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What is the name of this song?

Updated on April 24, 2016

Sweet Melody

Last week, I was watching a show called Paranormal Witness. I absolutely love the show. It gives me a insight of what goes on in the world, of what people have to deal with once they buy a house or rent an apartment. Of the Demons that once died but refused to moved, just to torment the living.

Anyways, the episode I was watching was called 'Poppy's Revenge'. It was about a grandfather that was very controlling, even through death and was haunting his granddaughter once she inherited his old house. About mid-way through the episode, his old radio started playing, tuned in to his favorite station- WHYP. There was a song playing and it goes something like this:

♪ Till we're together what else can I do
shut my eyes and hope my dreams come true
I'll be sweet, sweet, sweet dreaming of you
oh, oh in dreamland I'm your man that's where you
take me by the hand oh, babe so clear, you're right here
my wish comes true and you appear ♪

It was a nice song, nice melody. It really something that you could listen to and never get tired of it. Once I heard it, I knew that I must find this song and download it to my phone. So I began to do my researched. I tried google, YouTube, ect; anything you can think of I tried. But I still couldn't find the song. I still can't find the song. So I'm turning to my blog, my readers in hopes that someone-anyone can tell me the name to this song, or at least the artist.

Poppy's Revenge


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    • profile image

      Juliet 13 months ago

      It's called sweet dreaming of you by Brandon combs :)

    • profile image

      Rod 14 months ago

      I'm watching with girlfriend now and now I am searching for the song now too.