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What's all about the popular song 'Sunday morning love you' by a Nepali singer Bhim Niroula? Lets share!

Updated on October 25, 2013
The funny and naughty expression.
The funny and naughty expression. | Source

Let's learn more facts about it

  1. The song was uploaded on October 12,2013.
  2. The singer has uploaded 590 videos on youtube and this is the most popular one.
  3. The song currently has views over 300K+ (by 25th October, 2013) which is quite a big number for a Nepali song
  4. This song has also become a very discussed topic among Nepali viewers
  5. The singer of this song is Bhim Niroula who is currently residing in UK.
  6. This song currently has more than 4500 likes and 1000 dislikes.
  7. The song is in Nepali style but in english language.

What is it all about?

"Sunday morning love you" is a song by a Nepali named Bhim Niroula. This has become very famous among Nepalese.It has been shared many times on social media. Everyone has been humming this song over and over again. This song makes everyone happy.

Although this song is in English, all Nepalese have loved it. The singer had actually tried singing it in Nepali and English. However, he decided to come up with the English version because it sounded more catchy. Currently, he is just promoting this song as this has got a big response from the viewers.

In an interview, he was asked if he wanted to release the Nepali version of the song 'Sunday Morning Love you' but he said that he would currently be focusing more on the English version.

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Information on the song and the video

The song was recorded in one of the studios of London. It also features a model who is a British citizen. One of the main attraction of this video is the hot model too.

People have been guessing the location of the place the video was shot and also the model.

However, the name of the company producing the music has not been shown in the video.

His dance is awesome!
His dance is awesome! | Source

Why did the video and the song grab people's attention?

One of the reasons is a funny way he pronounces some words. For example the word 'attraction' is pronounced as 'a' 'traction'. This definitely would strike the people's mind.

Similarly, the dance has become popular too. The steps are very entertaining. Also, the music of the song is quite catchy that once people listen to it, they will keep humming the song over and over again which I have mentioned earlier.

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The original video

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What is the lyrics all about?

  • The song begins with "Sunday morning love you" and ends with "Friday morning love you". We do not know why he did not mention Saturday.And why is it in the morning and not at night? People have made various remarks on it too.
  • The song basically tries to say that he wants to love his lady everyday. The way he says "beautiful" sounds very funny.It goes like "Lady you are beee--aa--uuu--ti-ful bee-aa--uu--ti--ful".
  • Also in one part of the song he says "Lady you are my life my life my life" "Let us have a free time free time free time" .I literally fell off my chair when he said that. You will realize that these kinds of lines are actually being used in a song. But this is one of the things that makes the song special and unique.

The next Nepali PSY of Gangnam style? Really?

People have been comparing it with Gangnam style and also compared him with 'Psy'. But don't you think he would be happy with his own identity? Anyway, when he was asked how he felt when people compared him to Psy, he replied with a big smile on his face that he was happy about it.

Definitely, he feels honored that people compared him with the super hit singer and dancer of 'Oppa Gangnam style'. But the question is will it go viral like Gangnam style? Only time can say that. Gangnam style by psy has a very high production cost so to say unlike this song.However, the most important part is it has touched the hearts of many Nepalese all over the world.

Bhim Niroula Born in Dhankutta,Nepal Lives in UK
Bhim Niroula Born in Dhankutta,Nepal Lives in UK | Source

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The confused look on his face
The confused look on his face | Source

Hitler reacts to 'Sunday Morning Love you'

People have come up with videos like "Hitler reacts to Sunday Morning Love you". The script used in the video is quite good and creative.

If you're a Nepali and haven't watched it, I recommend you to watch it. It's hilarious. It also makes Nepalese proud.Although Budhha was born in Nepal, some other country has falsely claimed Budhha's birthplace.Due to this reason, the Nepali youths have awakened. SImilarly, a lot of things have made people more patriotic.May be that's the reason this video is very inclined towards preserving Nepal's identity. It is quite funny though.

That's why in this video 'Hitler reacts to Sunday Morning love you' Budhha and Mount Everest has been mentioned. That's at least what I think. Gurkha's of Nepal who are brave soldiers who defended British when they attacked Nepal and the weapons they use called' Khukuri' are also mentioned.Hitler in the following video says that 'Love should be done at night and not in the morning.It is weird why Nepalese love on a Sunday morning.' And many other hilarious remarks,

This video is a must watch too.It mentions Nepali noodles 'Wai-wai' and more. It is a smartly written script.Please watch this video.

With english subs on 'Hitler reacts to Sunday Morning Love you'

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Oop!! Why was saturday not added in the lyrics?

Actually, Saturday was also added initially.But it was added at the last part of the song. When the song was cut due to the length, the 'Saturday' part was removed too. I hope this clarifies your queries.

No matter what this also kept the viewers wondering. The video on 'How Hitler reacts to Sunday morning love you' mentions this too.

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Pictures | Source

My column

I just want to say that the song was entertaining. I watched this song on October 19 and decided to come up with this hub as many people wanted a lot of answers.

Please share your views about this song in the box below. Namaste!

4 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of how entertaining the song is


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