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What happened to R&B music

Updated on May 30, 2014

Just Say No to Auto Tune


Haha listen to all of our top artist today there just regular people auto-tuned

What happened to R&B music

Doesn't anyone remember when R&B music was good? There was a time before auto tune that made R&B the softer and amazing genre that it was. Filled with beautiful music and soothing voices, R&B has always been an amazing genre. I'm really only going to dissect 90's R&B up to today but all R&B prior to this point was absolutely great in every respect. For years artist solo or group put out great R&B ballads and just great songs. The music was always on point and the voices couldn't be touched by any other genre of music. I remember listening to Jodeci in the 90's. What a fantastic group that really pushed the edge on R&B. There great counterparts were the well known Boyz2men. Boyz2men was the younger generations lets keep it PG group. Jodeci on the other hand really had some explicit lyrics and didn't hide behind what they really meant. One of Jodeci's biggest hits was the song "Freekin you." This song really highlighted the talent within there voices but also pushed out the raunchy lyrics that was made for that raunchy rap generation. The appeal was real though. Shai, 703, Toni Tone Tony (forgive me if I have a tony out of place), these groups were R&B. How could you not enjoy cranking these groups up and singing along. How about the solo artist back then too. You had Aliyah, Usher, Tyrese, Johnny P (from Do or Die), R Kelly. I mean you had the most talented and musically inclined group of artist singing on all kinds of tracks that ranged from beautiful to bumpin. The last group to really give R&B a good try and mix it with rap would have to be Pretty Ricky. These guys were that last chance for R&B. What happened to GFunk? Please someone bring the Nate Dogg days back. Wheres Warren G? Sadly it seems that the only artist that get radio time are people who use the auto tune machine on there voice or old talents who now use auto tune. There really aren't R&B groups anymore and an Usher song is not the same when he uses a machine, like in "OMG". We need those "Nice and Slow" days. I am not a T-pain hater by any means. When you do something and your the first to be recognized for it I can appreciate it. When he started he really only used the machine in his chorus's, it wasn't til later that it became his entire song. Yet, to me artist like Kanye West using a Vo-coder and thinking that he can sing is disgraceful. In my opinion he isn't much for rapping but then you want to kill R&B too, that's too much. Same with Lil Wayne, stop singing please. "How to love," people how could this song sell. It's got horrible music with Horrible singing. Is this the idea that it doesn't matter how unattractive somebody is you date the person for there heart. You can't pull that shit. So because his lyrics are touching it doesn't matter how bad his voice is....? Then don't sing write poetry or ghost write for a good singer. Chris Browns is talented but yet it seems his big sellers are when you auto tune his songs. If a good artist comes out and doesn't use a machine it seems like the song produced will never make it to the radio. I know I've said someones got to bring rap back but man... The same goes for R&B. When you hear a song and say to yourself I could sing that and it is actually true, not just a momentary fictional thought, something is wrong. The top talents should be singing our R&B not people with machines. Hell, even 50, Freddie Gibbs, Nas, Nelly, TI, etc. sing with there real voice, no machine They know to to do it for a few seconds not an entire song. Bring back the R&B that was something. Lets remove the garbage flooding the R&B airwaves. Give us another Montel Jordan, Give us another New Edition. Let bring back R&B and tell Kanye West to just keep messing up rap don't screw up both genres.

Teaching the world how to auto tune


R&B save it

Something's got to change in the R&B industry. The industry is full of talentless singers. I mean these people don't even sing. How about this guy Future. Is he really todays R&B artist. This guy doesn't sing he sort of screams with a vo-coder and that's what he does. He kind of raps but not really, though his rapping when he doesn't use a machine is a lot better then the horror he does when he sings. I mean it sounds kind of like someone with a strong retardation is singing. What I'm trying to say is he is purposely sounding like he has a mental handicap which in my opinion not only sounds bad musically but could be taken offensively if someone didn't realize that really is his attempt to sing. At one point you would figure that the guy would learn how to sing, I mean is having a baby with Ciara. Ciara can sing, he should take some lessons from his baby mama. He really could use some lesson from a real R&B artist like her. If you were speaking about voices this basically is a musical representation of beauty and the beast, as corny as that sounds. Look R&B has soul and rhythm, it shouldn't sound like some getting punched in the stomach trying to speak.

R&B Today

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