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What is Kodomo anime?

Updated on July 7, 2010
Doraemon Anime
Doraemon Anime

Kodomo is a word in Japanese which means Child. However, in the field of manga and anime is used to refer to a genre aimed at children.

Gender Kodomo is distinguished by the lack of fanservice or other items intended for adult audiences. The stories are characterized by the use of themes and concepts for children and family.

It is also very common for adults interested in the series, probably because of its casual style, its short duration and simple plot.

Hamtaro Anime
Hamtaro Anime

These type of anime are noted for stories often very moralistic, teaching children how to behave as good and considerate people. The episodes are generally stand alone and non-episodic in order to appeal to a child. 

A little Kodomo history : This genre started in the late nineteenth century with the production of small, approximately fifteen page long cartoons in magazines, targeting both male and female children. These short manga stories were created as part of the Meiji era's (1868-1912) attempt to encourage literacy among the Japanese youth.

Today there are magazines such as Korokoro Komikku (Korokoro Comic), first published by Shogakukan ,whose target audience are young boys, generally those who are still in elementary school. There is also Kodansha's Comic Bonbon, which is another magazine dedicated to publishing Kodomo manga. Both of these magazines are released monthly within Japan. Kodomo manga that become popular are also almost always reinvented as anime and are accompanied by a plethora of merchandise.

Today are some very well know Kodomo manga , such as Doraemon, created by two-mangaka (the creators of the manga) who wrote under the pen-name Fujiko Fujio. Doraemon was first released in 1969 and made appearances in six different monthly children's manga magazines at one time. Two years later, it also began to appear in two additional children's magazines, all with different stories, as the creators of Doraemon consistently created new stories for each of this issues it was published in. Popular kodomo manga such as Doraemon often retain its readers even as they approach adulthood.

Some suggestions of Kodomo anime:

Kodomo no Omocha Anime
Kodomo no Omocha Anime

Kodomo no Omocha:

Kurata Sana has a very eventful life. Though she's only in the 5th grade, she's the star of a popular TV Show called "Child's Toy".

Her archenemy, Hayama Akito, turns the classroom into chaos each day, but Sana is finally ready to put her foot down!. Can she defeat Akito and take control of her class? And more importantly, how will she deal with the secrets she finds about him?

Gakuen Alice Anime
Gakuen Alice Anime

Gakuen Alice:

Ever since met, emotionless Hotaru and ditzy Mikan have been best friends, and are virtually inseparable that is, until Hotaru is invited to attend a strange school far away, a school for those who have special abilities know as "Alice". Unable to be separated from her friend, Mikan soon sets out a mission to find her.

Great Teacher Onizuka Anime
Great Teacher Onizuka Anime

Great Teacher Onizuka:

With a history of leading a motorcycle gang and getting bad grades in school, why would 22 year old Onozuka ever want to become a teacher? It is to educate young minds or spread the joy of education? Sure, if it involves being able to look up high school girl's skirts! watch as this would-be educator uses his own life lessons and unconstitutional methods as a means to control a delinquent class of students. 

Kare Kano Anime
Kare Kano Anime

Kare Kano:

Yukino had it all. Brilliant. athletic, popular and pretty, she was perfect school girl with many friends and admirers. But then one fateful day she met her match. A handsome young man named Arima. Now, not only he is beating her at her own game, she's becoming more and more dismayed to learn that she's developing, her first real feelings of romance. Can Yukino maintain her model student appearance, or will love ruin her plans? 

Kirarin Revolution Anime
Kirarin Revolution Anime

Kirarin Revolution:

During a sunny afternoon, Kirarin spots a helpless turtle stuck in a tree. Although Kirarin's mind is always preoccupied with food, she doesn't think twice before saving it; and after the successful rescue, she meets up with the turtle's owner who happens to be cute! The guy's name is Seiji and he is actually famous star!

Any other Komodo anime that you suggest? why you recommend that?

Kodomo Anime
Kodomo Anime


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    • profile image

      No 5 years ago

      This is an awful article.

      Great Teacher Onizuka is NOT a kid's show, even the very description you wrote "Sure, if it involves being able to look up high school girl's skirts!" shows how clearly its not a 'kodomo' anime!

      Also you have a picture at the end there with the tagline 'Kodomo Anime'. Yeah, that's Kodomo no Jikan, a LOLICON anime. It's about a young girl who tries to have a relationship with her teacher. This is NOT FOR KIDS!

      These are not bad shows, but to suggest they fall under the tag 'Kodomo anime' is GREATLY misleading!

    • fizzywoz profile image

      fizzywoz 7 years ago

      i love hamtaro anime!