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What should Disney do with the Princess Leia Charecter?

Updated on January 4, 2017

Princess Leia The Charecter

Princess Now And Forever
Princess Now And Forever | Source

The Princess and the Real Person

I think the character should die. Unless they are going to cast someone else. Then, they will need to film from behind.

There is no denying that the real character didn't die in the books.

This would be a great opportunity for her daughter to be in the series. Her daughter is still young and can be put in as Queen Amidala sister's child. I am sure her sister had a lot of children.

In this way, Carrie Fisher can be remembered

The fans know she has a child. Also, the star wars community can present her as a someone without a gender. We don't have to see her get married or have a relationship outside being a Jedi.

Another idea I had is to have Carrie Fisher's daughter be a character that gets Ben Solo away from the dark side.

They could fall in love somewhere and this could be the start of the whole twins thing that happens in books. The two could being the story back to the canon books but with Ben Solo and the character that Lorde is playing.

This way, Luke get his academy going or going again without so much going on around him.


I think that Carrie Fisher's character should have her own mini-movies on Disney. This can be cartoon. But, it would be more fun to have a mini-series for her character as a Jedi with a much younger version of her.

Maybe, her daughter could play her in a younger version. Or, there could be another character play the princess.

This could be a parody of Disney princesses, too.

Handling the Character

Most of all, i think the character is going to get too big for Disney to handle. I think that there are going to be people that want so much to happen with the character.

The character was played by Carrie Fisher, whom died. It is very strange playing a dead person, even if that person is a character in a movie.

Here are some points I want to make about the character as people are dealing with the death.

1. I think that the death of the real woman should be handled by the Star Wars people and Disney. They own the character: not the person. Still, they should let the audience grieve for Carrie Fisher in some way.

I think that there should be a tribute to her as a person. But, she should keep the character alive in some way.

2. I think that the death of Han Solo made the star wars movies harder on Leia's character. Disney princesses have a prince. The prince does not die.

Dealing with the death of a prince must be confusing. The princess that loses a prince will need a prince at the end of the stories. I am not sure how this will be handled. Maybe, she dies to be with her prince. I don't see any princesses away from their prince.

This could be the tragic tail of love between Leia and Solo. They will joined in death as prince and princess. In this way they can look down on their children using the force. This will be true love sort of tail.

There can be a lot of true love stories about their little moments together.

3. The company needs to maintain their cool under pressure. This death will effect the bottom line of the Star Wars product. It will effect the character. But, it is important that the company needs to remain calm. The future is not set in a downturn. The future will be better for the product of this princess.

4. It would be best to make out a long term marketing plan. Keep the public updated on what is going to happen with the character.

Ask people where the product should go. Get the people involved with the out-going character. Carrie Fisher was strong enough to brake away from alcoholism. Not many are that strong.

There could be clean parties for adult guests that don't drink. This would mean a lot to them.
I think we should celebrate the life of the character and Carrie Fisher world wide.

5. I think there should a welcoming of this princess and a celebration of her Carrie Fisher's life. I think that this princess should be treated in more of a classic manner.
Understand that this the passing is not a bad thing. People die. But, the memory of the Disney princess do not die so easily.

6. I think that Disney is scared of what they thought could have happened with the character. They didn't want her to die. I think that they are going to have to re-think what they wanted to do. And, they should think of positive ways in which to approach the situation.

7. Disney should celebrate the death and not whine over it. People die. This is going to happen to everyone.

This is a chance to tell everyone that death is a part of life.

8, I think that the Disney people are panicking right now. They want their way. That is not going to happen. But, they should understand that they should take time with the script.

Please do not rush the last script. It might have to be changed.

If the death of the character calls for one more movie ... the fans will understand. Make this movie great. And, don't take a few months to write the new script. Please!!!

9. I think that the characters relationship to others should be highlighted. Maybe, the main characters have learn something from the princess. There can be quotes that she has said in the books.

Also, this can lead to another character stepping up to help out the team. There are so many people in the background.

10. I think the characters death should be a good thing. Living without Han is horrible for princess. She might have died of a broken heart. Every day could have been worse for her.
The legacy of this princess should be handled with care. There are so much that could happen in the grieving period. Later, the demand for the product will be more a collector items.


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