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Where Did They Go and Do We Care???

Updated on February 5, 2017

Role models and trendsetters of the eighties


Nothing lasts forever, or so they say. One minute you are the talk of the dinner table, the household name, the subject of all the watercooler gossip across the nation; the next minute you are that dreadful word no one ever wants to be...the has been. Celebrities come and go along with trends. But did you ever wonder where they went? Here are a few that made it to the top rung of the ladder of stardom and the ratings. We probably never could pinpoint just when they fell, or why, or how, but nonetheless it is fun to have a look back. And, when we do, we are suddenly thinking whatever happened to. . . .

10. Now, no one quite personified the number 10 and no one quite made women strive at being a ten better than the actress, Bo Derek. In fact, one could argue that being ranked on a number scale before the movie 10 and Bo Derek appeared on the silverscreen in 1979 was not something american women ever experienced before. We could even argue that Bo Derek gave us a reason to feel bad about our body type and our goals of being recognized for our personality, rather than our hairstyle and tan. But, nonetheless Bo Derek and her 10 body appeared. Her face and beautiful perfect body were on every teen boy's bedroom wall and her cornrow hairstyle was the fashion statement for anybody, who longed to be anybody. Perfection she was, and perfect body she had. And, every teen girl was expected to have one. Are we glad she is gone? Probably. Not many moms want to see their teen girls starving while striving to have Bo Derek's body. The cornrow look is nice, but try getting the cornrows out. I am certain more than ten young girls had to have their beautiful lochs chopped off after trying the cornrow hairstyle. As for Bo Derek who catapulted to stardom with her perfect body, she is still living in California doing occasional movies. Bo Derek is on the board of trustee for the Kennedy Performing Arts Center. She is a spokesperson for animal welfare and a member of the California horse racing board. She is currently married to actor John Corbett and we are certain she is probably still a ten in many people's ranking. As for her hair, we wonder if she'd recommend the hairstyle to her granddaughter.

Linda Evans. If Bo Derek was the sex symbol of the eighties, then Linda Evans was the classy, stylish wife of the oil tycoon that followed. Coincidentally, Bo Derek and Linda Evans shared a husband, too. Both were involved with John Derek. But, that's reality, we are speaking fiction. Anyone who watched serial television in the eighties knew Krystle Carrington, played by Linda Evans. Once a week we got to see high fashion and cut throat deals in the television series, Dynasty. And, the best cat-fight in television history probably still goes to Krystle Carrington and her all out battle with Alexis the ex-wife of Krystle's husband who still had shares in the Carrington's oil business. Watercooler chatter always included Linda Evans, character Krystle Carrington and her battles with Alexis Carrington, portrayed by Joan Collins. High fashion, clever verbiage and high finances were fun to discuss through the eighties. And, Linda Evans made us want to watch more. Today, Linda Evans is reportedly living in Washington where she owns the Ramtha's School of Enlightment. I'm not certain we will follow her down that path, but many of us loved watching her walk down the elegant staircase in the glamorous designer outfits every week at the Carrington's mansion.

Pamela Sue Martin, portrayed the infamous, inquisitive, intellectual teen, Nancy Drew. Martin, also did her share of backstabbing on the television series Dynasty as John Carrington's daughter. But, the Nancy Drew Mysteries series made her a teen idol. The short run series has disappeared, but the clues to her whereabouts remain on book shelves in every school library. Nancy Drew's mysteries will always be on every school girl's reading list. Pamela Sue Martin however has retreated quietly to Idaho where she owns her own theatre company. Has she produced any actresses who will one day reprise the role of the teen idol, Nancy Drew? That remains a mystery.

Lauren Tewes was not a household name, but everyone knew her face as Julie McCoy from Aaron Spelling's hit series the Love Boat. Lauren Tewes played the clean-cut, energetic, peppy, cute cruise director on the series, Love Boat. Although, she was not the sex symbol on every boy's wall, she was the woman who week after week had the short, sweet love affair with every popular male hunk throughout the years 1977 to 1986. So, whoever said that the smart girl from the middle class family couldn't get the hunk were wrong. Lauren Tewes proved that she could week after week in the television series Love Boat. Today, after a well publicized battle with cocaine Lauren Tewes lives in Seattle where she works as a caterer for a grocery store.

Irene Cara was never a household name, but her dance moves were the talk of the town. The dance movie Fame hit the silverscreen in 1980 and we all hit the dance floors in the nation. We all wanted to live forever and leap through the air like Irene Cara's character, Coco Hernandez. We were certain we could, if we could just get that chance, that one moment we could show everyone that we could do it. That is what Irene Cara's portrayal of Coco Hernandez taught us. Cara's character taught us new dance moves while she portrayed a lower class hispanic woman who when given the chance lit up the dance floors and got everyone moving. Then, to prove it just wasn't a fluke, Irene Cara's voice flashed back onto the screen in 1983 with the movie Flashdance. She made us soar through the air and more importantly believe in ourselves and our goals with her powerful lyrics. Irene Cara is no longer watercooler discussions, but she does still perform with her band, Hot Caramel.

Amy Carter's name may not ring a bell alone, but when we partner it with President Carter, then we all know immediately who Amy Carter is. President Carter the 39th president of the United States is probably the only living president who doesn't continuously appear on our televisions. Perhaps, that is why we know little of Amy Carter. Maybe it is the southern charm of the Carter family that doesn't have them fighting to be in front of the camera. Yet, Amy Carter was the nine year old in the White House throughout the years 1977 to 1981. Therfore, she was a role model for all little girls. After having a career as a political activist and getting arrested in 1986, Amy Carter lives today illustrating her father's children's books and running the "Carter Center." She and her father still speak out against human rights violations and still entertain countless of American's children.


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