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What Is The Social Impact of Electronic Media

Updated on March 28, 2014

What Is Electronic Media

Electronic media brought about the first significant challenges to newspapers around the world. Radio became popular in the 30s and for the first time, people could tune in and listen to news coverage directly from their homes. Moving forward halfway through the century, television became the dominant force for news coverage. Radio provided the news story right away and television provides the visual images of the content.


What Is The Social Impact of Electronic Media

If you were living during the 1950s, then you saw the pinnacle of the print media readers. Nowadays, newspapers are actively competing for advertising revenue from e-commerce sites, direct mail targeting, telemarketing, and home-shopping channels. Popular American culture is currently developed through the roles of media, radio, television, and motion pictures to name a few. Americans watch television shows like Entertainment Tonight, E, and Reality TV; not just to have something to talk about the next day with friends and coworkers. More or less to, get a sense of importance and dream about the instant fame so many reality stars achieve for doing basically nothing. People develop different styles of dress, slang terms, and fads through their favorite music, and television shows.

Commonly Used Slang Terms of Young People Today

  • Turn Up: To get wild and party
  • Cray Cray: Someone or something that is crazy
  • Catfish: Someone who is pretending to be someone they're not
  • Selfie: Taking a picture of yourself
  • Noob: Somebody who doesn't know much about something
  • Poppin Tags: To go shopping
  • Ratchet: Ghetto, ugly

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How Does Hollywood Influence Our Lives

Did you ever stop to think how Hollywood’s motion pictures play a tremendous role in our day to day lives? Movies can influence people to cry, laugh, and feel angry. While also enlightening, moving us, and introducing custom styles. For instance the movie Titanic was a hit film in 1998 grossing more revenue than any other film produced that same year. Although it was extremely expensive to make, the production of the movie allowed viewers to relive and experience facts that truly happened during the tragic night of the 1912 shipwreck. First featured in the mid 70s, Jaws was another movie that frightened viewers and created fear among ocean swimmers. People really thought there were man eating sharks lurking in the coastal waters off beaches, just waiting for an innocent victim to set foot. Steven Spielberg directed an instant success, Jaws had people coming back anywhere from 3-12 times just to watch it over again.


The media portrayed Jaws as very real and parents, swimmers, and boaters beware. In all actuality the movie was based on true events that happened in New Jersey, a shark in point of fact did manage to swim up a river from the Atlantic Ocean and kill a young boy swimming with friends. Although the shark was eventually captured and killed, to the public’s dismay the creature turned out not to be a great white like portrayed in the movie. Media persuades people into believing everything they see and hear from the news is a fact. But truly all the media is doing is persuading people to believe what they want you to believe.


Films From the Past Decade Based on True Events

Movie Title
Directed By
The Conjuring
James Wan
Ben Affleck
The Blind Side
John Lee Hancock
Pursuit of Happyness
Gabriele Muccino
Taylor Hackford
8 Mile
Curtis Hanson
Remember The Titans
Boaz Yakin

What is So Real About Reality TV

As of now, Reality TV is one of the most watched forms of entertainment due in part to electronic media. Everyday people are placed in real world situations and portrayed as a genuine an average person. But truth be-told, reality TV is full of amateur actors and actresses picked to live on a set and entertain the world. Some of the biggest trends actually come from reality television. For instance the hit show “Americas Got Talent” has people young and old astounding the audience with entertaining performances. Emeril Live fascinated the minds of creative homemakers to get things cooking in the kitchen with simple and easy to learn recipes. Emeril made it fun and exciting to cook, many viewers watched and learned from his techniques. As of now Emeril himself, has created cooking videos and seasonings called “Essence of Emeril.”

Why We Fantasize About Fame

There have been many spin off shows taking after Emeril for instance The Rachael Ray Show, and cook off shows like “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “Top Chef.” The winning chef from Hell’s Kitchen will end up taking on their own restaurant as well a cash prize. Attractive earnings and fame are what entice the average person to believe they have what takes to make it on Reality TV too. The human body is pushed and tested to the limits in hopes of achieving goals set forth by the creators of the shows. Beauty and modeling shows give an impression to people, that they need to look or dress a certain way to be perceived as attractive. The media portrays what they want people to believe, in a way that almost makes reality television so real. The luxuries, beauties, and fame are what attract so many viewers to watch and keep on watching for at least a few more years. Due to the ratings they get, I don’t believe reality TV is going anywhere anytime soon. Society has leaped over hurdles and come a significant way from the early days of radio, and television. To internet and satellite radio nowadays, people can filter out the annoying commercials and enjoy their favorite shows, receive vital news information, and communicate with just a few key strokes on their keyboard.


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