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What about white rappers?Are they good in what they do?Your decision...

Updated on January 30, 2011

Jedi Mind Tricks- Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story)

Jedi Mind Tricks - Razorblade Salvation

Jedi Mind Tricks - Black Winter Day

Jedi Mind Tricks

The Jedi Mind Tricks was created in 1992 in Philadelphia, is the place of origin, by Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind (production and scratch) and Ikon The Verbal Hologram lyrics and their interpretation. They met through a common friends, and then began to work pieces together. But having a lot of releases from record companies, they decide to make an independent production of the cd, with savings from their jobs.

In 1996, Jedi Mind Tricks (or Killadelphians, like they call themselves) are displayed in albums under their own label, the Superegular Records, with the Amber Probe EP and the following year to complete work, The Psycho-Social-Chemical-Biological-and- Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consiousness LP. The songs have a strong impression to the public because of several searched lyrics on society and religion, and for very good music by Stoupe.

The 1998 comes in a single movement of Army Of The Pharaohs, an association composed of Jedi Mind Tricks, 7L & Esoteric, Bahamadia, Virtuoso, Outerspace and others. In track "Five Perfect Exertions" Ikon The Verbal Hologram describing his "transformation" into the Vinnie Paz. In 2000, the new LP comes out of Jedi Mind Tricks, The Violent By Design, with members now Stoupe, Vinnie Paz and a new MC, the Jus Allah. Although lyrically is around the same level as the previous releases, however this LP very impressed at the numerous contributions by notable MC's and DJ's but mainly for the much improved music productions.

Mid-2003 saw the release of JMT's third LP, Visions of Gandhi. In an interview, Vinnie Paz said the title was inspired by Foxy Brown's verse in Nas's song "Affirmative Action", and expresses the need for a prominent figure of non-violent social change such as Gandhi in a post-9/11 world.

In March, 2006, a reunited Army of the Pharaohs released The Torture Papers LP. The crew now consisted of Vinnie Paz, Chief Kamachi, 7L & Esoteric, Apathy, Celph Titled, Planetary & Crypt the Warchild of Outerspace, King Syze, Faez One, Reef the Lost Cauze, and new Jedi Mind Tricks hype-man Des Devious. This time, however, Virtuoso and Bahamadia were not featured and are no longer associated with the Army.

The history of Jedi Mind Tricks has never been officially documented…until summer 2008, “Divine Fire: The Story of Jedi Mind Tricks DVD,” promises an insightful excursion into the roots of an underground empire.

On June 22, 2010 Vinnie Paz put out his solo album "Season of the Assassin".The band has plans to release a new record in 2011 with name "Violence Begets Violence"

Our Life-Ill Bill Ft. Necro

Necro-poetry in the streets

Ill Bill

William Braunstein, better known as Ill Bill, is an Jewish-American rapper and record producer from Brooklyn, New York. Having gained notoriety in the underground hip hop group Non Phixion, Ill Bill is known for his politically-themed lyrics and as the producer, founder and CEO of Uncle Howie Records. His brother Ron is also a rapper and producer, known as Necro.

Ill Bill is a legendary figure of the independent hip hop in New York. Member of the legendary group of Non Phixion and founder of the label Uncle Howie Records. With two albums under his belt with Non Phixion both personal and business (with the involvement in music production giants such as DJ Premier and the participation of metal musicians like Max Cavalera) Ill Bill is the loved by the public world while touring around the world.

Ill Bill was the main voice behind the now disbanded Non Phixion, and is currently involved with La Coka Nostra, along with Everlast, Slaine, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal of House of Pain & Limp Bizkit fame. In 2004 he released his debut solo album What's Wrong with Bill? and has since released various solo mixtapes and collaborations in anticipation for his second solo record and the upcoming La Coka Nostra album. 


  • The Future Is Now (Uncle Howie, 2002) (with Non Phixion)

  • The Green CD/DVD (Uncle Howie, 2004) (with Non Phixion)

  • 2004: What's Wrong with Bill?

  • 2008: The Hour of Reprisal

  • 2010: Kill Devil Hills (with DJ Muggs)

  • 2011: Heavy Metal Kings (with Vinnie Paz)

House of Pain - Jump Around

Everlast - White Trash Beautiful

House if Pain

House of Pain is an American hip-hop group who released three albums in the 1990s before lead rapper Everlast left to pursue his solo career again. The group is best known for its 1992 hit single "Jump Around", which reached #3 in the United States, #6 in Ireland and #8 in the United Kingdom.They broke up in 1996 but decided to reform 14 years later.

After a successful solo career, Everlast teamed up with DJ Lethal and high school friend Danny Boy to form House of Pain.The group was signed to Tommy Boy Records, and their self-titled debut album (1992) went multi-platinum, spawning the successful DJ Muggs produced single "Jump Around". This song was also remixed twice by Pete Rock, one version featuring a verse from him and one without. The album also featured Cypress Hill member, B-Real, on the song "Put Your Head Out".

It was officially announced on August 10, 2010, that House of Pain had reunited and performed their first show in a decade at the second annual Epicenter Music Festival in Fontana, California, on September 25, 2010.

Rumour is that Grandmaster Muggs is to produce a new album with DJ Lethal in 2011. Everlast is said to be going back to a more aggressive flow as in the early albums.


  • 1992: House of Pain

  • 1994: Same as It Ever Was

  • 1996: Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again

R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons

R A The Rugged Man - On The Block

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R.A. The Rugged Man

He was banned by the most lives in the U.S. from 1995 to 1998, persecuted by recording studios and nearly every rap company. While most rappers live in a fantasy world, RA is one of the few mc's that keep their songs guaranteed really pulled by life - as sick as it sounds. When someone asked something about Biggie Smalls with RA replied "I thought I was the most ill." 

It comes from a broken home on Long Island. His family hit by all sorts of problems could not provide what every child dreams of. The R.A. found refuge in hip hop, beginning his career at the age of 12, developing skills to squander any opponent.

Having won the battle scene in New York as a young, stories of hard rhymes and extreme stage presence caught the interest of record companies and soon RA was the subject of a battle between nine record. At the age of eighteen he signed to Jive Records, but soon left because of the superficial and irresponsible behavior that haunted him throughout the course of his career. 

Despite his great fame to exasperate the executives, the RA developed an ensemble in the next ten years which speaks mostly for himself. Collaborated with everyone from Mobb Deep to Notorious BIG, as well as producers like Erick Sermon, Trackmasters, DJ Quick, Alchemist, Havoc, Buckwild, and Ayatolah. He participated in all three albums Soundbombing Rawkus along with Eminem and Mos Def, as well as in platinum album WWF Aggression. He signed an agreement to publish a book with Testify Books, and his writings are often published in Vibe, King, Mass Appeal, and Rides. The R.A. achieved all this without even releasing his own LP. The magazine Rolling Stone Magazine compared the lyrical skills of the RA with those of Biggie Smalls. Reviewing the track  "On the Block", the Vibe Magazine said, "I love this piece. It makes me shudder. It is inventive." Now things seem to go with the grain of RA and music begins to have major positive responses from critics and fans around the world.


These are some of  the rappers that can represent worthily the "white side" of Rap and Hip-Hop music.


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    • Alexander Props profile image

      Alexander Props 6 years ago

      R.A is great when he is featured.

      I loved Vinnie Paz when I was younger, now he is boring as hell, necro and ill bill also.

      The best white rappers for me are Cage, Sage Francis, Yelawolf, Aesop Rock(!!!!!) etc.