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What are the Top 10 free things you can do?

Updated on May 2, 2011

What's The Question?

Nick Lee asks "What are the Top 10 free things you can do?" Here is the link if you are interested. Everyone loves lists, so I figured I'd make my top 10 list.

I've noticed that some people are including things that require you to pay for equipment to do those things. I don't really consider that free. If you have to buy something to do something, and can't do it without that equipment, then it can't qualify as free. I think you will find my suggestions are truly free.

Here's My List

#10 Eat & Drink

Obviously you're not eating at a restaurant. You're not evening cooking at home. This would require paying for service, product or fuel. However you can eat for free. Just Dumpster Dive.

Many establishments throw away perfectly good food and drink. Of course you won't be ordering off the menu, but the quality of the food should still be good. You can't cook it because fuel would cost money and that's not free. Naturally you could rub two sticks together, to start your fire.

#9 Take a Shower Or Bath

I know what you are thinking. Water costs money. True, but rainfall is free. Just take off your clothes and let mother nature take care of it. Remember, no soap. That involves money.

Prefer a bath? Find a puddle pull up a seat and go to town.

Of course this isn't full proof. You may be arrested for indecent exposure. There will be a fine and court costs, making that shower or bath a lot more expensive then if you just rented a Hotel room and took your shower there. My advice, don't get caught.

#8 Laundry

Just take the shower ( as mentioned above) with your clothes on. Of course I am prepared with an alternative method.

Go to the laundromat with your clothes. Find someone who will leave after putting their clothes in the washer. Quickly add yours after they leave. The important part is to remove your stuff before this person comes back.

#7 Fall In Love

Believe it or not it costs nothing to fall in love. Being in love will cost a ton of money, but the act of falling in love, is free. However, I must warn you, falling out of love can ruin you financially. Especially if you were married. Divorce is NOT........I repeat NOT free!

#6 Get Sick

Lucky us, we can get sick for free. If people were as willing to share their money as well as their germs, we wouldn't need this free list. Not only are friends and family charitable with germs, but complete strangers are willing to donate.

While actually getting sick is free, getting well isn't. Notice alot of this free stuff can possibilly lead to expensive stuff?

#5 Shopping

The obvious choice is to shoplift. Again, get caught it can be expensive. I rather share the Green Method with you.

Make the rounds on bulk pick up night. I'm sure you will find a lot of good stuff. Take what you want. You are recycling the item and keeping it out of the landfill.

Warning, do not use a vehicle to browse or deliver the stuff home. Then you aren't doing it for free. Gas cost money! You're just going to have to strap that sofa to your back and walk the three miles home! Unless you were lucy enough to find a hand cart earlier.

#4 Housing

You can try squatting or living in a cardboard box, but I've discovered better. This method will combine alot of these free things into one.

Go to jail! That's right jail is free. Just commit a crime. You get free transportation to court. You get a free lawyer. You receive free food, clothes, cable, and a roof over your head. Your family can still visit you.

#3 Begging

Begging can be done for free. As a matter of fact a lot of things you get while begging are free. You can beg for food, drink, job, even money.

#2 Swim

You can swim for free. Just sneak into any home pool and take a dip. Night time visits to a beach is another good idea. Feeling a little wacky? Swim in a puddle after a rain storm. Puddles have many uses.

#1 Breathe

Breathing is 100% free. No individual or government has figured a way to tax it. I suggest that everyone takes advantage and breathes everyday. I view it as a way to stick it to the man! You can tax my water, my food, my shelter, and my paycheck. However you can't make me pay to breathe.

Of course the business people and government have a way to make you pay to breathe, but that's only if you get sick. We've already established getting sick can be done for free. Recovering is another story.

Is It Really Free?

The term free can be interpreted in many different ways. While some people view their time as something of value, I only looked at the financial terms of free. If no money exchanges hands in any way to achieve an item or do an action, then I view it as free.

So go out and try a couple of these free things. I strongly suggest you start with breathing. Without that freebie, you won't have much time to try the others.


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