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What Are You Doing, Jon and Kate?

Updated on August 4, 2022
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LA is a creative writer from the greater Boston area of Massachusetts.

Should couples stay together for their kids?

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The End?

I know I shouldn’t give it a second thought, but I’m very bothered by what has happened to the marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Though I’m a fan of their show and don’t want it to stop shooting, that’s not why I’m upset. In fact, I would be able to cope with the loss of their show if I knew it would mean they would stay together.

From the first time I saw the show, I knew things weren’t going well for Jon and Kate. Looking at past pictures of them, it’s evident that becoming parents to so many children at such a relatively young age has had a negative effect on them. While their relationship may not have been perfect prior to becoming parents, their marriage wasn't helped by welcoming eight souls into the world. Kate is stressed and always takes her anger out on Jon. Jon is beaten down to the point where he can barely look into the camera. They are a product of what happens when one's limits are reached and exceeded.

True, they brought it on themselves by using fertility drugs. (Multiple births are common when fertility drugs are used, I’m told.) Yes, signing on to do a show was a bad call. (How could they not know their privacy would be invaded?) Still, who could’ve imagined things would’ve gone this badly? Apparently, Jon really did have an affair and, if we are to believe what the papers say, Kate did too. For a couple that is supposed to be so religious, I’m shocked that they broke their vows like this. Furthermore, I’m surprised that two people who claim to love their babies so fiercely would do something that could potentially harm them for years to come. What happened to Jon and Kate?

Jon and Kate always appeared, at least to me, to be an average couple who were faced with dealing with a major lifestyle change (multiple children and being on TV). They were flawed (Kate can make Jon feel no bigger than a speck. Jon can be lazy and purposely forgetful.), but they made it work. I never doubted their love for each other, but I always wondered when they would crack. Now that they have, it makes me worry about all of the Jons and Kates I know.

We all know a couple that obviously loves each other, but always seems like they are a second away from a fight. They are best friends who share a romantic life together. In some ways, they are very different, but in other ways they are identical. On their good days, you envy them. On their bad days, you are thankful for being stuck with the dope that can’t pick up their socks. Despite the number of fights they have, you know they respect each other and genuinely want only the best for their partner. They aren’t the same people that they started as, but that isn’t always bad. If you heard that they split up, you wouldn’t be totally surprised, but a part of you would be shocked. This is how I feel about Jon and Kate.

After all of the garbage that has been in the media lately, I am left scratching my head. I wish the best to Jon and Kate. However, I’ll never look at them the same way again. Perhaps they shouldn't be together anymore. If the kids are the only reason why they’d consider giving things another try, perhaps they shouldn’t. When parents who can’t forgive and forget stay together for the sake of their child, it is not a good idea. It is damaging as much to the child as it is to the parents. Some things once broken cannot be repaired. Whatever happens between Jon and Kate, I hope that they’ll treat each other with respect and remember what brought them together in the first place. Most importantly, I hope they’ll start acting like parents and stop making their problems so public. Their children aren’t stupid. They don’t need hard evidence to prove their parents messed up.

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© 2009 L A Walsh


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