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What you should know about Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West

Updated on November 27, 2016
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A 28yr old student Doctor with a passion for writing. Sharing my passion everywhere I get the opportunity to.

Mr. Kanye West and Mrs. Kim Kardashian West are what is known as a power couple. They are forces to be reckoned with outside the relationship, standing well on their own financially as well as socially. However, together they move mountains and this is what makes them the best power couple to date. What makes this couple shine the most is the fact that neither person requires the other person to be complete, rather they are two whole beings that have came together to make a larger entity. Here are a few things that the world should know about their favorite power couple and how they keep the flow of power in their lives, marriage and family without dimming the others shine.

1). They believe in freedom!

In the union between the West's, neither person tries to hold the other person down, whether creatively, socially or otherwise. They are the embodiment of freedom, while also knowing when to buckle down and focus on family, growing together every step of the way.

2). They believe in respect!

This a couple that respect each other, especially each others careers. Mr. and Mrs. West are known for being in the lime light, but for completely different reasons. What makes this union a magical one is the fact that they mutually respect each others power positions and known when to step back and let the light of each other be the focus. The are in every way the perfect business partners, who just so happened to fall in love. They mutually respect the fact that the union is based on more than just love, but also on building an empire, and both are dedicated to the cause.

3). They are each others biggest fans!

Kim and Kanye are each others biggest fans and neither person is ashamed of showing it. They support any and every project that the other is doing. They are even well known for dropping everything that they are doing at any given moment in order to rush to the side of either person should the be in need or trouble of any kind. These two have in no way let the money and the fame get to their heads or corrupt the values and high moral compass that their parents have instilled in them. They know the value of hard work, but also know the value of a great support system and how well the both work hand in hand.

4). They were best friends before they became lovers

Some of you may know, but some may not that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have been best friends for over 10 (ten) years before they ever started dating. This bond they built before entering into a courtship is what has equipped them with the correct arsenal they need to have a strong and long lasting relationship and eventually marriage. Though we are sure the road to marriage was not by any means an easy one, the road through it, because of the strong foundation that was built will be a lot smoother for this power couple.

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5). The are each others strength as well as greatest weakness!

While we are sure both Mr. as well as Mrs. West will always do well in business, we can't say the same if they were to break up tomorrow or anytime in the future. Because both Kim Kardashian West as well as Kanye West have been through a lot before knowing each other and even before getting married. Because their relationship was long in the making and didn't happen over night, we can bet that each person has placed a lot of trust in the other and would completely fall apart if either one were to break that trust at any moment.

Being that they are such a well oiled money making machine, they feed off of the others energy and would miss it a great deal if it were to all of a sudden wither away.

6). Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West learn from each other.

A couple that learns together, grows together. This is a couple that is not too proud to admit that they can learn a thing or two from the other. This is one of the things that draw them in too each other and one of the things that made them fall in love with each other in the first place.

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