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What you hate most about other drivers

Updated on November 16, 2014

We have all seen them before, the terrible drivers on the road just completely oblivious to the outside world that leaves you questioning how anybody like this got their license. I'm here to tell you about all the different ways that drivers on the road infuriate me.

Why do drivers do this?

Tailgaters are probably the worse. Your not making a point to anyone, your just looking like an asshole to everybody.

I don't care if you're in a rush to get somewhere, driving three feet away from my bumper when were both going 45 miles per hour is not really the safest decision to make. Yeah I have also been in a rush before when trying to get somewhere but I never felt the need to go and tailgate the guy in front of me, even if he is going a little slow.

What we all hate most

Those drivers that are always on their phones either sending a text or making a call are the absolute worst. Can you not wait ten minutes to arrive at your destination, or even just pull over if its so important. Im not normally one to complain but there is a reason it was made illegal in certain places and the fact is its just stupid to do.

Your controlling a 2,500 pound piece of metal that is flying down the highway and decide to be completely distracted and send a message to one of your buddies. Why would anybody do this, it's not only dangerous to yourself but all the other people who have to share the road with you.

Why does no one use this

The blinker, I don't get why this is like some foreign invention to other people. I know some people from work who literally NEVER use there blinker. Why? Why would you do this to anyone. How am I supposed to know your going to be merging lanes right in front of me.

When stuck in traffic this is ten times more annoying and makes me want to kill every other driver on the road. Your only making the traffic worse, and adding to the problem.

In 2009, workers spent an estimated 4.8 billion hours in traffic. How does this happen, 4.8 BILLION hours. Imagine what could have been accomplished in this world with all that extra time being put towards a worthy cause and not just mindlessly raging at all the other drivers on the road.

It's not all bad on the road

Well folks you have heard my rant about why other drivers are all so terrible. Isn't it funny how we are always in the right while its always the other drivers that are making the mistakes? I have always found this kind of humorous. Well anyway, next time your out on the road and about to rage at another driver just remember we all might secretly already hate each other.


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    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      4 years ago from California Gold Country

      I can't say that I "hate" anything about other drivers. Yes, many people on the road are not expert drivers. (Neither am I, though I try to be aware.)

      I realize that others might be distracted, unskilled, impaired in various ways, so I do drive defensively and try to keep some defensible space between myself and other vehicles.

      Unfortunately there is no law against stupidity or making unintended mistakes, so I try to take that into consideration.


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