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What Kind Of Characters You Can Expect To See At Concerts

Updated on October 31, 2012

The day finally comes when the band or artist you love has come to play a show in your hometown. You’ve been waiting for weeks even months for this event to come. But when you have enjoyed the show that completely blows your mind by Steve Perry’s voice or solos from Danny Chauncey, you realize what made the experience so unforgettable besides the band itself was the crowd. Yes a concert that has a good crowd usually adds to an unforgettable show. Some shows are just simply fun because of the interesting people you experience it with. It’s what makes concerts so exciting to go to.

On the other hand though, there are some pretty annoying people who sometimes hinder shows too. Some can sometimes ruin the event for you. But no need to fret because once you read this you will be prepared to face any kind of fan at any show you attend. Here is a list of characters you will encounter at most concerts you are present at.

Now he's got the moves like Jagger.
Now he's got the moves like Jagger.

The Mick Jagger

This guy is probably one the band’s biggest fans at the show. How he shows his love is displayed in some unique and interesting ways though. He likes to get as close as possible, then proceeds to dance the night away. A bonus for this guy is when he’s had a few of the $8 beers from the bar , it seems to add to his enthusiasm. He doesn’t care how foolish he looks, but his dancing involves simply putting his arms in the air, and then swaying like he’s Mick Jagger. However no matter how much he thinks he is cool he simply does not have “the moves like Jagger”. Since they like to be close to the band, they are typically easy to spot. Depending on how you view it, they can add to the show by giving a few good laughs or becoming incredibly bothering.

The Wannabe Girlfriend Of The Band

Given that these girls are probably more common than most kinds of fans, they still deserve a mention. No matter who is playing, they wish they were married or at the very least the girlfriend of one of the members of the band. They like to show their support by bringing a sign with a “I Heart (insert name here)” that blocks the line of sight for people watching from behind her. Like Mick Jaggers, they seem to find their way close to the band which makes them even more annoying. Even if they don’t bring some form of sign or picture to hold up, after every song they will carry on screaming bloody murder trying to get the attention of the lead singer. Try to avoid being around these characters for too long, or else you may suffer the possibility of having the experience wrecked.

The Diehard Fan

These guys or gals can be 50/50 when it comes to being a cool person to hear inside facts about the band or artist, or they can be the most irritating person you will ever meet. Their claim to fame is how many shows they have been to and how each has been better or worse than others. Some (which are the cool ones) don’t usually talk about how much they love them more than other people but the good amount of them can make you want to push them into a full force mosh pit. The diehard fans can be almost anyone in the crowd so keep alert to not get stuck next to the bad ones. You’ll regret ever buying that ticket.

The Fanatical Fan

Most of the time, these people will make your time more enjoyable. It never fails to see one of them at any concert and are usually the easiest to spot. It could be the demonstration of something simple such as shouting nonsense during a song, or my favorite, trying to rush the stage and get a little personal time with the band while security tackles them. Just like the streaker at sporting events, they can bring you a laugh or disgust you. Most of the time though they are fun and give you a good story to tell your friends.

The Potheads

Depending on which concert you go to, these will probably be the most common. No matter your location they will find you. Much like “The Fanatical Fan” and sometimes “Mick Jaggers” these can either make you enjoy the show more or make it absolutely miserable. Also varying the venue you attend, security may crack down on the act of weed being passed around, causing the fun of seeing which one gets yanked from the crowd. On the other hand though, they can get out of hand and even turn into “The Fanatical Fan”. Use extreme caution when dealing with Potheads since they are unpredictable. In addition they may cause side effects such as cotton mouth and the munchies.

The Moshers

If you attend any rock concert you should be ready for “The Moshers”. These kinds of people aren’t your typical people who like to mosh, they LIVE for it. If no one else is joining in on the fun, they will cause them to. Most of the time they are bigger than everyone else so whatever their demands are you’ll have to listen. On the plus side, the majority show respect to ones who are not wanting to mosh but want to stand and push people back into the mosh circle. You’re still going to get hit quite often so be prepared though.

The Excessively Excited Crowd Surfers

These people are considered by many as the most annoying people you will find at a concert. The Excessively Excited Crowd Surfers (aka “TEECS”) have so much thrill from crowd surfing that they like to do it more than once. The fact is no matter your height, crowd surfers are already annoying. If you’re tall, you’re sure to be kicked in the face a few times by them. If you’re short, they block your view and can fall on you very easily. What makes “TEECS” more annoying than the normal crowd surfer is that they only care about doing it over and over again. When they reach the front of the crowd and are directed by security to the back, they scream as if they’ve conquered a mountain. Only within a minute or two are they right back at it again, just like the first time. They like to repeat this throughout the entire show. Once or twice is fine with me, but when I go to a concert I never plan on carrying the same person over and over again. Sometimes it’s even worth moving your spot to get away from these people. You’ve been warned.

The proper way to crowd surf
The proper way to crowd surf

So there you have it, the people you should avoid at all costs at concerts. If you want to avoid being anything like them, take to heart what has been experienced. Also, look up the rules for going to a rock concert while you’re at it here:

Either way, with good preparation you can enjoy the show you’ve spent your hard earned money on the fullest. I can’t guarantee a perfect show, but by being aware of what’s going on around you and avoiding the annoying crowd dwellers as best you can, you should do fine.


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