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What We Do Now For Fame

Updated on April 3, 2011

What We Do Now For Fame

I must confessed that I get my news from reading the headlines on my Dell computer… perusing what it is termed in that medium as ‘trending.’ So, a couple days ago, when I saw the headlines emanating from Hollywood that Lindsay Lohan – do forgive me for repeating her discarded last name, decided to drop her last name, I thought sarcastically that this is what goes as news now. Perhaps Lindsay was looking to boost her failing, falling star of a career, ergo, the name changed, but to warrant headlines. Let us look at the single-named pop icons – Madonna, Prince, Elvis, Britney, Michael, Tupac… and one conspicuous aspect about these single-named icons is that all them had and have talent; well, maybe not Madonna and Britney, but you got the picture.

As a boy, I used to read Rolling Stone magazine, and within those Rock-N- Roll pages, I once saw an ad - with a picture of the haggard face of Keith Richards - with a caption saying that one of the terrible things about drugs is that sometimes it doesn’t kill you. One could say the same thing when gazing upon Lindsay’s 23-year-old countenance… which evidenced the horrors of substance and alcohol abuse. I am picking on Lindsay because no one, except, Charlie Sheen, has made a mockery of our justice system than Lindsay. Instead of reporting about the changing or dropping of Lindsay’s name, perhaps the media should concentrate on Lindsay’s mockery of the justice system. I am not going to speculate on Lindsay’s latest case, but her past trespasses alone should have cost her freedom a long time ago… saving us from the banality and a publicity seeking name changed.

Lindsay is a microcosm of what is wrong with our society where now many of us would do almost anything to gain access to the jagged walk of fame and shame. I do not mind that per se, but even the tedious happenings like a pop icon’s tweet is taking up space and time in our media. In the same vein of discussing Lindsay and what some of us would do for fame and its maintenance: the lady who played the matriarch on that popular television show, “Family Ties,” Meredith Baxter, came out of the closet about two months ago – when no traction came in spilling that secret, she then aired more laundry by telling us that a husband she had divorced years ago used to beat her. I am thinking that if this secret doesn't give Miss Baxter back the limelight… I am looking for another secret being published about some dead uncle who used to touch her inappropriately….


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