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Who is Martha Speaks

Updated on July 27, 2009

Martha Speaks is a great educational television show that many children and parents enjoy. I know that Martha Speaks is a great show for helping your children learn even more about the English language. I know that some parents might be asking what exactly is Martha Speaks and I thought I would share the experiences that I have had with my children while watching Martha Speaks. So here are some answers to a questions that I commonly have about each television show before I decide to let my children watch them.

Martha Speaks is a PBS show that in my area is on daily for a half hour each day. I know that some people might find it at odd times during the day because of the scheduling varies from area to area, but for me it is in the middle of the afternoon. I know that this is a great time because it is right after their naps and from what I have seen in other areas while traveling it is about this time all around the country. Now Martha Speaks though is a dog who according to the show ate some soup and now she can talk.

Martha Speaks does help children learn though in a fun way that many of the PBS shows have mastered. I know that my children since they have started to watch Martha Speaks have expanded their vocabulary like nobodies business. I know that even though the main character in the story line is a dog you will be able to associate this with your children. Like some of the other shows they will introduce one to two new words per episode and reinforce them throughout the episode at the best possible time. That way your children will even learn what situation those words should be used in. I know that since my daughter started watching Martha Speaks she has started using the words that they introduce on the show and she has even been using them in the right places and situations.

While many parents will probably see Martha Speaks on their local PBS channel they will want to make sure that they allow Martha Speaks a chance to help them educate their children. I know that for me I was skeptical at first that Martha Speaks would be able to help educate my children in their vocabulary. So if you want to help your children learn in a fun way that they enjoy as well then your children will enjoy watching Martha Speaks as well as mine do.

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