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He Was Made, Not Born

Updated on October 2, 2013
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He was made

Hannibal Rising

Personal Note

For those of you who are not into horror movies, this is not for you. If you remember the movie Silence Of The Lamb with Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins as the key stars then you may have asked yourself this question how did DR. Hannibal Lecter become the brilliant psychiatrist and serial killer that he was. This movie puts an end to that question as you watch the things that unfold to make a serial killer.

Rated: R
Genre: Psychological Thriller-Horror
Directer: Peter Webber
Based on a book by: Thomas Harris
Aired: February 9, 2007

The Plot

He was not born a serial killer but made. The movie starts out with young Hannibal playing outside with his sister Mischa as his family is packing up to move from their home because of the war and prejudice in their land..... The year is 1944 and bombs, tanks and machine guns are going off every where. In the midst of this storm Hannibal's family have been killed. Their unburied bloody bodies lay in the open field and the bombing has not stopped. Young Hannibal is crying out alone and afraid. Only he and his baby sister Mischa is left, and he does whatever he can to care for her. The weather is changing and becoming bitterly cold, there is little to no food but he still does his best to make sure that Mischa eats. While they are still in their family's home some soldiers come along to get out of the weather and find the two children, alone and afraid. The storms have come too quickly and they too must take refuge there. There is not enough food for everyone to wait out the storm. The soldiers begin to complain, we must eat or we will all die. Their focus turns to the children and cannibalism is the direction that they choose. Hannibal is forced to look as they decide their meal.

With the moving in of opposing troops Hannibal is able to escape his enslavers as he runs out into the snow. He is rescued and put into an orphanage. The horror of those days never leaves his mind, but all is not clear. It invades his dreams and feeds his desires for revenge. He cannot recall all of the events that led to his dreams of horror but he does know that it cost him his sister. It is said that Hannibal died on that day in 1944 and now there is no word for what he has become except monster...

Eight years later he is able to escape the horrors of his country and flees to Paris in search of his uncle and finds that he is a year dead. He is taken in by his uncle's widow named Murasaki played by Gong Li. During his stay with his Japanese aunt she teaches him of nobility and shares with him her ancestral past of the Samaria. She teaches him how to fight and use the sword. He learns that the Samaria would remove the head of their foe and now another deadly skill is learned......Hannibal is preoccupied with medical school in France and hunting those who killed and cannibalized his sister. Equipped with his new skills he sets out to take revenge for his sisters cruel death and now the blood bath begins.

My personal view

I really liked the movie, the scenery was great and costumes were to the period and time ( 1941 Lithuania ). Although I was surprised not to see Anthony Hopkins in his famous role Gaspard Ulliel did an awesome job as Hannibal. I was impressed by the acting abilities of Gaspard Ullie he was very believable. If you can't stand the site of blood and horror you might want to stay away from this one. I have ranked this movie up in my top 15 favorite movies to watch. It was very well written and I do understand the method to Lecter's madness.I find that this movie blends well with the movies that preceded it. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 9.

© 2009 loveofnight


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