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What is League Of Legends

Updated on May 9, 2012

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with a twist.

You have to download it and this may take a while but in my opinion it is worth it.

What do you do in League of Legends?

In League of Legends you play individual matches with and against other people online. Both game modes are team modes and there are no Free For All modes.

What do you do in a Game of League of Legends?

There are two different game modes, Classic and Domination. The only game mode I play is Classic so there will be no information about Domination. In a Classic match the goal is to destroy the enemy Nexus (Base). You can play with either 5v5 or 3v3 with online people on your team and against either online enemies or computerised bots.


In every game you must choose a champion, or character to play as. Each champion has different abilities which you unlock as you level up, with a level cap of 18 per game. Every week there are 10 free champions who anyone can be without unlocking them. You can buy champions so you can use them for any game at any time. You can buy champions with either Influence Points (IP), which you gain by playing games, or Riot Points (RP), which you have to buy with real money. Each champion has a certain role in a team, such as a Tank which has a lot of armour and health to take lots of damage, or a Damager, which will lack slightly in health and armour but will be able to kill enemies quite quickly.

Warwick, One of many Champions

The Layout of the Map

At the beginning of a match everyone on your team spawns at the one side of the map, behind the Nexus, on a platform, called the Summoner’s Platform. Whilst on the platform you can buy items from the shop. The shop contains many items and I will go into more detail later. The enemies will spawn on the opposite side of the map on their Platform. Once you reach the Nexus the path splits 3 ways. These are known as Lanes and are referred to as Top, Mid (for middle) and Bot (for Bottom). Usually most teams’ plans are to send two champions Top, one Middle and two Bottom. On each lane a wave of minions spawn from the Nexus at certain periodic times. There are three turrets on each lane which are friendly, and three which are hostile. These turrets will be able to destroy most champions very quickly but if a minion goes into range before you, the minion will be attacked. If you attack an enemy champion the turret will automatically go for you, as long as you re in range. The range of a turret is quite large so be careful. After the 3rd turret on every lane there is an Inhibitor. Once an Inhibitor is destroyed your team will start spawning Super Minions for a period of time. These will be very strong and can tank a turret (will be able absorb a lot of damage whilst you kill the turret). The Nexus then has two personal turrets but if you break through to there then you tend to have won.

The Shop

You can buy items from the shop when near the Platform. There are many different items available each of them have different effects, such as boosting health regeneration, armour or movement speed. Different characters have sets of recommended items and you can either buy these or create your own set of items to buy. Try and build upon weaknesses and I find that increasing movement speed and attack speed is essential.

Summoner's Rift, The 5v5 Map


Each character has 5 abilities: a Racial Ability, 3 Normal Abilities and an Ultimate ability. When you start the can you can choose one ability and every time you level up. Each normal ability can be levelled up 5 times, your ultimate is unlocked at level 6 and can be levelled up 3 times and the racial one cannot be upgraded.

Additional Notes

Games usually take around 40 minutes and you will be banned for quitting, whether it is lagging out or genuinely quitting.

Don’t buy RP for cheap characters or characters you have never used before because points are very expensive.

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