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What Does Youtube Premium Need to Rival Netflix and HBO Go?

Updated on May 22, 2019
JoeCDelderfield profile image

Film (BA) with 7 years experience in online content creation.


On October 31st, 2015 YouTube unveiled a new service that would put them in league with the likes of Netflix and Hulu at the time. This service was YouTube Red and this was going to be a new way to watch the YouTube content you were already enjoying but advert free. As well as this there were now fully funded shows and movies by some of those same creators that you could only see on this service and it was promising to be the next big thing in online entertainment.
Nearly four years later here we are and YouTube Red has now been fully rebranded as YouTube Premium, and the fact that we still have yet to hear of any official subscription numbers maybe suggests that there was a reason for this rebranding.
Despite its issues, however, YouTube Premium does have a surprising host good aspects and I think there are a few changes that could be made to place YouTube Premium at the same level as the other heavy hitters in the online streaming game such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

More Shows

At the start of YouTube Red, it came with Four Shows and other than the consensus was that it just seemed like the sort of content that these YouTubers would make with enough money thrown at them and it was just... Okay.
Soon after though we started to see a flood of much better content. Shows that stared your favorite YouTubers that looked and felt like real TV shows and this was a huge step up honestly, these shows were really good by most accounts.
However, in 2019 we now still only have a handful of content exclusive to YouTube Premium and less and less we are seeing YouTubers in the staring roles of these shows which is hugely antithetic to what you would think their core base would want.
Simple Solve. More shows and movies starring the biggest stars YouTube has, and don't be afraid to put someone a little bit controversial out there whose last name isn't Paul (Because I feel like we're all sick of so-called “Mature” stars who are just really aimed at children, right?).


More Advertising

I wasn't aware of YouTube Red really until it was YouTube Premium and here is what I first thought as I scrolled the now revealed originals as soon as I started my free month.

“Oh, I didn't know they had a show... Oh so do they... Vsause?... Oh, what? a Karate Kid series featuring the original cast?”

I didn't know about any of this beforehand at all. I see hundreds of adverts on my free account every day and they didn't think to advertise this to me once? Increasing the visibility of the shows they do have will only increase the number of people signing up for the service and will only result in them being seen as more legitimate by the general public.
It's not just the shows they keep secret though, they keep amazing features almost completely hidden until you have the account. What am I talking about? YouTube Music. Imagine if Spotify had a button to just watch the video as the song played and you have a very good idea as to what this FREE addition to YouTube Premium does, and yet to find that out I had to see a fun little notification on the YouTube app to know this.

Stop Trying to be Netflix.

They have gone a way to do this recently with the name change, but ironically to compete with Netflix they have to be as different as possible because we already have a Netflix and it's called Netflix and none of us can be bothered to stop our subscriptions for another one.
Add Free Viewing, Background Playing on Phones, YouTube Music and a huge roster of already loved creators, this is what makes YouTube Premium such a unique service when compared to any of its competitors and that is what they need to be pushing to the forefront of their message whenever they promote the service.

Final Thoughts...

As an online streaming service YouTube Premium is not the best and would find it hard to straight up compete with the others, they need to realize that its the uniqueness of the service and YouTube itself that makes YouTube Premium worth it at the consumer end.
YouTube Premium is free for a month to new users so I would just say right now to go and give it a try and see if you enjoy it and honestly let me know down below if you have anything to say about YouTube Premium.
Thank You For Reading And Have A Good Day.

© 2019 Joe C Delderfield


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