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When Huge Breasts Aren't Enough: Using Starving Children To Sell Movie Tickets

Updated on October 13, 2009

Dollar Rating: $$$

Dollar Rating: $$$$$$$$

We are getting off light with this picture, because I want people to actually be able to read this article, and not weep at the state of some children in this world.
We are getting off light with this picture, because I want people to actually be able to read this article, and not weep at the state of some children in this world.

Enjoy Scarlett's Sickly Sweet Sales Pitch

Everyone knows that one way of selling a movie is to have a woman with large breasts playing the main role. That's the direction that producers elected to take when it came to promotion of Scarlett Johansson's latest flick "He's Just Not That Into You", the movie of the obvious statement spun into a book.

Unfortunately, Scarlett's ample cleavage was judged not quite enough to successfully sell the movie on its own, so coincidentally, shortly before the premiere, an "auction for charity" was set up, with Scarlett Johansson being the main prize. The auction, run on Ebay, was touted as the opportunity to have a date with Scarlett, and all proceeds were to go to the charity Oxfam America. Sounds great, right? Sounds like a positive sort of thing to do, how on earth could anyone have a problem with it?

Unfortunately, things were not quite as they seemed. You see, it wasn't so much a date that was up for auction, as a chance to go to the "He's Just Not That Into You" premiere with Scarlett. That changes things a little, or a lot. What initially seemed to be a sweet and giving gesture was actually a ploy for publicity. Scarlett was sacrificing none of her private time for charity at all, she was just letting a couple of people tag along ti a public event that she had to attend anyway.

What ever happened to real charity, and to real sacrifice? How low have the people involved with this production gone to actually bring the deaths and suffering of millions worldwide in as an advertising mechanism?

I am sure that they might make a little money for the charity involved, but I am guessing that compared to the profits that the film they are promoting will make, it will be but a drop in the bucket. The reality is that this act is nothing short of vile exploitation of the worst kind. Look at the video, where Scarlett implores you to bid high. She earns more money in a single day of filming than most of the people who she is speaking about being needy will earn in their lifetimes, and yet she implores the public to give of their money.

Hollywood has long been known as an exploiter of young people and women, are we really going to stand by and applaud as they tap into the 'cute dying malnourished child' market too?


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    • Maylinda Arons profile image

      Maylinda Arons 

      10 years ago

      OK, this is disgusting. I am disgusted.Wow, I had no idea. The world is EVIL.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 

      11 years ago from Canada

      I had not heard about this new promotional tactic, but I have always been disgusted by those children's charities in which a celebrity walks around a village of starving fly covered third world children. I have always thought of these commercials as exploitational and wondered whether the celebrity even bothered to bring along a little bit of food, or a t shirt or fly swatter to the kids they were supposedly trying to help, or whether they packed up and went back to their air conditioned tourist hotel as soon as the cameras stopped filming. Thanks for pointng out the hypocricy in this form of charity.


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