Pigs so it is imperative to prevent what the Japanese are doing otherwise we'll see an end to these beautiful and majestic creatures in a few decades.

      Sure I'm not a fan of some of their tactics and I do belive a couple of them are egosticical and incompetent but I support the cause and I appreciate the desire of those people to actually take direct and effective action. It's all so easy for people (usually fat and lazy people) to hide behind a PC and moan madly at anything they dislike. It'll be the same shallow and fickle people who'll be moaning in 20 years time when, the oceans become empty and the ecosystem gets affected, about the lack of action taken by people in the past.

    • profile image

      bob 7 years ago

      What a bunch of idiots. If you really think about it, they are lucky. If the japs turned even one fraction as aggressive as the idiot zealots, they would just sink them and be done. I also can not believe the stupidity of people who donate all the money to keep these idiots operating ...

    • profile image

      John Miskowiec 7 years ago

      And these idiots have a helocopter? OMG. someones gona die!

    • profile image

      Baxton 7 years ago

      Also, did anyone see the part where the sea shepherds dropped a one-ton wire cable in the water in an attempt to foul the propellers on the whaling vessel? What I want to know is whether that cable is still out there floating around in the Antarctic Ocean, waiting for some other ship to run across it and damage or sink that ship? I got the impression that the eco-terrorists just left the cable in the water.

    • profile image

      Baxton 7 years ago

      Tonight (27 Aug 2010) I watched the 2-hour final episode of the season. One thing I found remarkable was the segment where the sea shepherds are watching killer whales circling a seal who has climbed onto a block of ice for safety. Of course, seals are a staple of the killer whale diet and the whales were licking their chops. For some reason the seal decided to abandon the ice and make a run for safety, but he apparently was attacked and killed by the whales. (I was hoping that Animal Planet would show some footage of the attack, which they obviously recorded, but they did not.) Anyway, there are a couple of sea shepherds that are near tears over the plight of the seal. What a bunch of limp noodles they are! Good golly, are they just completely clueless about the natural world? Killer whales are intelligent, efficient and vicious predators, and (on channels other than Animal Planet) you can watch them eviscerate seals, sea lions, penguins, etc. I'm surprised the sea sheps didn't douse the seal with butyric acid while he was on the ice so when the whales caught him they wouldn't be able to eat him. After watching for about 30 minutes I had to turn off the show because I was rooting for the Japanese whalers to harpoon and process their full quota of whales.

    • profile image

      Hariis Tibbs 7 years ago

      the japanese walers have every right to sink the sea shepherds. its only a matter of time before they do.

      the sea shepherds are just the same as any other pirates at sea.

    • profile image

      cx 7 years ago

      xz.,c m

    • profile image

      Marc 7 years ago

      This people are truly mentally unstable, their individuals that can not function as productive members of society. These twisted rejects have banded together for a cause (while noble) that honestly not many care about. If what the Japanese fishing fleet is doing was so wrong we'd see Green Peace and every other animal rights activist group coming out of the woodwork to assist the Sea Shepard plight. Ain't gonna happen, these idiots have no credibility with these professional organizations.

      Keep this in mind next time you watch the show, you're supporting their cause by viewing, they all need mental counseling maybe even in patient treatment, the lively hood of hard working fishermen is being disrupted-taking food off the table for their families. I heard next year there going after the Alaskan crabbing fleet. This see how Sig Hanson or the boys on the Time Bandit handle these wayward misfits...Now that would be a show worth watching.

    • profile image

      devilpup 7 years ago

      ok so im watching season 2 it is fun to watch just for the fact they are all morons. but the incompatance i what kinda rages me. in my job if someone is incompatant at their job people die. i mean as the captin of the ship this idiot has no clue who is in the small craft when they launch, no accountablity once soo ever. i mean what if on of the boats were to flip and they had no clue who was on it and who wasn't imagin the debocle that would be. i mean with any kinda of movement we do we always have a roster if not someone in charge has mental note of who is were. and when we do anything dealing with water "ie" ship to shore raids, shore to ship embarking detailed rosters are filled out.

      and as far as their tactic. please. if i was the japs i would prob just sit on the ship and flash my wang at them just to make fun of em. my be hold some signs up asking if thats all they have. but what i find most entertaining is that when something does happen weather it relly does or is staged like the supposed gun shot they blow it all out of proportion like typical hippies. "omg its the end of the world flashbangs were gonna die" " or the what are they calling it the high freaq thing that is supose to incopacitate you. its called less leather solutions for a reason.

    • profile image

      BOATS 7 years ago

      The "crew" reminds me of the "bag of asses" we used to duct tape to the overhead. Maybe even more like the type, you could send around the ship to get different punches or sound poweredphone batteries, ie: Bos'n Punch. I believe Animal Planet is only encouraging the idiot captains to endanger their dumb crews into doing even more dangerous stunts, for the purpose of drawing attention to their stupid cause.

    • profile image

      Mike 7 years ago

      I think these fools ought to try to keep people from killing cows, or chickens, or turkeys!

      At least they would be on land where they belong. I've never seen so many people who know nothing about boats and ships and the sea, mess things up so bad on their own vessels. They are more a danger to themselves than they are to the Japanese fishermen. The Captain, excuse me, The Admiral, hasn't the first idea of command, much less how to manage a ship and crew.

      What a joke. Really, it is pretty funny watching these buffoons. They are funnier than Chelsea Handler. Someday they will get to watch themselves and if they have any brains at all, will be embarrassed!

      I got to eat whale meat in Norway a few years ago. It was great, and it didn't taste like chicken.

      Just because someone believes in something, doesn't make it right, or correct. Wait a minute, the earth is only 6000 years old! Get the point no name (no brain)!

    • profile image

      c.m 7 years ago

      the world is a vampire,lol. these guys are useless. none of what they do work. The show is built on fake suspense and lies. For example running low on gas, a ship that size has gas for days. They are just entrepreneurs who taught of a a unique way to entertain their audience. Unfortunately, the fat captain who does nothing is getting most of the benefits. They are useless buffoons that have succeeded in nothing but showing the viewers constantly the videos of whales being killed. They think they think they are badass. lol.

    • profile image

      no name 7 years ago

      fighting the laws and the system...really?! what world do u live in? cuz in the real world environmental crimes are the most wide spread and the number one crimes that go unpunished because these LAWS are created by the rich people for the rich people...they might be idiots for putting their lives at risk but its something that they CHOOSE to do, no one is making them do it. whales are a vital to the ecosystem...this is why the Earth is dying becuase of idiots like u who think you are better then living creatures. there will be a day when the Earth will come to end all because we didn't appreciate the little things in life such as animals, plants, and trees.

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      I can only hope that the Japanese have their own reality show going on at the same time called "American Idiots" and they are laughing all the way to the bank, which in turn funds more whaling research!

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      these dangerous self-righteous idiots think that they know they are right, so they can do anything for their so-called "clients" the whales. I'm just amazed that animal planet no longer has any caution about showing this series on a daily basis. Make no mistake, this is full endorsement of these fools' actions. As soon as a few of them die, most likely at their own incapable hands, they will surely blame the Japanese for their own problems. I blame them and the network that promotes their actions.

    • profile image

      just a thought... 7 years ago

      Faults of the Shonan Maru 2

      - Failed to uphold the responsibilities of a give-way vessel (Rule 16)

      - Did not maintain a safe speed (Rule 6)

      - Did not maintain sufficient sea room (Rule 8)

      Faults of the Ady Gil

      - Failure to show good seamanship practices (Rule 2)

      - Failure to keep a good lookout (Rule 5)

      - Did not maneuver when it became clear that the Shonan Maru 2 was not upholding her responsibilities as the give-way vessel. (Rule 17)

      - Ignored LRAD warning signal from Shonan Maru 2 (Rule 36)

      - Failure to mount radar reflector as required of craft with poor radar signatures (SOLAS

      (Edit: Collision Regulations are listed here:

      It will be an interesting trial.

    • profile image

      420forlife 7 years ago

      One thing I can comment on is that, the Sea Shepard's speed boat, the Ady Gil, was sunk by the Shonan Maru 2 with malicious intent. The Ady Gil was "dead in the water," as most seaman would say. It was not functioning, and they were waiting for the Steve Irwin to resupply on fuel and other supplies. There was no way for them to just "floor it and get out of the way." But on the other hand, the Shonan Maru 2 was fully functional, and chose it's own course. A course which put the Ady Gil directly in their path. The Japanese were probably acting in the heat of the moment, and regretted the maneuver (which was evident when the Shonan Maru 2 was finally convinced to turn around and assist the sinking Ady Gil). I would have probably done the same thing the Japs did. If someone has been repeatedly pestering me, and just intentionally pressing my buttons like the Sea Shepards are doing to the Japanese, I choose to take action instead of sitting back and letting it happen. I would be in the same boat as the Japs right now. By the way, the Japanese Shonan Maru 2 and the Bob Barker crew both caught the destruction of the Ady Gil on camera, and both sides have agreed that the Shonan Maru 2 was clearly at fault. I credit the following website for the information I have just presented to you.

      I hope this shed's some light on the topic.

    • profile image

      mrcommonsense 7 years ago're soooo right, how have they survived this life??!!!I just watched the episode you're talking about and if I were the Ady Gil crewman and "Chuck" fed me that b.s., i'd knocked him out on camera....what a WEASEL!!! Get these idiots off the sea and t.v. before they kill themselves!!! AAAhhhhh

    • profile image

      Whack 7 years ago

      I am all about eating animals, not sure bot whales, and don't know the exact law is to where the japs are nailing these humpers but I am amazed like most of you. How in the hell do you almost run out of oil? Drop your outboard on rocks? Sink your lil speed boats? These people are f'n morons. So... in the next episode the addy gil captain jumps off the chopper onto a jap boat. They don't have extra oil but they have a parachute on board!?!?!??! hahaha... I love this show, cause for one hour each week I forget about whales completely watching these f'n tards....

    • profile image

      makeitso13 7 years ago

      Just another couple examples - first ten minutes of the next episode . . . one of the Ady Gil crew needs to get back to New Zealand or he could lose his job. The Bob Barker captain would rather "save whales" (btw they have yet to see any ship atually whaling this time) than return this man to his job and family. And in the next sequence the main engineer admits that he screwed up on his calculations and they are suddenly way low on oil. Another couple examples of the Sea Shepherd organization being ill equipped to sail much less "wage war" and a glaring example of much more they care about their "mission" than about people. It's just sad.

    • profile image

      makeitso 7 years ago

      I came upon this show a week ago and wathced the recent "boarding" episode. They admitted it - it's piracy. The moronic captain of the Ady Gil was going to commit piracy to serve an "arrest warrant". No warrant was ever issued by any government, so piracy is all they really did. The Ady Gil captain was arrested, tried and was given a suspended sentence (very gracious, consiering in these times settig an example against pirates wouldn't be a bad thing). In the same episode one vessel lost 90% of their fresh water reserves,and the other vessel did an ill advised test flight after "repairing" their helicopter. I've read so many comments that it's a miracle no one has been seriously injured ot killed. It's true the Japanese have found a loophole to hunt within a limited amout of humpbacks that currently are listed at the bottom of the endangered list ("least concern"), but is anyway to try and reduce that number? Maybe the money put into these ridiculously self serving ecoterrorists would be better spent on lobbying to reduce the allowed number of humpbacks hunted. Finally, I'd like to see how many of them would be willing to do this without cameras around. We don't need a bunch of people to go down there and interfere with the Sea Shepherd's tactics (which could also be seen as piracy), unless they're the authorities.

    • profile image

      God 7 years ago

      How come no one's suggested creating a group of people to go to sea and harass the Sea Shepherd twats?

    • profile image

      mwb567 7 years ago

      Just got through watching the guy drop the prop on the rocks. How about bailing it out all the way. How about a longer tow line. How about a good push. The lack of common sense is astonishing. Now I believe they're heading right into a huge choice. At first I though it was amusing. Then I realized how painful it was to watch a crew so inept. That the Japanese defeat them at every turn by using their own tactic of surveillance is beautiful. I'm trying to find a way to enjoy it. Like a lot of posters I'm going to have to root for the Japanese.

    • profile image

      MR.WTF 7 years ago

      These freaking MORONS - you can have the wit of a monkey and know that you don't turn a freakin motor and run it at HIGH SPEED and lower it down on rocks - the whalers don't have to do anything because they are up against a bunch of unskilled - freeloading - MORONS........who couldn't stop a damn CAT FIGHT on solid ground... You know you have to be a FREELOADER - where else can you find people who do not get paid - afford to be at sea that long - because they have no obligations - and if they return for multiple season - they are the biggest loosers of the group.

    • profile image

      Capable of logical thought 7 years ago

      One of the worst examples of Liberal idiots I have ever seen... so many valid points already made. Not a tear would I shed if the Japanese sank the entire lot!

    • profile image

      Mr. WTF 7 years ago

      The Sea Shepard crew might as not go out because they are useless. The Japs are probably sitting back thinking what a waste of time and what a bunch of idiots. You all saw it - they take whales at will and the stupid little sea monkeys just wave their arms and cry about it. THEY ARE COMPLETELY USELESS TO THEIR OWN CAUSE. -- HAHA ---- IDIOTS.....stay home and save people hard earn money and buy boats and equipment that actually make a difference... .IDIOTS......

    • profile image

      The Settler 7 years ago

      Of course, that is a good THEORY for why they sell the whale meat. But if you have ever visited Japan like myself, and seen the marketing approach that the Japanese make on selling whale meat, then you would realize that RESEARCH is not even the 100th thing that comes to mind. Sure it sounds nice, but if they are doing legitimate research, what have they discovered? or perhaps, why is their research killing off many species of whale at a time (slowly but surely)? and last, what kind of research requires hundreds, upon hundreds, of dead whales each and every year? They haven't made any breakthroughs. Their time as researchers can dubbed as a serious "waste." In fact, they are wasting more time than the sea sheperds! How many more dead whales do they need? and for WHAT? there is only so much to a whale, you would think they would figure that out after the first 10,000 bodies.

    • profile image

      The Moderator 7 years ago

      My take on this is the "Sea Shepherds" are way outta line. I will, however, address both sides. Agreed, the thought of killing a species of animal may be considered inhumaine to some. However, since about 85% of the world is in some way Christian, I will state that God gave man dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and all creeping things that creepeth upon the Earth. Not to mention, do you not believe the premise of Whale Wars is to skew the story to the Sea Shepherds side. Also, if there is a loophole, then why can't they exploit it? Is it wrong to see a prize and take it? And they don't have to abide to the IWC's policies anyway. How do you know it's not for research? Not to mention, they sell the excess meat because it has to go somewhere, right? They can't store it in the hull of their ships forever, it has to go somewhere. I can see how some see the selling of it as the point of their entire campaign, but that would be pointless. Simply put, if they wanted to cause a mass whale extinction, they easily could. They could rip through the Sea Shepherds if they wanted to, but they don't because they are doing it for research. Also, the Sea Shepherds are complete idiots. Are these really the people you want representing your cause? The only reason they aren't dead yet is incredible luck. I have no sea expirence and I know they're idiots. Long point short, either don't let these guys represent you or try to stop them.

    • profile image

      irked 7 years ago

      The Sea Shepherd Whale Wars crew are foolish morons & ideological idiots. They are a bunch of hippy rich kids that don't want to work real jobs & contribute to sociey and make a real living but only seek to destroy things & those that are. I too, find myself rooting for the Japanese when watching these clowns. When their little Bat Boat got run over, Captain Watson should have been standing in front of it with his mouth open. I agree w/ NickJ ...a great finale to their absence of reality show would be for all of them to be ready to die for the sake of a have them all stand between the harpoon and the whales and take them all out...while I am sufficiently irked..someone needs to tell that scawny first mate little faggot, with scruff all over his face, that he should be made to shave since he obviously can't grow a real man's beard...and finally, someone should stink bomb womanizer Bob Barker's house for contributing $$ to these jokers.

    • profile image

      The Settler 7 years ago

      The japanese are illegally hunting whales. I will pose a few questions to reinforce my statement. If they are whaling for "research," why do they SELL the excess meat? What could they be "researching?" and why do they need to continually keep killing whales for this research? Was one, or even like ten or twenty whales not enough? Whales are soon to be just another one of the endangered species on earth. Good job guys. Don't give me that bullshit that Whale meat is part of the asian diet, learn to adapt dumbasses. I hope you guys arent planning on relying for whale meat much longer, because it is estimated that there are no more than 1 million whales left on planet earth. With the option of millions upon millions of pigs, cattle, and even horses, eating whales is an immoral, disgusting, and absurd choice of sustinance. I do not root for the Sea Shepards, because most of them are bumbling idiots who do not have any training and have no idea how to handle a situation like this. Put some navy SEALs out in the water, and i bet you the Japs wouldn't touch another whale. Whales should not be hunted for a number of reasons, but the top three reasons are very obvious. Number one, life-span. Whales live a life that is longer than some humans live! The same goes for animals like sea turtles, tortoises, dolphins, and certain species of primates. We do not hunt these animals as a food source for a reason. Cows and pig can replace lost population in a matter of years. It is going to take hundreds of years already, for dolphins and whales to replace the population that the Japanese have so heartlessly taken. Number two, whales are what you call a "sentient being." Sentient beings are beings like you and I, meaning that we are aware of our existence. Not only are we aware of this existance, but we also form communities and societies. Dolphins and whales are the same way, and this is another reason why whales and dolphins in particular should not be hunted for food. Reason number three, ITS ILLEGAL. The international whaling commition has clearly banned commercial whaling, yet the Japanese have ignorantly continued their whaling. Why do they do this? They claim, it is part of our culture, we are doing it for research. That would be like me telling every that I'm 10 feet tall and that I can fly. Absolute bullshit. If the Japanese cant adapt like all of the other countries around the world, and move on to a perhaps more nutritional diet, then they will die. That is the law of Nature. Adapt or die. Now obviously, the Japanese don't actually RELY on whale meat. In fact, 95% of the japanese public claim that they do not eat, or do no like, whale meat at all. The other 5% are politically involved people who have managed to have a say in whether or not the Japanese will be OK with what they are doing. Is it our fault that these corrupt individuals have made their way to the top? Yes. Because we are the ones who elected them. So the method to stop whaling, is not through violence or force, although i would like to get myself a little boat, post up on the high seas, and just take pot shots at the Japanese "research" vessels, watching the sunset... Ahh yeah. Sounds like a nice evening. The method that can stop Japanese whaling will be through the voice of the world, and the voice of our political leaders. Know who you are voting for. Learn how to write a god damn letter, and speak your voice. In today's world, everyone acts like, "oh i wont be heard in this big bustling world. my opinion doesn't matter." You are wrong! Your opinion does matter because it could be the next big thing. We need to put pressure on the Japanese government, to stop these individuals from continuing these malicious and barbaric acts of violence. The sea shepards should go back to the drawing board, and focus more of their attention elsewhere. Try not to buy Japanese goods. Buying a car? Get a Hyundai, Ford, or Cheverolet. Avoid Toyota (you will surely die driving one of those, LOL) and Honda, for many reasons. American made cars have doubled in quality ratings over the past 5 years alone. They are not a waste, and don't let anyone tell you that. If we can boycott Japanese products, then we will be voicing our opinion. Don't be afraid. Do what is right.

      If you are interested in learning more about the Whale and Dolphin Massacre currently happening in Japan, then youtube "Dolphin Massacre Japan," or "Whale Massacre Japan." Both of these searches will reveal very insightful results.

    • profile image

      dg 7 years ago

      "Your can't fix stupid!"

      Obviously no Intellectual Competency Testing required to join the "Team".

    • profile image

      The American 7 years ago

      Al, Boats, and Joe have said everything that should be said about the crew and moron suppoters of this holier than thou captain and cause. I can't believe animal planet would even put this on tv. People around the world (with a brain and sense of reality) are laughing at america right now because of Paul Watson. And you wonder why the world hates america. LOL!

    • profile image

      Al 7 years ago

      The liberal morons on this show have no problem with the murder of millions of innocent human babies but they're hearts break over whales?

      Paul Watson and his idiot supporters represent everything wrong with the world today.

    • profile image

      Boats 7 years ago

      Has anyone else wondered why, when one of their ships "Steve Irwin" was broken down inport, right next to a Japanese whaling ship, they didn't confront the crew of the Japanese ship at that time? Seems to me that would have been a perfect time. I figured 90lb. turds feel much tougher at sea, than inport.

    • profile image

      Boats 7 years ago

      As a 23 year career US Navy sailor. I can't help but laugh at these people. Their"methods' are insane. THEY continiously put themsleves in danger. Mainly in danger, by their lack of seamenship. They are nuts can't even launch a boat without nearly killing themselves. Each show I have seen, ends up with their sorry captain putting his hippie crew in a near death situation, then spends the rest of the show blaming the Japanese. It is a great catch phrase "are you willing to put your life on the line, to save the whales" until one or these morons actually do get killed, or worst their terrorist tactics cause the death of one of the japansee. If what the Japanese is doing was illegal, international law would stop them. I do have to say, I love watching these jackasses fail.

    • profile image

      KB 7 years ago

      Humans don't need meat to survive. I find it very sad when a sentient being's life is taken for the sake of "culture".

    • profile image

      Joe 8 years ago

      Let’s put the emotion aside and analyze the situation. The Japanese are exploiting a loop hole in which the IWC allows them to harvest a certain quota of various whale species for research and do what they want with the leftovers. Some of these species may or may not be endangered, which doesn’t matter as it’s the IWC issuing these permits. If you are capable of truly analyzing the situation without being clouded by emotion you will realize that it doesn’t matter if you feel whales are beautiful complex creatures, etc, etc. That fact is the IWC grants the Japanese permission to kill a certain quota of whales for research and allows them to sell off the leftovers. Since the Japanese culture enjoys eating whale meat they have to perform some token research to stay within the boundaries of the agreement and therefore aren’t doing anything illegal. Also keep in mind that adherence and participation in the IWC is voluntary. The Japanese could easily just as well do what Norway did and tell the IWC to get bent, they’re doing what they want. The Sea Shepards oppose the killing of any whale and since the IWC obviously isn’t quite so prohibitive to their liking, they have taken it upon themselves to enforce their beliefs through the use of physical force and sabotage. This boils down to being eco-terrorist vigilantes committing acts of piracy on the high seas. For example let me describe the situation in a way that emotional thinkers may be able to comprehend objectively…unless you have a strong opinion on garden gnomes. Let’s say I don’t like my neighbor’s gnome lawn decorations. I plead my case to the homeowner’s association to force them to remove the ceramic figurines. The homeowner’s association’s response is that although ugly and tacky, isn’t outright forbidden due to something that could be described as a loophole. Let’s say the bylaws allow one ceramic gnome per 10 sq ft. Although the neighbor has like ten of these in the front yard, they have enough square footage and comply with the law. I personally believe that garden gnomes are just plain wrong and no amount of gnomes/area should be allowed. Since the Homeowners Association isn’t quite onboard with my beliefs I will claim the higher ground and good taste to be on my side while I don a black mask, smash & steal the ceramic gnomes, egg my neighbor’s house and otherwise harass my neighbor. I’ll keep upping my efforts until I eventually intimidate my adversary to comply with my views or provoke a retaliatory strike. In the more likely case of the latter, I’ll have my camera ready, overreact with some theatrical drama and hopefully come out clean while making the neighbor look like the bad guy. If I happened to land a TV show on the Home & Garden network I’ll use that to leverage my view that lawns should be kept natural and beautiful without being contaminated by garden gnomes. That’s really it in a nutshell. Again if you say, “but…but...whales are beautiful complex living creatures and garden gnomes are just lawn decorations…there’s no comparison”, you may be right, but then you are therefore allowing emotions to obscure the facts. Besides, what’s so freakin’ sacred about whales anyway? Why are people ok with killing one type of animal and not the other? The answer is because they are incapable of separating fact from emotion.

      That said I do find the show highly amusing and I do at times find myself pulling for the Sea Shepard. Where else can I see a bunch of emotional thinking, granola eatin’, tree-hugging, Birkenstock wearin’, bong smokin’, vegan, hippies attempt some sort of militaristic campaign? All at the same time ignoring or attempting to rationalize the double standards and acts of hypocrisy they are committing. That right there is a recipe for some prescription strength comedy. The incompetence of the crew in both war waging and sea faring is made comically evident in each episode. But, how could we expect anything else, when for example, qualification of one of your crew members is “Australian Rock Musician”? Or the guy trying to fix the gyros who in a state of confusion admits to the camera, “I normally design websites”. In their defense I imagine it is difficult to recruit qualified personnel. Anyone with the proper credentials for the nature of their campaign would likely have a healthy grasp on reality. The self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude of the crew does get nauseating at times, however. But that just makes it much more satisfying to see them fail…especially when they sit around pouting and crying about it. Every season things are escalating to the point where someone will get killed. The Sea Shepards might as well storm the Japanese ships with guns and machetes and just get it over with. There tactics of attempting to foul a ship’s prop is pretty serious and in that region may very well result in loss of life. That’s a serious step beyond just being an annoyance. Imagine having an enemy that goes from egging your car to tampering with the brakes…you’d probably consider that a step too far. Animal Planet is really taking a risk showing this. Although at the beginning of every episode have a little disclaimer, they are sending the message that vigilantism is acceptable and these guys are heroes. Kind of the end justifies the means concept. At face value this is absolutely no different than people bombing abortion clinics and Jihadists crashing planes in to buildings. In each case these groups feel justified and righteous to use whatever means they want to further a cause they believe in. Some people who feel some sympathy for the Sea Shepard’s cause will probably just conveniently ignore the grim similarities. Doesn’t matter what the cause, terrorism is terrorism. On a lighter note: How much pot do you think gets smoked on this ship? I wonder if a future cruise will get cut short because they run out of weed. Oh, wait I bet they got their own greenhouse on board. All organic, no doubt.

    • profile image

      The Nick 8 years ago

      I find this show throughly entertaing, of course I root for the Japanese, because the crew of the Sea Shepard are idiots. The whole idea of Captain what's his face saying he was shot is ridiculous. One the bullet he produced looked to be small calbier and second any sniper would not aim for the heart. I say sniper because it would take a sniper with a leprechuan to make a shot like that once you factor in wind conditions ship speed and the fact that the ship moves up and down constantly. Secondly at that distance it would require a .50 caliber rifle to make an accurate shot. A vest and tin badge would not stop a round that size. SO I call Bull$#!^.

    • profile image

      The Chad 8 years ago

      How is it that as humans we forget that animals are food. Everyone keeps saying "what if you are the whale". Do you cry for the zebra when a lion hunts him down. I am an avid hunter and I eat what I hunt. I tend to think that humans are at the top of the food chain not due to strenght but due to brain function. Stop acting like a whale came over to your house and had dinner with you last night, the whale is your dinner!!!! Stupid hippies!!!

    • profile image

      Steve 8 years ago

      I googled "bumbling whale war idiots" just to see if anyone else thought as I do, and can't believe there are so many of us in agreement. The only thing these guys are a danger to... is THEMSLEVES! I'll bet the Japs love toying with these incompetant screwballs. They shouldn't be in charge of a canoe, much less a 100 ft ship. And one more thing... I wonder how much pollution these whale huggers are throwing into the atomosphere (and ocean) as they pursue their special mission.

    • profile image

      Ak life 8 years ago

      I agree with everybody who thinks these sea sheppard idiots should be thrown in jail for what they do. I watched the show once and thought damn I wish I could go hunt whales for money. Maybe these freeloading idiots should focus on the real things going wrong in the world and not some whale!! FYI i have had whale meat and it taste awfull

    • profile image

      j dawg 8 years ago

      ur a buncha losers, what if ur wer a whale bitch, u wouldn't be saying shit against the sea sheperds then would you! plus its freakin illegal to hunt them in the first place, the sea sheperds are just trying to enforce the law, and the piracy and crap the sheperds r doing isn't anything compared to what the japanese should be getting! they should be dead! on the bottom of the sea! or at the least, in jail for the rest of their freakin lives!!!!

    • profile image

      nodmblnd 8 years ago

      Those posting derogatory comments about Sea Shepherd and making unfunny " jokes " about whale meat,are a sad , embarrasing segment of the human species.Posessing no true conscience. I hope you come back in your next life as a whale.

    • profile image

      howard 8 years ago

      The Japanese have had whale as part of their diet since the beginning of time. Not to mention some other cultures. Who is Captain Bumble to say that it is wrong? I thought we were supposed to respect the rights of other cultures? HUH? What about that? And part of a culture is the FOOD that people EAT. In the Phillipines, they eat fertilized duck eggs. Maybe the crew needs to attack the Phillipines next, and demand freedom for the unborn ducks! After all - DUCKS HAVE RIGHTS TOO....DON'T THEY! QUACK!

      Although supporters of the show try to defend these people as "noble" and "heroes" it is more than apparent that they are a group of bumbling fools, whose beliefs and ideals infringe on the rights and ways of life of other cultures. Plain and simple.

      Captain Bumble founded Greenpeace and later the very same organization that he founded threw him out for being too radical. Go figure. This guy is fun to watch though, because he says so little, and does so little, and he has most of the crew brainwashed just like trained monkeys. He bosses them around and flips orders out left and right, and they behave like he is some kind of god. The Bumble god.

      If I was Japanese and you boarded my ship like a pirate I WOULD SHOOT YOU right between the eyes! They risk their lives to board a Japanese ship and when they finally do board it illegally --- then they start crying on the radio like a bunch of 3 year olds that "their crew members are being held against their will." You don't say? Wow. Wonder how that could have happened? But you created that situation now......DIDN'T YOU! BUMBLING IDIOTS!

      It is fun to watch, but don't think for a minute that what they do is actually "good." And to the young people who actually think it is "good" -- please remember this post 10 years from now and I bet you will not think about it the same way. I know when I was in my teens and twenties I may have supported some cause like this. But I was young, and naïve.

    • profile image

      Resplendent Quetzal 8 years ago

      The SEA SHEPARDS are a bunch of annoying blabbering jerks and pirates they all should be sent to exile on mars

    • profile image

      josh 8 years ago

      ok guys just think of this. you are a whale with a harpoon shuved up your asses. wouldn't u be hurting or even affected by it? no you would be dead fuckers. now if u get a brain straightened you would relize hunting whales isn't only wrong but its stupidity, immaturity, and illigal. i would like to see the japanese ships on the bottom of the ocean

    • hienergybrain profile image

      hienergybrain 8 years ago

      I think whaling is gross and there shouldn't BE a loophole for the Japanese to exploit, this has little or nothing to do with the Sea Sheperds behaivor

    • profile image

      Piracy is ILLEGAL 8 years ago

      There is no international law forbidding whaling, there is however international law prohibiting piracy and intentionally raming other boats even on the high seas, Paul Watson should have his captains license revoked.

    • profile image

      Dexter 8 years ago

      I like the idea of saving whales. But these idiots are completely unprepared and untrained. They should reitled the show GEEKS ON A BOAT.

    • profile image

      Cresa Bass 8 years ago

      OMG......Are you serious!!!! These people weren't taught not to f*ck with huge ships in icy water, my husband and I definitely root for the japanese on this one!!!! TORA TORA TORA! What freak'n idiots....Do any of these free-loading hippies have a clue! Hate to say it, but I hope they prop foul themselves soon.....LOL

    • C.Ferreira profile image

      C.Ferreira 8 years ago from Rutland, VT

      Good point Dolores!

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 8 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Soon as something becomes a TV show, a reality show or whatever, I think half of it is just fake. It is TV after all.

    • profile image

      Scott in MD 8 years ago

      I'm an animal lover, don't get me wrong... but I find myself rooting for the Japanese on this one. Two things are clear: The Sea Shepherds are batshit insane... and whale meat looks damn tasty.

    • C.Ferreira profile image

      C.Ferreira 9 years ago from Rutland, VT

      Joe, you hit the nail on the head here. These people are so completely insane it makes the show entertaining. Can't help but want to watch in hopes that they screw up somehow.

      I don't want anyone to die of course, but it is bound to happen with the way they work. They would never show that on TV though.


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