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What if Super Heroes Really Exist?

Updated on June 28, 2012

We LOVE Comic Book Super Heroes

Super Heroes have dominated the Hollywood box office for the last few years, with Marvel and DC comic book characters becoming franchise players bringing in billions of dollars in ticket sales. Obviously, people love Batman, Spider Man, Iron Man, Superman, Thor, Captain America and, to a lesser extent, Hulk, Green Lantern and Ghost Rider. The list goes on, the ever-expanding universe of heroes in costumes, blessed with super powers and facing the evils of this world (and others) on our behalf. Comic book heroes have been around since the Great Depression, exploding with the baby boomers and now finding a new generation through movies, video and a comic book renaissance (print and e-comics).

Let's face it, we want to believe there are champions out there who will save us when times get desperate. But is this just a fantasy or are there real super heroes out there?

The Avengers is just the latest in a long list of Super Hero Blockbuster films

Anyone going to Chernobyl to catch spiders?

Just one little bite, some radioactive exposure and presto, one Super Hero.
Just one little bite, some radioactive exposure and presto, one Super Hero.

Hungry for Heroes in Real Life

There is a great hunger for super heroes, a yearning for the great warriors to battle for us and make our world balanced once again. Of course, they are fantasy characters because no one can leap tall buildings with a single bound, wield a hammer that emits lightning or swing from building to building on a thin strand of a spider's web. However, we have real-life heroes without super powers, and some fictional super heroes have no real powers except stamina, martial arts and billion-dollar bank accounts to develop enhanced armor and weapons (Batman, Iron Man).

Are You a Super Hero in Hiding?

Have you ever done something heroic that was beyond your normal abilities?

See results

Do we have Mutant Powers we Don't Know About?

The X-Men, with their mutant genes are the closest we come to viable super heroes in real life. Genetic adaptations create people of rare genius, extraordinary abilities and behaviors that cannot be readily explained through normal, rational experience. Are there mutants among us? Probably, but having a genetic ability does not immediately translate into super powers. No, there is training, enhanced equipment and other augmentations that could create the "super soldier" of Captain America's model (one drink, one rare metal shield and a lot of courage).

Are we really that far from humans with cyber-limbs, genetic enhancements or psychic abilities, with the right amount of money, research and a willingness to move in this direction (i.e. a military super hero competition between super powers?)

Nations are Called Super Powers, why not People?

We label nations as super powers because of their overwhelming military and economic resources. Could these nations extend their reach into super soldiers? Super heroes to save a nation at war? A planet at war? A galaxy far, far away who's coming to wipe us out? More important, if there was a program to develop a super soldier, would we even know about it?

We Try Every Day to Become Super

So, do super heroes really exist? Are they hiding from us? How would we really know? The short answer is obvious from sales of movie, comic book and video game series: we want them to exist. They are our favorite fantasy. Free rock climbers are Spider Men, great strength serums are taken every day (steroids) as athletes strive to become Captain America and the billionaires of the world build great toys to save our world (mining asteroids, anyone?).

We mix fantasy and reality every day in our real and virtual worlds, living life with one foot in our home and the other in our comic book fantasy life on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Now is the Time for Super Heroes

It was not that long ago that people believed Thor was real, hammer and all. Every vigilante models himself after the Batman. Now, if only we could develop the psychic abilities to read each other's minds. Now that would be a super power we could use every day, at home, with the kids. Darwin explained that we adapt over time to survive. I think now is the time to start mutating the human race to a new level. We are SO ready to be super. Maybe we already are.

Super Hero Chart of Powers

Super Hero
Source of Super Power
Best Heroic Activity
Billions of dollars, orphan, martial arts
Kicking Butt in Dark Places
Iron Man
Billion of dollars, scientific genius, heart condition
flying around on repulsor ray boots
Alien visitor
pretending to be a nerd reporter with glasses when he could rule the world so easily
Demi-god from Norse Legends
Hammer-time, throw and return, thunderstruck
Spider Man
Bite from radioactive spider
creeping up and down walls, wondering why he can't get a steady girlfriend.


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    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      Entertaining and good points. WIthin 20 years we will be able to create them as you suggest