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When Serving Menu Must Be Creative.

Updated on January 2, 2010

When Serving Menu Must Get Creative!



I would offer them
finger sandwiches
from all of

those who ever
pointed one

at me in angst.

The alien's laser

guided system
could remove

each tasty digit

cleanly from afar
and transport t

them to the buffet

as an appetizer.

They could cook

their captured

feasts over

the fallen limbs of

Tiger Woods

who would

finally understand

how being used

as a disposable

warmth can be

quite painful.

Their extremely

sensitive ESP
would allow them

to also hunt down

and enjoy some

middle eastern cuisine
they could find

osama bin laden

his sorry ass
and turn him onto
osama bin lasagna,

They could also make


a nice salad
out of one

nappy headed Imus,
freshly plucked

from mid-air,

as he was


on his opinions

of Hor-doevres.

The right dressing

or dip would cover

up some of his

revolting bitterness.

I would also offer them
a location where

they could fetch
some george W.

bush brains
since they are a

cannibalistic race
who might just

want a very

"light" snack.

Then after devouring
some of his

cranium matter
they would become

totally confused
and declare war on Uranus
rather than here on earth,
using their weapons

of class destruction
in an area that

was not a threat.

They might also

make a soup

out of Dick Cheney's

big mouth

using some blackwater

mixed with sour grapes

and then adding

his lips and tongue,

this will of course cause

a lot of hot air

to erupt from thier

four anuses that

are native

to their planet.

If they are expecting

a rather large guest list

at their smorgasbord

they should

also snatch up

rush limbaugh,

he would feed

a couple of thousand aliens

and would look quite nice

turning slowly on a spit,

with a crabapple

in his mouth,

of course the

odor of his roasting

would be quite repuglicant

so they should bake his

tub of lard in

a covered pit.

Dessert could be any

overated parts shot

off of Sarah Palin

from a hovering

space craft,

but unlike the

moose she shoots

from helicopters,

they would find her

flesh tainted

and contract

a severe case of

rude poisoning
so that all of these

ravenous creatures
would not ever bother
Earth to serve

them again.



"What a Thanksgiving it would be for us all

if the Aliens decided to try a local dive in

and a take out here on planet earth."




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