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What a "Successful" Third Florida Georgia Line Album Would Look Like

Updated on March 12, 2016

Chart History, Album Background

Some would consider Florida Georgia Line the front runner in today's country music. And why not, with a resume and chart history that stands behind them, most could look at their numbers and declare them the front runner. Four singles were released from the album Here's To The Good Times (2012), five including the add-on EP This Is How We Roll (2014), Cruise, Get Your Shine On, Stay, Round Here, and This Is How We Roll all once at one time took the #1 spot for Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart. That's seriously impressive. The album alone sold 1.3 million copies in 2013, making it the sixth best-selling album of 2013. The follow up to Here's To The Good Times came in 2014, when Anything Goes swept the country music charts and held the #1 spot in the Billboard Top 200 for weeks. Five singles were released from this album. Dirt, Sun Daze, Sippin' on Fire, Anything Goes, and Confession all at one time shared the #1 spot in the Hot Country Songs chart. Anything Goes sold 197,000 copies during it's first week.

What a Successful Third Record Would Look Like

Given the recent statistics from Florida Georgia Line's past selling albums, one could infer the expectations for Album #3 are major. FGL has managed to give us a little bit of everything in the past two records, and in an interview with Billboard about the upcoming follow up, Kelley said "I can't really pinpoint anything, but I just think the songs are going to be better and different." We've seen different with the new single Confession. We saw it with Dirt. Although the party and "up tempo rock country" was still there in the last album, we also got a hint of another side of FGL, one they seem to promote more and show the fans who they really are. This would be key to a successful third album. Mix it up and more about them, songs we've heard before and also ones we haven't. A combination of the two with a successful first single coming soon (@FLAGALine Twitter) would most likely mean yet another classic, dominate Florida Georgia Line showing.


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