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Merchandise You Need To Sell At Your Show

Updated on March 26, 2013

Merchandise is important because your fans both old and new are not looking just for good music but an experience and something to take away when they leave your show. Not all merchandise is equal. Everything is not for everyone. You'll need to know your audience and in effect, your niche.

1. Know exactly who your audience is

Do you play soft acoustic music? Do you play Beatles and Bruno Mars mixture of music? Is your music and style loud and Rock? This should all help you to figure out what items will better cater to your audience. Imagine a Disney Princess show selling skull lighters at the concession stands - doesn't fit does it? The same goes for your merchandise.

Pay attention to who is consuming your music and what ordinary merchandise they purchase. Chances are pretty hight that they will be looking at the same type of everyday and specialty items that you are.

2. Go the extra mile

Think outside of the T-shirt box. USB drives, mugs, iPad cases and sleeves can all make for great merchandise. Maybe have a few limited edition items that you and your band have signed.

3. Have the basics

I will take a second to remind you not to think so far outside of the box that you forget the one basic thing you should always have - you're music! Always bring your music to your shows. If for some crazy and unacceptable reason you don't have your music, have links to where people can purchase it. Make a QR code so listeners can quickly download it or have download cards handy.

4. Ask Them

These are your fans, your followers, your supporters and their feedback is important. One of the simplest things to do is to ask them what type of merchandise they would like to see available for purchase from you. A simple question could yield simple answers that may take your merchandise table from full to sahara desert by the end of the night!

Overall, make sure that whatever your final merchandise selections are, they reflect you, your music and your brand as a whole. Also, make sure that these items that reflect you so well are being tended to while you are up on stage. A friend or your manager should be able to hold down the fort while you perform and then get back to mingling with the crowd and showing your face at the table. People came out to see you so make sure you don't disappear.


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