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What Is A Good Ukulele Brand For Beginners

Updated on April 30, 2012

People are interested in playing because it seems easy and fun. They look for a good brand to buy for beginners. Since the ukulele community is still small but getting bigger as the word spreads more and more, it is not as easy to find a good quality instrument.

A good ukulele is harder to find than a guitar so people are usually turning to that instrument instead. Then they realize that the guitar is big with 6 strings and only 5 fingers on one hand, it seems like the guitar was not meant to be played by a human being. When holding a ukulele, it just makes sense that the 4 strings instrument fits perfectly in people's hands.

So what brand should people look into ? Except if you have money and you do not care about spending it, do not go for a K-brand ukulele. That is just a precaution in case playing the ukulele is not for you. Why spend a minimum of 500 dollars if you will not continue playing. The ukulele is not a toy but it does not have to make you poor in order to enjoy playing it.

A good brand to start the ukulele for a small budget of 50 dollars would be the Makala ukulele. It is a subsidiary of the Kala brand made for beginners. With that amount of money, the Makala stays in tune and is cheap enough so you can start with a good quality instrument.

If you want to be more serious and get a better instrument, a solid wood ukulele from Kala is a good choice. There are many good medium range brands that can be considered.

After Kala which is a company from Hawaii, you can find some good ukulele from Big Island Ukulele, Pono or Koolau. For more expensive but very good quality, there is Honu, Kiwaya (from Japan), Mainland ukulele, Gstring ukulele, Anuenue.

If you are really serious about the ukulele, you can either go vintage with Gibson or Martin or just go for the ukulele everyone dreams about having : Kamaka, Koaloha and Kanilea. These are the ones that the most known ukulele players in the world are using. Jake Shimabukuro uses a Kamaka ukulele, Brittni Paiva is sponsored by Koaloha and Aldrine Guerrero plays on a Kanilea ukulele. Of course, the ukulele does not make you a better player but it adds to the beautiful sound for sure.


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    • profile image

      Candice Harding 4 years ago

      My brother and several of my cousins got ukuleles for Christmas last year. I wish I had stumbled on this hub before then! My parents and uncle spent a lot of time in music stores looking for the perfect ukuleles. They did find some with the help of a sales associate in a music store (and we all enjoy the resulting music), but this is a great resource for prospective buyers.

      Candice Harding

    • rulesforrebels profile image

      rulesforrebels 5 years ago

      i bought the kala ka-cem which is basically same one as kala ka-c but different grain/wood color but i love it. not super expensive but better than some of these toy ukuleles